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Affiliate Marketing Tools For Bloggers

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Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re busy writing your daily blogs for your affiliate website, you may have overlooked an important aspect of your business. That is are you taking advantage of all of the affiliate marketing tools that are available? And affiliate marketing tools are exactly what are going to put your business over the top and on the path to success. So, what are the best tools to utilize as an affiliate marketer? Read on to find out!

Build A Following By Networking

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Networking Works!

Probably your best affiliate marketing tool that you will use in your online marketing endeavor will be your ability to connect with other people who are interested in your niche. And this can be tricky if you don’t know where to look. Social media has come along way and while it can be saturated with ads and offers from all over the world, focus on building your own little space within this arena. Social networking programs like Linked In and Twitter are great for starting out and you can quickly find yourself a good following. You may want to connect with niche oriented groups on these sites and be sure to engage by re-tweeting and commenting on others work.

Build Your Following With Honesty

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Learn How To Affiliate Market

People who read your posts will know right off the bat if you are trying to give honest tips or just focusing on hawking the next product. This can be a tricky balance because you’re writing about products or services you are offering but you don’t want to be too blatant about it. So, think about what you are promoting, check it out for yourself and write an honest review of it. There are tons of great programs out there designed to help people in all areas of life but there are also a ton of dogs. By choosing a product to promote, check out the reviews, think about whether or not it would be of value and if it is then promote it. The worst thing you can do is promote garbage that has no significant usefulness. Your content and affiliate links should allow the reader to see value and honesty.

Write Your Blog Posts With A Call To Action  

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Create A Call To Action!

Have you ever read a blog that seems to go on forever with no direction? Unfortunately, many bloggers who start out think they are writing with a distinct purpose in mind but somewhere the blog just keeps on rolling but goes nowhere. This is where readers quickly move on to something else and away from your blog. When writing make sure you are addressing a problem and providing a solution. When you do this you will see your reader base increase and traffic and sales come in. Now, that doesn’t mean you will all of a sudden be rolling in the cash but you will see some positive result when you blog with direction. I would suggest you Google best blogging techniques to find out some cool ways to make your blog stand out. Remember, providing quality content is the best affiliate marketing tool you’re going to find anywhere and that depends on you the author!

Practice, Practice and Practice Some More! 

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Focus On Quality Content And Practice!

I guess this goes without saying. Your blogging skills will increase with practice and lots of it. And while there are tons of affiliate marketing tools out there like software designed to help you become a better blogger, the best way to get your work seen is to just keep practicing. Like anything in life the more you do something the better you get. So, while you may see me promote some products on this site I believe can help you get started on the path to success, ultimately it will be up to you and your ability to keep writing that will determine your success.

The Best Marketing Technique Is To Be Yourself!

The beauty of blogging is everyone is different and we all have different blogging styles. And focusing too much on the almighty dollar and how to market effectively may be second to your first priority which is to write frequently and to just be yourself. I know it sounds simple but ultimately we would all like to earn as a blogger but that will only come in time and after much trial and error on your part. But, don’t take it too seriously. Blogging is supposed to be fun and  there is no set way to write your blogs. I would suggest checking out other people’s blogs in your niche and get an idea of what’s out there. You’re bound to find a ton of different styles and views on blog posts so you decide what works for you. Nine times out of ten blogging in your own style works best so give it a shot and if you don’t feel you’re cutting the mustard ask for comments and suggestions from others. Your best marketing tactic will ultimately be you just being yourself and writing how you would speak to others. I wish you the best of blogging success!


Are You Blogging Enough On Wealthy Affiliate?

If you’re a member of Wealthy Affiliate or considering joining for free then you will be doing lots of blogging. But are you motivated enough to continue to post on your site while you’re building it? Considering the fact that that most of your blogging will be niche oriented, there are some things to think about. One being, do you have enough topics within your niche to cover? Will you be able to write content continually for months and perhaps years? This is probably the most important aspects of your blogging venture within Wealthy Affiliate. While most choose a niche that has tons of topics there are some who will get stumped in the first month. So, choose your niche carefully when starting out with Wealthy Affiliate.

Long Term Goals Are Important! 

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Second, think about your long term goals with your blogging. You want to keep your blog fresh and topics that are interesting and engaging. And it will be tough to keep going if at first you don’t see result. But, don’t focus on lack of success at first. Your blog may take up to a year to start seeing results within the search engines. During that time while focusing on producing quality content, you want to engage within the community, add comments to others websites and continue with your training. This will be crucial to your success on Wealthy Affiliate.

