Can You Blog Away Your Debt?

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Try Blogging Away Your Debt!

Now here is an interesting topic. Debt! It seems like we all have some sort of debt. Where does debt come from? Well, debt can come from a variety of sources but more often than not, debt arises when we spend more than what we make. Unfortunately, with an economy which appears to be teetering on the have’s and have not’s, debt has become a way of life for many struggling around the world. So, what do you do to minimize debt in your life and more importantly…is it working? Chances are it’s not.  For those of you out there who blog for a living, blogging away debt may be very possible but you’re going to have to do your homework as it doesn’t come easy. The good news is with time and dedication to writing quality content, debt can be blogged away.


Ok, so blogging away debt probably sounds a bit unrealistic to you right now. I mean most of us are committed to the 9-5 job that keeps us coming back. And the interesting thing about that is it’s getting harder and harder to get and keep those jobs that 20-30 years ago were pretty much taken for granted. And to make matters worse, with an aging population looking for ways to supplement their retirement savings, the scam and schemes are quick to be ready to take your savings you worked so hard for away. So, what do you do to make a living and blog away debt? Listen up and I’ll tell you.

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Learn To Earn Online

Dedicate Yourself To Blog Away Debt

Now, trying to earn an honest living online is not easy and I won’t say it is. It takes determination, dedication and an understanding how blogging can actually earn money. And, it doesn’t happen overnight. Not at all. You’re going to hit roadblocks, get confused and probably want to just give up. But don’t because eventually you will learn to blog away debt and it may even be fun for you. The first step to earning a living online is to dedicate yourself to at least six months of writing consistent content in a particular niche. No, this isn’t a get rich scheme either. In fact it’s anything but. However, if you consistently write quality blogs and have a product to sell or sell other peoples products for a commission, you can and will be able to earn an ongoing income. And believe me when I say it does work!

Learn How To Business Blog!

I’m sure your next question would be “How do I do this?” My answer to you is to first find a way to build a business blog. That simple. once you understand how business blogging works you can actually learn how the gurus make money. And this is your sure fire way to blog away debt. Let’s face it, debt is a drag all the way around. Credit card companies have a subtle marketing tactic they use to convince you that you “deserve” their card. Like how insane does that sound? You deserve to get a credit card that the company will continue to charge you interest for when you use it. It really does sound crazy and if you don’t make at least the minimum payments each month, then you get penalized. And how do credit card companies get their services out to people on the internet would you think? Well, one is the old fashion mail but another is online. That’s right. By putting content on their websites people who search for credit cards may find company offers. The more frequent their content is, the better ranking they can get on Google which equates to more credit card applications for them. It really is quite ingenious.

Take Your Blogging Business Seriously

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What To Do?

So, where does this put you as a newbie blogger? Think about it. You want to do what they do. You want to promote something that will drive people to your website which in turn will get people buying what you’re offering. It really is a simple yet effective way to turn the tables and instead of worrying about paying debt off, you can now blog away debt. And to be completely honest, it really is possible. But, like I said previously you will need to dedicate yourself 100% to this business and treat it as such. It’s a business…not a hobby. While I would love to teach you everything there is to learn about blogging away debt right here and right now, it’s just not possible for me to do that in one blog. But, if you look through this website and see what I do you may start to understand the pattern of my blogs. For instance….did you notice my blogs all focus around one particular niche? That’s right. My niche is “blogging tips for newbies.” I stay within my niche with all my blogs which is one of the aspects of business blogging you absolutely have to do. There’s more to learn but I learned from some of the best in the industry and it does work…but you have to put in your due diligence as nothing comes easy in life which I’m sure you know by now.

You can learn to blog away your debt and earn a steady income online by doing what I do. I won’t say it’s easy at first but if you’re like me and are interested in earning a living without having to break your back, it’s time to do something about it. Check out how I do what I do here! Sign Up For Free To Blog Away Debt

I hope you enjoyed this blog and welcome your comments in the section below. Thanks SO much for reading my blogs!

Dave Donahue


Are You Posting On Your Blog Regularly?

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Have A Blogging Plan And Stick To It!

