Using Videos In Your Blog Posts For Stay At Home Workers

Using a video in your blog post can also increase your daily views especially if it’s interesting and on topic. If the video is clear and not grainy your chances of success are greater too. Videos add a more interative aspect to your blog as well. If you do video reviews of products you may … Read more Using Videos In Your Blog Posts For Stay At Home Workers

Blogging About Products

If you’re a blogger that sells your blogging skills to others chances are you are going to be writing about something you may not know anything about. You may not even be interested in blogging about the product or service but think about this. If you develop a passion to find the best product out … Read more Blogging About Products

New Blogging Product Of The Day

Today I found another cool product that can help you with your writing skills. This is a book of close to 300 words that’s a tool to get your writing more refined. I can’t tell you how many bloggers who try and write for companies don’t know how to write in the English language. Granted … Read more New Blogging Product Of The Day

New Blogging Product Of The Day

While searching through some Amazon products for bloggers I found another gem of a bookthat looks to be a good fit for all you bloggers out there. This one is more geared towards using social media for promoting your work. Social media and blogging really go hand in hand simply due to the instant wide … Read more New Blogging Product Of The Day

How blogging can help your mind and soul

As life throws punches at us it’s natural to develop a certain amount of baggage which we carry. Most of this is emotional junk with scattered thoughts of past and present disrupting our daily train of thought. This emotional bagge can be crippling leading to depression and other ailments. So, how does blogging help? Blogging … Read more How blogging can help your mind and soul

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