Blog On A Regular Basis!

As far as frequency of blogging you will want to write a post at least at the minimum of one week. It’s recommended to write at least 3-5 blogs a week and one a day if possible. Put it this way, you can never write too many blogs on your website. Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing site that provides all of the training and resources to get you started but it will be up to you to continue to study and write consistently. While the training is provided on the site, some of it can be a bit confusing especially for newbie bloggers who may not know anything about SEO, keywords and marketing tactics. Thankfully, you don’t have to be an expert to succeed on Wealthy Affiliate as long as you go through the training and take the process seriously. Like anything worthwhile in life, learning to blog successfully will take a lot of practice. So, look at your journey on Wealthy Affiliate as a lesson in affiliate marketing as well as blogging.

What To Expect In The First Six Months On Wealthy Affiliate

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So, what can you expect during your first six months on Wealthy Affiliate? Personally, I found the platform to be easy to use, informative and the member and admin support professional. I don’t believe there is another affiliate marketing teaching platform that compares on the net no matter where you look. And blogging consistently is stressed so you will find yourself getting in the habit of blogging on a regular basis and that is key to succeeding. I found that the training lessons are pretty easy to understand as well and everything you learn you incorporate into your blog post.

So, that’s all I really have to say about blogging frequency on Wealthy Affiliate. It will take some time to see results in search engines but consistency will be the key to you finding any kind of success. So, if you’re already a member that’s something to think about and if you’re considering joining, message me below and I can help you sign up for free!

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

If you haven’t checked out Wealthy Affiliate and you’re ready to begin an affiliate marketing venture, it might be time to see what this program is. I’ll tell you what it is not first. It’s not a scheme that will make you rich overnight. And two it’s not something you can just put on auto pilot and hope for the best. If that’s what you’re looking for you might as well leave this page. But, if you are really interested in earning online with a step by step format that’s been making successful affiliate marketers for the past 10 years and counting, then maybe it’s worth taking a look at. I checked it out, signed up for a free account and now almost five months later have actually seen some earnings from this program and continue to do so. But, what is Wealthy Affiliate?

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Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform that helps people start their own business promoting affiliate products and services. It’s been in operation since 2005 and has made some of it’s members very well off. The idea behind Wealthy Affiliate is simple. You simply start building a website with blog posts and promote your affiliate products with your blogs by inserting links to products. Now, it would seem this would be a tough sell and if you try and go this alone I would suspect it would be tough to be successful. But, Wealthy Affiliate gives it’s members all the necessary tools to get started with two free websites, video lessons, tutorials and a support group of thousands of members. If members have problems or need some guidance, there is always an answer to any and all questions. So, what did I find out in my almost five months of working on Wealthy Affiliate and is it worth checking out in my opinion? I’ll tell you.

I started as a free member. Within my first week I created my website and began writing post on it. Within that week I figured out how to activate the SEO plugin, add widgets to my sidebar, setup ads for the site and wrote about five blog posts. It was at this time I had to decide whether to go Premium on Wealthy Affiliate or not. With a Premium membership my first month cost was $19.00 and afterwards would be $47.00 a month. Now, I know that sounds pricey but considering what things cost today I figured it was low enough I would try it. I hadn’t seen any bad reviews on Wealthy Affiliate so I gave it a shot with my first full month. In that first month I wrote about a blog a day and set up Google Analytics, went through the training tutorials and the Boot Camp lessons. I learned that there was a step by step method to being a successful affiliate marketer. And what I learned mostly was that consistency in writing was key. So, by the end of the month I had a good idea of what it was all about and could honestly give an answer to anyone asking what is Wealthy Affiliate. But, to start on the platform, it’s important to understand what you get with the program. Here is what it is in a nutshell.

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Ok, so now that you see what you get with Wealthy Affiliate as a free or Premium member I will say one thing. This program is NOT for everyone. It just isn’t. Some people will catch on and figure the simple steps to take and some won’t. For those who can’t seem to follow simple instructions I would think it would be a waste of time. Reason being is because this program takes a certain amount of common sense and of course dedication and a strong work ethic. It’s not for people who are looking for the easy way out. Not at all. But, for those who can see down the road, have tried something that doesn’t work and are willing to try again, then I say it could be a good fit. Don’t get me wrong I think Wealthy Affiliate is a great program but I don’t think it’s a good fit for everyone and I’m sure there are many who have tried the program and quit because of the reasons I stated above.

