Work At Home For Veterans And Opportunities

Work At Home Opportunities For Veterans

What's A Veteran To Do?
What’s A Veteran To Do?

Being a veteran of the military in the United States I’m always on the hunt for ways to make a living especially nowadays. It’s pretty insane how some people go to great lengths to make money too in the name of being a veteran. I’ve seen just about every scam in the book from people claiming veteran status on the freeways to getting a free cup of joe at Starbucks. I mean really? And that really ticks me off. And it’s not because they get they get free stuff but because it gives vets a bad name. So, when a true veteran tries to better themselves, it seems they get a bad rap and people assume they are just scammers.

Is Everything An Online Scam?

Don't Get Scammed!
Don’t Get Scammed!

So, what’s a veteran to do when looking for a work at home for veterans opportunity? Unfortunately, many scams target unsuspecting veterans into paying a boat load of money just to sign up. Down the road these veterans are scammed out of whatever money they do have. I have looked all over the net in the hopes of finding a work at home for veterans job and finally found what I was looking for by blogging for a living. Granted I do have to work at this but it’s fun and the potential to make a honest buck is there.

What’s The Best Blogging Platform?

Success Starts With A WordPress Website!
Success Starts With A Legit Work At Home For Veterans Opportunity!

The beginning of 2016 I decided to join a platform that was designed to  make an income online. It’s didn’t cost me an arm and a leg even with their premium membership. The platform was one which after a few months of blogging I realized that this was the real deal. The company has been around for over a decade and that made me feel a bit more confident that they wouldn’t just take off with my cash. A few months later I had built the site up to a point that it made some money and the traffic was increasing.

Technology Matters Today!

Blogging Can Be Rewarding!
Blogging Can Be Rewarding!

Now, I am no expert when it comes to technology but I do know that it is the wave of the future and people really want to earn online. But, I also knew it took work. It was completely what I wasn’t used to. I have an electrical degree but that did nothing for me online. I have a honorable discharge from the military but that did nothing for me either. I needed to learn how step by step to work at home for veterans. And I am now at a point where I can see this working long term.

Try The Wealthy Affiliate For Free!

Weathy Affiliate
Wealthy Affiliate

So, you probably have questions right? I mean how does it work? How long till I make money. And where do I go to start? For starters I would definitely check out the program below for a free membership. It’s the best way to get your foot in the door and actually start to earn as a blogger. I would then access whether or not it’s something you want and can do. I don’t believe blogging is for everyone and affiliate marketing can be tough at first. But, if like the military you stick it out you can and will make money.

Wait On The V.A? Not For Me!

Sick Of Playing The Waiting Game?
Sick Of Playing The Waiting Game?

Ok, so I’ll leave the link down below where you can sign up for a free account with an awesome system. It could be the best thing you ever did if you’re looking for stay at home work for veterans and opportunities. I’m sorry but in this day and age I believe we can’t wait for others to get us moving in the right direction. I tried the V.A. and that didn’t work. I tried knocking on doors…that didn’t work. I tried the a program that works and that gave me some hope for the future. Take a look below at what this program offers both free and premium members.


Try It For Free!

As you can see it’s a pretty cool setup for free members. Not complicated and it really gets you on the path to building a successful website. Look as a veteran I know a lot of us are hurting for income. We have families to feed and want to do our best. Like I said I tried the V.A. and all I got was red tape and workers with blank stares. I’m not going out like that, not as a Marine Corps veteran who served his country with hard work. So, join me if you’re a veteran looking for stay at home work for veterans and let’s make a good living!

How To Make Money Online

Make Money Online?tumblr_o3z5cslqit1slhhf0o1_1280

Yea, the age old question (at least internet age). Have you tried to make money online or have you thrown in the towel like the majority of people? Unfortunately, while you can earn online most of us give up before seeing any success. And that leads all of us to think that everything is a scam and there’s absolutely no way to earn online. Such is life right? Time to go get a real job?

Laid Off, Fired Or Disabled?

Blogging For Income!
Blogging For Income!

