Looking To Become Your Own Boss As An Affiliate Marketing Blogger?

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Financial Freedom!


It’s no surprise many of us are out of work and looking for a job. But what about those of us who are unemployed and may have already worked for decades and now find ourselves bored and in need of something to do? Have you found yourself in a similar position and find yourself toiling around the house looking for something to do?

Granted, the stability of being retired is comforting but is it really enough?

With the news telling us that the economy is horrible and for older Americans finding work is going to be tough, it’s no wonder so many of us throw in the towel, turn on the television and watch the bad news of the day. This is no way to retire. On the flip side you may be younger, a college graduate and still living at home. It happens and waiting for that opportunity to arise may never happen unless you hustle. There’s a lot of hungry mouths out there!

To Succeed In Business You Have To Start Somewhere!

 I Was Over 50 And Unemployed

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Work For Yourself

I found myself in a similar situation, 50 years old and unemployed. I had worked as an electrician, been a US Marine and now found myself with no prospects and no income besides my meager retirement check which I received every month. And what’s strange is even if I went fishing all day, talked with other friends who had the same story as mine, I still felt I was saying the same old “unemployed and need a job.”

It was disheartening even though when I was working I wished at times I wasn’t. But it is what it is so I kept fishing and hearing the same tales from fellow fisherman every weekend. Something had to give or I was going to lose it.

Forget Desperation. Think Proactive!

What I Did To Overcome Unemployment

   Here I was over 50 unemployed and no prospects. I searched online and found ways to earn as a blogger. I began to write business blogs for companies and to be honest I kind of liked it. I was meeting people and actually making a few bucks on the side as a writer. It’s something I had never done before, in fact all of my previous work had been blue collar jobs. I thought this was pretty cool.

   But after a couple years I wanted to learn how I could write for myself and learn how to make money online. I still figured I was singing the same old tune, “unemployed and need a job!”  So, I looked to find a way to keep myself busy learning how my writing blogs could earn me money through affiliate marketing. And by some chance I ran into a site called the Wealthy Affiliate.

   This is a business that has been online for quite some time, over ten years. I signed up and found a wealth of information and resources that enabled me to start learning to blog the right way and how to make money writing content. It became a hobby and now is a business.

You can do the same thing I did and earn a passive income!

   Maybe you’re in the same situation as I was and need something to do. You might be retired, on disability or just between jobs I don’t know. You may be younger and facing the same reality. But I do know that there is something about Wealthy Affiliate that seems to work. And I think it may be the structure of the program.

   It’s up to you to do the work but that’s what I wanted anyway. I wanted to learn something new and find a path to a new success.

Sure, my old life may be over but a new one has begun. So, if you are looking to stop saying “Unemployed and need a job” consider checking out the Wealthy Affiliate or just browse through this website and learn some blogging tips designed for newbies. But, whatever you do keep moving forward whether it be doing what I do or whatever keeps you busy!