I won’t give everything away and go into full depth with this blog post. I just wanted to let you know what is Wealthy Affiliate, the basics behind it and let you decide if it’s worth your time and effort. If it is then I say give it a try and see how she goes, if not then best of success in whatever you do. As for me, I’ll be sticking it out because it’s shown me results and I feel it’s a great training resource and can actually make me long term passive money. By now, a lot of my hard work is behind me so it’s worth sticking around. If you’re ready to make the change, then it may be your turn next. You never will know your full potential until your try! Best of success!

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Do Bloggers Earn Money Blogging About Anything?

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Earn Money Blogging? Really?

Do Bloggers Earn Money Online?  

So, you’re a blogger and you want to start making a living blogging. But, does anyone really earn money blogging or is it all just a bunch of hype and nonsense? I guess you would have to do your research to find out but if you have landed on this page then I can help you out because I already have done a good amount of research on the subject. I have also been blogging for a few years and can tell you what I have found out from my efforts. I will say that some people have found the ticket to success by blogging but there are countless others who have left jaded and think it’s all a sham, scam, scheme or whatever. So, what is it? Can you earn money blogging about anything? The answer is yes, if you do your homework.

How Do You See An Opportunity?  

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Opportunity Does Exist

There are many different types of people in the world and for some they see as an opportunity as being something they are willing to work hard at and others who see an opportunity as a quick fix to their problems. Those who are willing to work hard, learn and implement what they have learned are the ones who succeed. Those who take the road of least resistance and see online earning as a quick buck are they ones who generally fail because they give up too soon. There really is no easy buck on the internet and I can attest to that. You honestly have to learn how to work hard, learn from your mistakes and go from there. So, what is the path to take to earn money blogging? It’s hard work, patience, persistence and some other stuff. But, if you are willing to put the work in, you can and will find success!

Do Online Platforms Really Work?  

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Wealthy Affiliate

Now, I’m not big on online platforms that guarantee you riches and tell you that if you follow their proven methods you will succeed. Not at all! In fact I despise these programs and think that the people who start them and bilk money out of people are low life scumbags who should be quarantined on an island somewhere with nothing. So, when I decided to get serious about earning money blogging I wanted to find something that could teach me how to make a living online without all the B.S. I needed something real. And I tried a number of things. I wrote on which enabled me to start to earn online as a writer/blogger. The key was to write articles for people who wanted something written promoting their products. Easy enough huh? Well it was and it wasn’t. Sure, I made $5.00 a pop for an article of 300 words but the problem was that was peanuts per article and once I completed the work, the article was no longer mine. Meaning that article could not make any more money than the $5.00 I got paid to write it. And I wondered what the heck do the people who buy my articles do with my work? It didn’t make sense until I started to investigate how articles generate ongoing income online. So, what did I find out?

The Wealthy Affiliate. Is It Really Worth The Effort?

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Blogging And Affiliate Marketing Go Hand In Hand

Through my online journey trying to earn an income online I found a number of different platforms that promised me an income through my writing. I will say many of these companies are overseas based seeing that I am in the U.S. And the buyers who wanted my work basically probably did not have the skillset to write an article that was worthy of promoting. But, these people did have the technical skillset to make that article earn an ongoing passive income. Ironic isn’t it? So, I decided I wanted to find a way I could have my articles earn money for me long term instead of getting that lowly $5.00 per article. I mean I felt my work was worth for than that even if I’m just your average Joe with mediocre writing skills. It seemed strange that people were making money off my work but I couldn’t figure out how they did it. Then I came across Wealthy Affiliate.

To Earn Money Blogging You Have To Do Your Research

Now, I’m not saying Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone in fact I think it’s the exact opposite. Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that teaches affiliate marketing through blogging. Since I was so used to blogging for an income with I decided to try the Wealthy Affiliate system out. I figured what the heck do I have to lose? I wasn’t raking in the cash the way I was doing things and I really didn’t want to become rich, I just wanted to earn money blogging. So, I signed up and gave it a try and what I learned through the courses was worth it’s weight in gold to me. I learned how affiliate marketing is a huge business and that blogging is the way to reach people to promote products and services. But, was it really worth the effort? This is where I had some major questions. Was all of my blogging and learning on the Wealthy Affiliate going to pay off in the end or would it become just another fly by night scheme?