But what about those of us who have spent their working years busting ass for someone else only to get laid off or fired or disabled? Yea, it happens and did you know you have a high chance of getting disabled during your working years? It’s true which is why at 53 I decided it was time to stop working as an electrician and get busy learning something new. I wanted to learn how to make money online and I wasn’t giving up!

Fed Up But Not Finished!stock-photo-11669415-angry-businessman

So, what did I do? I’ll tell you what I did and it probably seems pretty bleak considering I am a Marine Corps veteran and former commercial electrician. You see in the United States there’s a lot of competition for construction work out there. And guys over 40 may find it tough to find any work because contractors need hustlers plain and simple. You don’t hustle on the job you’re gonna get laid off. And that means no money. So, What I did was I became a blogger. Yea, I know it sounds like a serious extreme from one to the other. But, I wanted to find out how people made money online and blogging was one of them.

Life As A Blogger

I started blogging on, a content and gig website that you offer services for five bucks a pop. And I started my gig as a blog writer and wrote content for buyers. By the time I had reached 4 years I was earning five bucks for a gig of 300 words which I could write in about 20 minutes. But, it really wasn’t paying any bills. I was just getting a few gigs here and there throughout the week and that wasn’t cutting it. So I looked into affiliate marketing and found a website I knew had a good reputation and plenty of training so I signed up with a reputable company as a premium member. I was skeptical at first…real skeptical. But I went through their trial membership and finally found that I liked what I saw.

Where I Am Now

Weathy Affiliate
Wealthy Affiliate

Now, it’s been over nine months on the program and I can say I am earning an income on this thing. I project in the next year I’ll be able to let it work for me on autopilot. And that’s cool. Basically all I do is write blogs on how to make money online and blogging tips for newbies. It’s really that simple but I had to start somewhere! To date this site is ranked pretty high too. Just search blogging tips for newbies and see what pops up on Bing. I usually sit at the number 1 spot!

No Secret To Success Online!

There is no real secret to making money online but to pick something that works and actually do the work. And it may take some time but you will see results if you put your heart and soul into it. Take this website for instance. I have written close to 200 blog posts to date. That’s a lot of work but it’s paying off because now the site has decent web trust with Google and other search engines. Better trust means more sales and traffic!

We All Have To Start Somewhere

See where I’m going with this blog? You can make money online but it takes dedication and consistency. And you have to know how to write half way decent. No, you don’t have to be an expert, just be able to write something that makes sense. So, are you one of us who are looking for a change and need to start earning online? Do you think you can write a few blogs a week like I do? If you think you can then the program below may be your ticket to success. But you have to start and you can here with a free trial membership and two free websites. Give it a shot….you have nothing to lose. No credit card needed….just sign up for free and start building your blog empire!

Have a question? Have a comment? Leave me one below and I’ll get back to you asap!


Affiliate Marketing Scams And What To Watch Out For

Don't Get Scammed!
Don’t Get Scammed!

Affiliate Marketing Scams? Are They Really Out There?

We all have seen the flashy websites promoting programs which pay out huge returns for little work as an affiliate marketer. But, are these programs really worth what they say they are? As a blogger looking to promote products do you think these people really care how good your content is? No, they are in it for the money and that’s it! Worse yet is these shady so called companies hide the hidden truth behind their programs. It’s a sad day when you can’t make an honest living as a marketer but even worse when there are companies looking to steal your money with false promises.

What You Should Be Watching Out For

Be Wary Of Affiliate Marketing Scams
Be Wary Of Affiliate Marketing Scams

So, what should you be looking for in affiliate marketing scams? There are a number of things and I’ll list them below. Just know that there are so many out there that it’s going to be hard to tell what is good and what is a complete rip off!

1 Always check reviews on an affiliate marketing program before you decide to join. These companies will push you with their tactics to make you sign up right now. They don’t want you to think it over and that’s where you will get burned. Much like telemarketers they use these tactics to gain control over the situation quickly. Always research the company in question first before doing anything!

