Using Videos In Your Blog Posts For Stay At Home Workers

thPMCTGEUN - Using Videos In Your Blog Posts  For Stay At Home Workers
Videos Help Your Business!

Using a video in your blog post can also increase your daily views especially if it’s interesting and on topic. If the video is clear and not grainy your chances of success are greater too. Videos add a more interative aspect to your blog as well. If you do video reviews of products you may find yourself climbing the ranks and your blog post traffic increasing.

Adding video is easy especially if you use WordPress as your writing platform. You simply go to Add Media and choose the video file. Your video will appear in your posts. Personally I only use video when I need to show how something is actually done. But video is a great way to add to your blog posts.

I found a book that can help you to increase your views by using video in your daily blog posts. This book also covers all other areas of blogging from social media to writing unique quality content. It also has high ratings on Amazon with 4-5 stars. If you’re looking for another great blogging for income book, this may be it. Check this book out here. <

Blogging About Products

If you’re a blogger that sells your blogging skills to others chances are you are going to be writing about something you may not know anything about. You may not even be interested in blogging about the product or service but think about this. If you develop a passion to find the best product out there you will find your success will increase. Don’t write about something you don’t endorse. So, when clients want you to write an article on something you don’t think is a good product or service, just decline the offer. Simple and to the point.

I like to check out what people ask me to blog about before agreeing to do the work. Let’s face it there’s alot of junk out there on the market that probably shouldn’t be for sale. Blogging about something I think is garbage is not in my game plan so I refuse to do it. Be selective in what products you choose to blog about and you will find yourself in a happier place on your blogging for income endeavors. Otherwise it will feel like your just wasting your time and it definitely won’t be as rewarding even if you do reach your financial goals. That’s something to consider.

New Blogging Product Of The Day

Today I found another cool product that can help you with your writing skills. This is a book of close to 300 words that’s a tool to get your writing more refined. I can’t tell you how many bloggers who try and write for companies don’t know how to write in the English language. Granted most of them are from outside the United States but nevertheless this is a good part of your competition. That’s why I say if you can write decent English grammar you’re already ahead of the game in the blogging for income world. Blogging for a living is not difficult and you don’t need to be an expert writer but it helps to be able to write decent.

The book is called Writing Tools and I could only find the paperback version but it’s worth taking a look at and has a high rating on Amazon. This book was written in 2008 and has got a good number of positive reviews. The book focuses on the more tech aspects of writing so if you already consider yourself an experienced writer this will help you perfect your skills. I would recommend this book for an intermediate blogger or book writer. See here for the book. <

New Blogging Product Of The Day

While searching through some Amazon products for bloggers I found another gem of a bookthat looks to be a good fit for all you bloggers out there. This one is more geared towards using social media for promoting your work. Social media and blogging really go hand in hand simply due to the instant wide exposure you can get for your blog. If you blog as a stay at home mom or even a dad who’s semi retired this read can really help you jump start your exposure.

Blog Social Media Rules looks to be a great short read for anyone looking to promote their blog work. It’s easy to read and I found numerous other short help books by the same author. The Amazon reviews are all up in the 4-5 stars so this could be a good resouce for you to get your work on social media. The book was published within the last year so it has uptodate content.

Social media is a must if you plan on starting a blogging work at home business. Aside from writing quality content this may be the second most crucial aspect to becoming a blogger. Having a good social media presence is definitely key. So, if you’re looking to promote your work on social media and need some helpful tips be sure to check this book out.

How blogging can help your mind and soul

As life throws punches at us it’s natural to develop a certain amount of baggage which we carry. Most of this is emotional junk with scattered thoughts of past and present disrupting our daily train of thought. This emotional bagge can be crippling leading to depression and other ailments. So, how does blogging help?

Blogging can actually help you to get your thoughts down in one place somewhat like a journal. You write down what you’re feeling and have that as an ongoing journal to help you recover or move on from an experience etc. If you concentrate on blogging about a specific topic those thoughts may just dissappear. Its all about distraction really. Writing blogs can help your mind and your soul move forward.

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