Wealthy Affiliate And Your Business Plan

If you have followed my blog, you know I write about different ways to promote your website and how to get started blogging for business. So, today I’m going to basically just talk about setting up a business plan with Wealthy Affiliate. If you haven’t heard of this company let me explain a bit about myself first and how I decided to go with Wealthy Affiliate instead of just trying to blog on my own. First of all, I did try and work as a blogger on my own and started four years ago on Fiverr.com. Now, Fiverr is a decent place to get started writing blogs and articles for people. In fact, within two years I had climbed the ranks as being one of the top writers.

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What’s your Blog Business Plan?

If you have a good idea for a blog you need to also have a blog business plan that will help you build your website into a successful one. So, what is a good blog business plan and how the heck do you implement one? In this blog I will try and give the some tips that will help you achieve success through your blog with a solid plan. And don’t worry, if you don’t have a niche yet, that will come later.

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Start Writing Your Business Blog!
  • Your blog business plan should have a few steps involved that will eventually lead you to online success. And, without a plan you most definitely will hit some serious roadblocks that will stall your progress. So, whatever niche you choose your first order of business is to find a way to constantly create content for your blog. I know, it sounds like a daunting task and if you’re not into writing everyday it can become extremely tough. If this is the case for you consider hiring a writer through Fiverr or Constant Content. These are a couple of well known sites that provide people who can write content for you at reasonable prices. But, be picky and only choose writers with high rankings! The bottom line is your success will depend on writing frequently on your site. Daily posts are recommended in your blog business plan!
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Focus On Long Term Success!
  • Your blogging business plan should include training in marketing your blog. Again, this can seem like a frustrating aspect of the industry and the best way to become successful without hitting too many dead ends is to take it slow. Consider posting to Twitter a few times a day and even buy a few backlinks to your site. Backlinks can increase traffic and are cheap on sites like Fiverr.com. You can also make up a few business cards with your website printed on them. Business are cards are fairly cheap and you can get about 100 for around 10.00 with your site, name, contact info and a logo. Hand them out when you’re out shopping or even at the Laundromat. You can also join a community like I did and get all the training and support you need here. Wealthy Affiliate
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Blogging For Income Websites
  • Your blogging business plan should also include long term goals. Think about where you want to be with your blogging business in a year from now? Will you still be motivated to keep producing content? Will the direction of your blog be going on the right path? Will you quit if your goals are not met by a certain date? Let’s face it, building a business is tough and dedication is crucial if you are to succeed. So, ask yourself what your motivation is and if you have the stamina to see your blogging business plan through. And if you need support for your blog business, will you have it available?

Blogging for business can be competitive so your business plan should include tools to get you through the tough times when the going gets tough. Do you have a backup plan if you can’t write for a week or a month? This is where sites that provide writers can help tremendously. Do you have what you need to maintain your website and is it affordable? Finding a good platform to write on that has affordable hosting is important. I chose to work with Wealthy Affiliate simply due to the cost and the amount of support for members. But, much of success will depend on you as a blogger and marketer of your own work. Do you have due diligence to keep going through the hard times?

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Write Content Frequently!

Finally, it’s important to give yourself breaks during your time blogging for business. It’s equally important in your blogging business plan to look at things long term. Don’t expect over night success because you will be disappointed, I guarantee it. However, if you do what I do and look at business blogging as a fun way to learn and grow your success will follow. And, don’t take it too seriously. People who look at this as a make or break endeavor will almost always fail due to disappointment. So, take your time, engage other bloggers and write frequently and you will be on your way to having a successful blogging business plan!



Blogging About What You’re Passionate About

Business blogging is all about how to make money blogging plain and simple.  There really is no other way of looking at it and if you’re interested in making a living at writing it’s crucial that you find something you are truly passionate about or you will eventually lose interest. So, what exactly is business blogging? Glad you asked because that’s a question I get when I tell people I blog for a living. Business blogging is anything that pertains to promoting a product or service within a certain niche. A niche as you probably already know is a topic of interest. My favorite niche is blogging tips so that’s what I write about but a niche can be anything you really want it to be. The key to finding out how to make money blogging is to actually find something that really interests you and then learn all you can and promote that interest.