2 Promises of big money fast. Affiliate marketing scams are rampant and many of these shady programs will promise you all kinds of bonuses and deals to get you to join. They will promote their cons with flashy websites, alluring content and tell you what you want to hear. The end result is you sign up, spend your money and get little to nothing in return.

3 Programs have no physical address. An email address is not a physical address so if you see something like the company name and an email address but no physical address, chances are its a hustle. Always look for a physical address and a phone number!

4 Program is too new to have any reviews yet. This is another red flag for me. I would never join a company that has no reviews simply because you never know what you are getting. Most reputable companies will have at least a few reviews so you can make an informed decision. No review….no signup!

5 Use common sense when joining any company. Affiliate marketing scams are probably one of the more common internet cons out there. While there are some reputable companies, it’s important to use your common sense. Below is an example of a potential affiliate marketing scam that I found in my email this morning.

With This SUPER SIMPLE $100/Per Day 
Minimum System…
You DON’T Need To Create Information Products!
You DON’T Need To Upload Videos To YouTube
You DON’T Need An Existing Email List
You ONLY Need Very Basic Technical Skills
You Can Start With A NEARLY ZERO Budget
You ONLY Need 30 Minutes Per Day To Generate At Least $100/Day
Ready To Get Earning Commissions Overnight?
You Can Start Earning Commissions Overnight And
Build A REAL Six-Figure Per Year Business With The
Amazing Step By Step Training Inside The Members Area…
Get it now
Don’t Set Yourself Up To Be Scammed!stock-photo-42387386-businessman-wearing-mask-stealing-information
Using this as an example you can see that there is no clear cut information in this website. It’s totally vague yet for some I can see how they may get sucked in to this. Would you? Think about it, this is the kind of emails I get frequently that are basically totally vague and I would never consider joining. As a blogger looking to earn money I don’t think this would fit the bill but it comes close. Affiliate scam websites often use this same format in their emails to get you to join. You see something like this, it’s best to steer clear. I’ve taken out the website address just so you don’t get taken and to protect the “company”. While it’s possible it could be legit, I highly doubt it.

My #1 Choice For Affiliate Marketers Is…..

Dave Donahue (Author)
Dave Donahue (Author)
Ok, my rant on this affiliate marketing scams thing is over. If you’re a blogger looking to get into affiliate marketing I would suggest really looking into different programs, check out the reviews and take your time deciding. If you’re looking for some basic newbie tips to help you with your writing and marketing, check the archives of this website as there are a ton of tips on here. And if you’re looking for a reputable platform to start your affiliate marketing blogging career check this link! My #1 Choice For Affiliate Marketers!


P.S. By the way, if you have any suggestions on how I can improve this site I’m all ears. Please leave your comments and suggestions below!

Wealthy Affiliate’s Referral System And Potential



My Blogging Journey After Years Of Work

Benefits Of Choosing A Good Domain
Benefits Of Wealthy Affiliate

Blogging has become a way of life for me but it wasn’t always the case. In fact back in the day I was a Marine Corps veteran and then a commercial electrician. And those jobs were tough not only on my mind but my body as well. Once I reached the mid 40 mark I was beat down, tired and broke. Don’t ask me how I ended up broke….it just happened. And you know what? Countless people I know fell into the same boat. Broke and tired. So, at that time in my mid 40’s I decided to change my life. I had to because the alternative could very easy be living on the street, and that’s not easy street either.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Referral System

Once I decided I wanted to be a blogger I started checking into platforms that were geared towards affiliate marketing. I wanted to blog about tips for newbie bloggers but also give some info on how newbie bloggers could make some extra money online. So, I worked hard at blogging and learning new techniques that would help my website gain traffic. That was the tricky part but finally I found the Wealthy Affiliate and realized there was a ton on potential with Wealthy Affiliate’s Referral System. It works pretty simple and it is just another perk of the program besides earning as an affiliate marketer selling products.

My Stats On Wealthy Affiliate Referrals

The Wealthy Affiliate Referral System works simple. For everyone that signs up for their own website and training program, you earn a commission. And over time you can earn a lot of money just helping  others get started as an affiliate marketer. Take this screenshot of my referrals since I have started the Wealthy Affiliate.