Bloggers are a mixed breed of people. There are bloggers who have looked to earn money blogging by starting out on a popular platform in the hopes of succeeding. But, would you know as a blogger what it takes to become successful in this industry? Would you think it’s all about social media and getting your blog out to the public eye or would it be something else? Did you know that they key to becoming successful in your blogging business pretty much depends on one thing. That thing would be writing content consistently with quality. Yes, I know that sounds like the hard way to become a pro blogger but in all honestly that is exactly what it will take.

So, now that you know that writing content on a regular basis is important. There are some other tricks you should know that will help you succeed. And these tips really aren’t that difficult to implement as long as you do them consistently. These tips will help you master the steps to earn money blogging.  The first tip is what I just did. That is place internal links within your content. In my previous sentence “earn money blogging” I put an internal link in by using the add link option to insert a link. This internal link can redirect back to another blog, a product page or another service you offer. It’s easy to do and can help you not only gain traffic to your website or product but can also help you in your Google rankings. It really is a cool way to get people to check out other things you write or something you have to offer.

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Post To Social Media Groups

While social media is a great way to expand your readership, there are some things you should know. Let’s say you want to spread the word about your blog and decide to make a “tweet”.  While it would seem normal to just tweet out to the masses, you may want to reconsider. Your best bet is to search for niche related groups or individuals who share your common interest. Since this blog site is about “blogging tips for newbies” my best option would be to search for users that like to blog or “Business Bloggers” “Blogging Groups” etc. Then I would simply join these groups and post a “tweet” periodically. It’s recommended to ask the admin if it’s ok to post on their site. But never post so many that it’s considered spam!


Finally, think about your content and whether or not you are posting blogs that are within your niche? Are you getting sidetracked? Do your post start to wander off in another direction and off topic? Are you running out of options of things to write about? This is a common problem especially with bloggers just starting out. You’re trying to earn money blogging but you just can’t seem to come up with enough content ideas. Try this. Go back through your blogs and look for some clues on things to write about. Take this blog for instance. I’m looking for a topic to write about that is related somewhat to my “blogging niche.” Can you see a topic in this blog I could write about? How about all the way on the top of the second paragraph? That’s right. I could write a whole blog on “Social Media.” Pretty cool huh?

So, you see these are a number of ways you can come up with ideas and topics to keep writing regularly on your blog website and you really don’t have to wrack your brain to figure it all out. It just takes a little creativity on our part as bloggers! And yes, these are the types of things you can do to earn money blogging on your website! So, give it a try and see if you can use some of the tips above to make your blog stand out from the rest. It’s easy and you’ll probably have fun doing it!



What Are your Readers Looking For In Your Blog Content?

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Think Over Your Blog Posts

It’s amazing how many writers focus too much on themselves rather than their readers when writing their blog post. Now, I am guilty of talking about myself in some of my posts but it’s not good to get in the habit of it. In fact, your blogs should consist of writing about what you have to offer in terms of products, services or information. It’s really easiest way to be successful as a blogger. So, what can you do to take the focus off of yourself and on to your readers? Take a look below for my tips on what you can do!

Think Before You Write!

  • Probably the most important thing you can do is to think over what your topic for your post will be before actually writing it. It is true that many newbie bloggers get stuck and just start to write and see where it goes. This is fine especially if you stay on topic but if the topic eventually turns to the author, that’s a recipe for a disaster. I hate to admit it but your readers are not there to read your sob story or your latest conquest. So, stay within the topic of your niche in your post and your blog business will fare much better in the long run. This is the way to make money with blogging.
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Reader Engagement Matters!

Engage Your Readers!

  • Another thing you readers are looking for is engagement within your content. They want interaction. They want to be asked questions and want to be included. So, how do you do that? Simple! Ask your readers questions. Ask them for their input. What is it they would like information on? By engaging your readers you’re bound to sell more products and services. Engagement leads to more conversions which in the end helps you to make money with blogging. So, the next time you site down to write your next blog ask yourself what your going to write about and what you will ask your readers!

Think Outside The Box!