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Make Money Blogging About Your Passion!






  Find Your True Passion And Write About It!

I’ll admit it sounds pretty corny finding your passion in life and then writing about it. But think about when you were a kid and you had a certain fascination with something. It could of been swimming, horseback riding, fishing or even surfing. There are literally thousands of niches that you could write about and finding one you are passionate about will be the ticket to finding out how to make money blogging. It’s really that simple. Blogging in today’s market place has become mainstream and you would be surprised how many people are giving their best shot at becoming a business blogger. But, there is a problem and I see it as a big one. Over the course of a few years I have seen what happens in the blogging world and what kills me is the amount of blogs out there that look like someone just rushed through it, threw up a ton of ads on the page and called it good. This is not blogging about a passion, this is trying to make a quick buck.  I also hear people say they are scared to death to even start writing a blog because they think they will mess it all up. Really?

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Start Writing Your Business Blog!

What’s The Solution Then?

It’s obvious what the solution should be when your stuck thinking about what to write. I am assuming that you do want to blog for an income. So, what I do is just start writing and keep at it until it works. It really is all trial and error but the first step is to begin blogging about something that matters to you. It could be breast cancer awareness, poverty, or global warming. And if you think there aren’t products you can promote you are mistaken. Virtually any website can be monetized in some way as long as the content is updated frequently. So, when you first begin blogging put all the what ifs out of your mind and focus on writing about your passion. That’s it and commit to writing at least a few times a week on your blog. After a while it becomes second nature and I feel guilty if I don’t write at least every couple of days.

Pick Your Favorite Niche!

So, before we start looking at how to make money blogging it’s important to focus on what you like to blog about first and foremost. The rest of the stuff will come later. If you can simply find something that you really like writing about the rest comes easy. And don’t worry if you get stuck. Within this website you can find tips on what to do if you do get stuck and can’t think of anything else to write. In closing this blog I have to say blogging for business really is pretty simple but it’s up to the individual to find what they like to write about and take it from there. And this is something anyone can do. It’s fun and exciting and you will meet people along the way that share your interests and can help you succeed at your blogging venture. So, worry about the technical stuff of business blogging later and focus on finding what your true passion is. It’s probably something you can think of off the top of your head right now!



Learning To Business Blog Like A Pro

If you’re a blogger you may consider yourself a pro. At least I thought I did. But, did you know that blogging for businesses is way different than just blogging a journal? I didn’t at least not at first. In fact I thought I knew everything there was to know about my business plan when I started blogging. I figured I would just get one of those cheap websites for free and start blogging away. I would then get a product like an e-book and try and sell it. I know you’re probably laughing or maybe you’re thinking….yea, that’s the way I would do it. Either way I found out the hard way that’s not the way to start a business plan blogging. So, what is the right way to start a blogging business? Do you know? Well, if you are like I was then maybe what I have learned may help you get on the right path. There is a lot to learn if you are going to start a blogging business and to succeed you really need the right business plan.  Ok, so keep in mind the tips I give you here are for newbies but some of them may take a little bit of thought. Let’s get to it.