Member Rank: Unranked Followers: 1 Member since: October 11, 2016
Member Rank: 686471 Followers: 3 Member since: October 07, 2016
Member Rank: 681968 Followers: 3 Member since: September 27, 2016
Member Rank: 159391 Followers: 5 Member since: September 26, 2016
Member Rank: Unranked Followers: 5 Member since: September 26, 2016
Member Rank: Unranked Followers: 3 Member since: September 25, 2016
Member Rank: 681051 Followers: 3 Member since: September 23, 2016
Member Rank: Unranked Followers: 3 Member since: September 22, 2016
Member Rank: 680728 Followers: 3 Member since: September 22, 2016
Member Rank: Unranked Followers: 3 Member since: September 22, 2016
Member Rank: 81624 Followers: 7 Member since: September 19, 2016
Member Rank: Unranked Followers: 3 Member since: September 17, 2016
Member Rank: 676036 Followers: 1 Member since: September 10, 2016
Member Rank: 675092 Followers: 1 Member since: September 08, 2016
Member Rank: 673356 Followers: 1 Member since: September 04, 2016
Member Rank: 673073 Followers: 1 Member since: September 03, 2016
Member Rank: 672220 Followers: 1 Member since: September 01, 2016
Member Rank: 671289 Followers: 1 Member since: August 30, 2016
Member Rank: 671029 Followers: 1 Member since: August 29, 2016
Member Rank: 666581 Followers: 1 Member since: August 19, 2016
Member Rank: 666346 Followers: 1 Member since: August 18, 2016
Member Rank: 666119 Followers: 1 Member since: August 18, 2016
Member Rank: 664252 Followers: 1 Member since: August 13, 2016
Member Rank: Unranked Followers: 1 Member since: August 10, 2016
Member Rank: Unranked Followers: 2 Member since: July 04, 2016
Member Rank: 291392 Followers: 2 Member since: June 27, 2016
Member Rank: 290683 Followers: 2 Member since: June 24, 2016
Member Rank: 646080 Followers: 2 Member since: June 21, 2016
Member Rank: 156912 Followers: 3 Member since: May 25, 2016
Member Rank: 99524 Followers: 4 Member since: May 13, 2016
Member Rank: 155447 Followers: 3 Member since: May 11, 2016
Member Rank: 152014 Followers: 3 Member since: April 12, 2016
Member Rank: 641679 Followers: 3 Member since: April 12, 2016
Member Rank: 641676 Followers: 3 Member since: April 12, 2016
Member Rank: 151644 Followers: 3 Member since: April 11, 2016
These are just a few of the members I have gotten signed up through the Wealthy Affiliate through the Blogging Tips For Newbies website you are seeing right now. And these referrals came from me just writing about blogging tips and mentioning the Wealthy Affiliate. With each premium membership referral you can earn up to 22.50 per month as long as they stay a member. And the training and resources on the platform make it well worth staying a member. It did for me because every time I feel stuck on my writing I can easily go back to the training and find out something new that will help my website soar to new levels.
So, the Wealthy Affiliate Referral System is definitely worth the price of a premium membership alone in my opinion. It’s easy because my website does all the work for me and it’s proven to help others who are looking to earn online with their own websites. The good news is anyone who has any drive whatsoever can do this too. Affiliate marketing is hot now and I have to say of any online venture I have ever done, this has been the best. I like the training, the content creation and the way your site builds as an authority over time. Take a look at the screenshot below. Notice the site trust button. Site trust is how the search engines and Google see your site. The better the trust, the higher rankings your site gets which means more traffic!

