Using Keywords In Your Business Blog

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Keywords Matter In Your Blog!

You’ve written a totally awesome blog and you know it’s going to get tons of people reading it. But, have you incorporated the right keywords for your work? Do you know how keywords can help your blog move up the ranks in search engines? Using the right keywords and keyword phrases to gain traffic to your website blog is crucial. Think of it like this. You are searching for something to buy for your children which let’s say is a bike. Now, if you put into Google Search “buy bike” or “bikes for sale” and then you typed in your location chances are you are going to get a huge amount of listings for bikes in your area. But, what if you want a specific type of bike and you want to pay up to 400.00 for this bike. In this case you could type in appropriate keywords which would be for my area.  “Schwinn racing bike 400.00 for sale in Durham North Carolina.”  This would narrow down your search and Google would then give you the results for this type of bike. It’s really that simple!

Write Ads And Get Results

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Learn How To Use Keywords

If you are writing ads that you want to post you would use the technique above to target the audience you’re seeking to consider checking out what you have to offer. When writing ads it’s recommended that you write with a keyword count of anywhere from 5 to 20 keywords within the content. Of course it will depend on how long your ad is when determining how many keywords you should use. Normally it’s suggested to use a keyword density of 2 to 5 percent. For a closer look on choosing keywords related to ads see this link. Ad Keywords And to see a good explanation of longtail keywords see here. Longtail keywords

Use Keyword Tools To Get Optimal Results

Ok, so now that you have a general idea of how keywords work lets look at another scenario. You have a great idea for a website and you want to sell something like a product from Clickbank. In my case I like to write tips for bloggers who are considering starting a business blog about a particular niche. Now I want to use the best possible keywords so I would use a keyword tool like Google Keywords to find the most used keywords pertaining to my blog. I could also use any other generic keyword tool but Google Keywords is a good one to use simply because there are tons of tutorials to get you off to a good start. So, I would use the keyword tool and in my case type in business blog. When I type in “business blog” I see that it is listed as the number one spot in the keyword tool. The next highest spot on the keyword tool shows “internet business blog” which is also a good keyword phrase to use in my blog because it is high on the list of search results in the keyword tool. Now if I were to write an article on business blog and used “business blog” as my keyword or keyword phrase and then maybe “blogging business” without using a keyword tool, I may be missing out because a better option to use in the content would be “internet business blog” in my content. Check out the results below and you can see that the results that come up are all pretty high on the list of article power.


Hopefully this makes sense to you and I tried to explain it as simple as possible just so you can get a general understanding how keywords work and how a keyword tool can increase your chances of getting an optimal amount of traffic to your work. There’s much more to know when using keywords in your content but these are the basics which should be able to help you get on the right path. So, give it a shot and try using keywords in your blog. After a while putting keywords in your content and using a keyword tool will become second nature. But, don’t over do it! Keep your keyword density down to 2 to 5 percent and make sure when you do put these words in your blog they make sense and don’t appear out of place. Happy Writing!