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Surfing Business Plan

Use A Keyword Tool

Are you using keywords that pertain to your niche? Are you using keyword phrases? Do you know how to research keywords with a keyword tool? Keyword tools are a great way of finding the right keywords and keyword phrases for your content. And if you’re not using a keyword tool to your benefit I guarantee you’re losing out. To refresh what exactly a keyword is I’ll give you a quick example. Let’s say I want to write up a business plan and my niche is going to be the sport of “Surfing.” So, what I would do is within my content try and think up of words that pertain to surfing. I could choose some keywords that I think are going to be good for my business blog. Off the top of my head I can think of “surfing”, “surfing spots”, “surfers”, “ocean”, “waves”, “learn to surf” etc. To me though sound like some really cool surfing keywords. I’m happy with that. But…..am I really?  Would you think those are the most searched keywords related to the sport of surfing or are there better ones? Now, I’ll go to a keyword tool and see what the top keyword and keyword phrases are for the sport. Since I am a Wealthy Affiliate member and use their platform for my business plan I’ll also use their keyword tool on the site. My results are pretty interesting. Since surfing is a visual sport my top searches include “surfing videos”, “video surf”, “surf talk” among the top searches. And get this. The keyword phrase “Surf the” comes up with over 20 million searches! My keyword surfing only produced 69,000 searches which is measly compared to “Surf the”. So, you see using a keyword tool really is the best way to get optimal keywords for your niche. A keyword tool is an absolute necessity in your business plan.

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Engage your readers

Comment On Other Work!

  • Let’s look at some other important things to consider when starting out with your business blog. In my humble opinion one of the more important things to do is to engage your readers. I know, it sounds like a lot of work and it can be if you don’t go about it the right way. While you want to encourage your readers to leave you a comment on your website I don’t suggest you spam them and push them to comment on your site. It’s just rude. The best way I found to receive comment is to search around for articles and blogs related to your niche and basically read what they have to say. And hey, you may learn something from other people’s blogs and get some tips in the process. Most blogs will have some kind of a comment section at the end and you can submit your comment along with your name and website. More often than not you will receive comments back to your site. It’s kind of one of those scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours deal. This is a good way of getting comments bar none. So, give it a try once you have a business plan ready and you have implemented your blogging strategy.

Take Your Time!

  • Finally, when you have your niche picked out and have gone ahead and started your blogging business do yourself and your readers a favor. Take your time! Yea, I said it and I’ll will probably keep saying it until I  stop blogging. It’s one of those things that you just have to do and yes it’s much easier to rush through your content, forget to spell check, add pictures and links and to just throw something together. That is not the way to succeed at blogging and that’s the truth. It’s important to look at your blog as a reflection of yourself and showcase your talent the best way you can. It really is the way to succeed at your blogging business.  I hope these tips can help you in your blogging business and if you have any additional suggestions it would be great if you could add them  down below in the comment section!




New Business Blogging Product

From time to time I like to post products that I find on affiliate websites just for people to check out if interested. And yes, if you do buy one I do receive a small commission but I do try and find ones that may be worth checking out. In previous post I have written about how you can make a commission promoting affiliate sites and products and while there are a ton on them out there, I normally try and stick with just a few sites to promote. Today I found a product that may help you if you are interested in starting a web site for weight loss. This is a topic that’s bound to be hot for years to come and while I firmly believe there is no easy way to lose weight besides diet and exercise, you’re bound to find a gazzilion products out there promoting the next weight loss craze.

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Start A Weight Loss Blog

Start A Weight Loss Blog

Now, this is a weight loss product that is geared towards helping you start your own weight loss blog site. I found it interesting simply because weight loss is one of those niches that will never go away. You can always start a blog that revolves around the topic and to get a little boost from an outside source may help. The cost for this is about $8.00 which really isn’t much and I think if I were to write a weight loss blog I’d probably be giving it a shot.

Maybe you know someone who is looking to lose weight or maybe you’re on your own weight loss kick yourself. I know over the years for me personally I have packed on a few pounds and I’ll tell you it’s tough taking it off. I don’t lose weight by writing blogging tips for newbies but I am consciously trying to change my habits as far as diet and exercise. I think this is a niche that could go far. You could blog about exercise equipment, exercises, diets, workout clothes and shoes. It really just goes on and on. As a blogger who spends a few hours a day at the computer this is something I would be interested in reading. So, if you’re looking for a niche to pick and a product that may help you get on the path to blogging about weight loss, you may want to give this thing a look.  Weight Loss Blog