Site Trust At 80% !
As you go through the Wealthy Affiliate training course you begin to understand how everything works together on the platform. You will also get to a point where you are comfortable with writing and creating blogs. Granted nothing is perfect but the longer you do something the better you get. As far as the Wealthy Affiliate Referral System goes, if you build your site you will get referrals. It’s that good of a program to pass up.
That’s all I want to say about this topic for now and I’ll be going back to writing my normal blogging tips and blog programs that look to be scams or not. Until then happy blogging!
P.S. If you have any comments or suggestions as to how I can improve this website feel free to add below. I reply ASAP and always welcome any new suggestions!
P.S.S. To see my honest review of the Wealthy Affiliate System see this link! My WA honest review

Ashford University Marketing Program. Scam Or No Scam?

Is Ashford University A Scam?


Ok, I checked out Ashford University and it’s online marketing program and wanted to see if this was worth getting into. As a marketer your job will be to not only write consistent content but to also learn marketing. With Ashford University and it’s program for online marketing it looks like it offers a ton of courses related to the topic. But, is it really worth going through to get a degree or is it just a bunch of nonsense designed to separate you from your money?

Why I Chose Ashford University For My Scam Reviewaulogo-top

The reason I chose Ashford University for my review is because I personally signed up for a university once upon a long time ago. It was for a Computer Aided Drafting course. I thought I was going into something that was going to be a life changer. Unfortunately, I found that the demand for this type of education was dwindling yet the courses were still be offered. The price for this one year course you ask? A whopping $20,000! Yep, you got it and even with a military background that was with getting some reduction in tuition. So, in today’s fast moving workplace I really wanted to find out if I could by chance learn affiliate marketing or some kind of marketing that would keep me in the game.

The Pros Of Ashford University

Ashford University offers courses in marketing and just about anything to do with business. You take courses online and can get an associates degree in a relatively short period of time. I like the fact that they offer courses that aren’t going to take forever to learn. I also liked the fact that the courses look to be fairly easy to take and even the financial aid is available.

The Cons Of Ashford University

Learn Blogging On Your Laptop
Pros Of Ashford University

But, my problem was the cost for the school. All I wanted was to find how to learn how to make an income online through marketing. Specifically, I wanted to learn how to be an affiliate marketer. While they do offer some good courses, the school stopped short of offering what I was looking for. I also checked out reviews for the school and 67 percent of people claimed it to be a worthwhile. I don’t know about you but in my day a score of 68 percent was a D. Not the greatest of reviews in my book.

Is Ashford University A Scam?

So, if Ashford University a scam? Absolutely not! In fact I think if you’re looking for some business courses that will help you in other areas of business like business management, it’s a so so school to check out. But the tuition for classes is fairly steep at $443.00 per credit for undergraduate studies. By the end of your schooling I would suspect you’re going to have one heck of a tuition bill even with financial aid! Overall I would give this school a score of 70 out of 100.

Now I did happen to find what I was looking for in training with the Wealthy Affiliate. I know what you’re thinking. Another fly by night affiliate marketing course right? Well, I did too at first but after nine months as a member I can honestly say I have learned a ton just by going through the lessons on the site. What’s even better is I can do this at home, I don’t have to leave the house at all except to go exercise or fish. There is a price for the Wealthy Affiliate of $49.00 a month but with all the training that’s provided I have to say it was money well worth spent. I just can’t see spending a ton of cash on tuition especially at this point in my life. But, I can swing $49.00. The first week of Wealthy Affiliate was free and I got two websites to get me started. I could also access some of the training during that period. Here is what I got with the Wealthy Affiliate and my first week of training.

Granted I don’t get an official marketing degree out of going through the Wealthy Affiliate training and courses but hey I needed to make money soon, not later. I don’t want to be living in my car as I go through school. I don’t even want to pay thousands of dollars for schooling. And with Wealthy Affiliate you can be making money pretty quick which covers your membership fee plus an income. I like that and much prefer going that route than plugging away at classes for the next 1 to 4 years. What’s even better is that this company has been around for over a decade and has made some of it’s members a lot of money. Sure, there is work you have to do but it pays off in the end!

As far as Ashford University is concerned, while I don’t consider this a scam I did think I could do better. And joining the Wealthy Affiliate was the best thing I could do at the time. Check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate here. My Wealthy Affiliate Review