   Putting yourself in your readers shoes (or head) is something that can help you excel at your blogging  career too. Think about what your reader is looking for. If the topic of your blog post is (best golf clubs for beginners) then stay within that particular topic. There is nothing worse than looking for a product review and finding nothing but ads, side promotions and substandard content to turn a reader away and running for the hills. So, try thinking about what you would want to read if you were the person looking for a product or service review blog. Again, this is key to learning how to make money with blogging.

Don’t Rush It!

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Take Your Time Writing Your Blogs

Finally, your readers will appreciate this and you will benefit by starting to make money blogging. Take pride in your work and make it your own! What I mean is your blogging business is your business. It’s something you are creating. Do you want your website and blog post to look great and attract visitors or are you just looking to throw something together and call it a day? Be honest with yourself and your work and your readers will let you know whether your content is helping them or not. It really is quite simple if you think about it. Anything worthwhile in life is going to take time, patience and attention to detail. And, you don’t have to be a perfectionist…just do the best you can and put your best face forward and the rest will follow!

To Your Blogging Success!





Can You Really Earn Money Blogging?

That’s a loaded question no doubt! Can you really earn money blogging? Have you figured out how to do this? Is it really possible or is blogging for an income just a pie in the sky dream? If you really want to make earn money blogging there is a way to do this without getting scammed or burned or confused. What I mean by this is to actually start earning a living at blogging, you need to learn to not only write content but understand how to make your blog make you money. And, if you think it’s going to just start raining cash once you start writing then you need to go into another field of business.

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Blogging Tips For Newbies


Blogging for an income is like anything else in life when it comes to trying something new. As a kid I got my first job at Sea World in San Diego California. I was assigned a position as a cook at one of the main restaurant at the theme park. I learned how to cook chicken in a fryer. That was my job…dropping breaded chicken in a basket into hot oil. I know it sounds ridiculous and mundane but I did my best with that job and after a while I learned to be quicker and create less of a mess while working. That’s the same with anything you learn and to earn money blogging is no different. You have to learn to crawl before you can walk. And I have to be honest. Blogging for an income is not an easy job. There’s content creation to perfect, there’s marketing skills to hone and it’s an ongoing process with success feeling like it’s always right around the corner. Some people find that success…others don’t.

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Make Money Blogging

You’re probably wondering what’s the key to becoming successful as a blogger? I mean it sounds all good and fun but can you really earn money at it? My answer to that is absolutely if you have the patience, desire and understanding how blogging in a business arena works. It’s not that difficult but it does take time. So, what would I suggest to you if you want to make a living at blogging? Easy….learn all you can about blogging. I mean become a sponge and put your lessons to good use.

I work as an affiliate marketer but I consider myself really just someone who is trying to give tips to people to actually learn how blogging can make them money. Sure, I may promote products and services but I honestly like to create content that helps others. I just happen to promote blogging tips for newbies. So, if you’re looking for an honest way to make a living blogging I would recommend just starting to blog and find a platform that you find comfortable with.

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Make Money Blogging About Your Passion!

Starting to make sense to you? That’s great because it’s amazing how many people want to earn money blogging but just don’t have any clue where to start. What’s worse is that a lot of people come up blank when deciding what to write about, which niche to choose and how the heck they are going to keep coming up with new content for their blog. The key is to just start writing about a particular niche and the rest just falls into place. There’s no easier way that to just start writing content. And, if you just so happen to like what you’re writing about the rest is a piece of cake.

So, where can you as a newbie find a place to start writing content in your particular niche? That’s going to be up to you because in all honestly there are a ton of platforms you can start blogging on that will help you earn money blogging. You can write for others on their platform writing content for different clients but you will be writing about their topics and not the one of your choice. On the other hand you can learn affiliate marketing and blog on your own website promoting your products and services. Personally, I chose the latter. I love writing blogging tips so I went with Wealthy Affiliate which was free to sign up and it gave me two free websites just to start out.

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Earn Income By Blogging

Wealthy Affiliate is not for everyone though I will admit that. And, the founders Kyle and Carson let you know that to succeed at affiliate marketing through blogging you will need to do your due diligence. Sure, they give you a great opportunity to start your own online business with all the tools you need to get going along with a couple of awesome websites but you will need to work and work hard at building your business. Blogging for an income through affiliate marketing takes work, patience, support and a desire to help others with your own skills and experience. And, that’s what I try and do. Help others help themselves by offering blogging tips to get you on the right path to building a cool new business as a blogger and affiliate marketer. So, think it’s for you? Do you think you have what it takes to change your life? Are you motivated to make that change? If so joining Wealthy Affiliate today may be the best thing you ever did! See here to join today! Wealthy Affiliate Free Sign Up!

How To Make Money From Blogging. Reviews Of Blogging Services

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Make Money Blogging

There are so many different types of products designed to help you make money from blogging that it can prove to be downright confusing which one to use if any at all. I mean the internet is inundated with products that claim to help you with your blogging business that to be honest, I wouldn’t know where to start if I were to use one. Luckily I found a platform that helps me to learn how to blog for business the right way. But I will admit, there are a number of different products that I find interesting. So, if you’re interested in learning how to make money from blogging  check out this comparison between Wealthy Affiliate and Blog For Cash. Both of these look to be a viable way to earn an income by blogging.



Blogging For Cash

Blogging For Cash looked to be a product that had some potential for newbies looking to start their own blogging business. This is an ebook that has information for newbie bloggers to monetize their blog and get it moving in the right direction. It shows you some tips and tricks to get your blog earning money and is geared towards the newbie blogger with little to no experience. I did notice that it tries to explain in uncomplicated terms what blogging for income is and how to monetize your blogs.

The Pros Of Blogging For Cash 

  • Simple and easy process to learn how to blog.
  • Low cost at one time payment of $27.00
  • Good low cost way of learning the basics for newbies.
  • Claims to give a 100% refund if you’re not satisfied.

The Cons Of Blogging For Cash

  • Doesn’t appear to have any ongoing support for someone looking to make money from blogging.
  • The product is an ebook and not an online community.
  • You have to learn on your own. Your success is dependent on your ability to apply what you learn in the ebook.

Wealthy Affiliate

th 4 - How To Make Money From Blogging. Reviews Of Blogging Services
Earn Income By Blogging

The other program which I found that was geared to help newbie bloggers is the Wealthy Affiliate system. This an online community designed to help newbie bloggers learn how to make money from blogging.  Like the Blog For Cash ebook this is a program that claims to help people start their own blogging business. It has an online support system, tons of courses and videos for it’s members and has been around for quite a while. This is a more in depth method of learning how to learn how to blog for a living and if you’re not serious it’s probably not really worth the time and effort as well as any money.


Pros Of The Wealthy Affiliate System

  •     Has an online community that can help if members need help.
  •     Long term sustainability. Has been online for over ten years.
  •     In depth accurate tutorials and system with proven success rate.
  •     Two free websites given with free signup.

Cons Of The Wealthy Affiliate System

  • Monthly fee of 47.00 a month.
  • Community can be overwhelming a time waster.
  • Some of the tutorials can be a bit confusing at first.

Ok, so there is a basic overview of the Wealthy Affiliate System and the Blog For Cash Ebook. I don’t think these two programs are really comparable simply because one is an ongoing membership and the other an ebook but since they both claim to promote a product designed to help you earn an income blogging I figured I would try to compare the two. For the price I think both are pretty much equal in value. The ebook Blog For Cash is a one time fee where as the Wealthy Affiliate System is more of an ongoing process in learning to make money from blogging. If you read any of my blogs you know I am a member of the Wealthy Affiliate. This program has worked for me but it has taken some work on my part. There is no pie in the sky and if you want to earn money as a blogger, be ready to commit yourself. Both of these products look to be a good option but the choice is yours to decide. As with anything in life your commitment to writing quality content will be the key to your success. Blogging for an income is an ongoing learning experience and if you have the ability write consistently on a platform that’s designed to help you excel is probably the best way to go to become a blogger that’s going to rise above the rest.

Thanks for reading my blogs and to your success!

Dave Donahue