My Journey With Wealthy Affiliate

Since joining Wealthy Affiliate I realized that to earn money blogging you really have to learn how it all works. And there is a method to the madness of affiliate marketing. Sure, a lot of people who sign up and don’t see results within a couple months fall by the wayside but that’s expected. As a Marine Corps veteran I can attest I have seen many fall and give up when success may have been right around the corner. With Wealthy Affiliate I was given the online training to blog for a living but I also found that this platform was fun and exciting. And it wasn’t just a bunch of hype. People were really making money but they had been doing some serious work.  I won’t site here and tell you I’m rich now, I’m not. But I will say that I have earned with Wealthy Affiliate in a short time and have learned more that I ever expected in how to earn online. And it isn’t hard to implement what I’ve learned. So, maybe you’re in the same position as I was wondering how to earn an income online but you keep hitting roadblocks. Maybe you’re willing to work hard this time and try a proven method with over ten years of success backing it. I don’t know. I don’t know you or how you think. I do know that I tried the Wealthy Affiliate learning platform and have finally begun to see a light at the end of the tunnel trying earn money blogging. I won’t say it’s been easy but I won’t say it’s been hard. It’s just been a lot of consistency on my part. Learning and implementing. So, if you’re ready to finally start to get serious about your life and want to start something new that works check out the Wealthy Affiliate. It’s free to join and mess around on plus they give you a couple of free websites to get you going. You really have nothing to lose with it. If it works for you great! If it ain’t your cup of tea then you lost nothing. Check out all you get with this platform below and see if it isn’t worth taking a closer look.

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Blogging Marketing Tactics For At Home Workers

If you are feverishly writing out quality blogs for your blogging website, you may be missing an important aspects of the business. And that would be marketing your work. While blogging consistently is key to producing traffic to your website you really need to consider using a marketing platform to sell your work to potential clients. And finding the right blogging marketing tactic can be difficult if you’re not well versed in online marketing. So, here are a few tips and suggestions to get your blog off to a good start in the online business world.

Pay Per Click Actually Works…If You Know What You’re Doing

Use PPC (Pay Per Click) methods to accelerate your blog. PPC can be a tricky way of marketing but can also be extremely effective in bringing in traffic to your website. The key is to find the right keywords that won’t cost too much for you to use. So, consider finding lower cost CPC keywords that are relative to your niche. You wont bring in as much traffic as using the highly competitive keywords and phrases but you will get more serious viewers to your website. You also won’t be spending a ton on money on your campaigns. So, find a good cost effective PPC company to create your marketing campaign. Personally, I use Bing Ads but there are some cheaper and just as effective PPC companies that work just fine. Look to promote your blog with low cost keywords and you will see results over time.

Offer Comments And Ask Questions. 

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Post Comments On Blogs

Offer comments on other people’s work that are relevant to your niche. I know this sounds like a lot of work but eventually this pays off threefold. If you search for the top post on Google pertaining to your niche find and post a comment on a few of the sites blogs. Be sure to put your website link in the comment section if there is a space allowed for it. And don’t be afraid to ask the author some questions. Usually, authors of websites like it when people ask about certain topics related. It shows true interest. This is a great way of getting your website out to the public eye long term and it’s a good way to get a following to your blog.

Write Consistently On Your Blog

Ok, here is a way to increase views on your blog and get some sales to your products. While it may not seem to be so, it really is because the more quality key rich blog post you write, the more you site will become an authority is your particular niche. Writing consistently is without a doubt the best way to increase organic traffic to your blog long term. While it’s good to shoot for a blog a day, writing even once a week or 1 to 3 blog post weekly should do the trick for you. And it’s important to offer something useful to your blogs and not just promote products everywhere on you blog. While it’s ok to promote just don’t overdo it and try and focus on long term writing goals which is key to successful blogging.

Business Cards Can Help Your Business!

Market your blog with business cards by handing them out to people you come in contact with. You can leave them at grocery stores, libraries and other places that have postings on boards within their store. Business cards are relatively cheap with a couple hundred costing about $10.00. So, consider using this old school method of promotion. It still works!

Use Forums Online To Market Your Blog! 

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Market Your Blog To New Heights

Forums are a great way to market your blog because you can reach a wide audience without even leaving your home. It’s best to read over the rules on posting in forums before you start sharing your link. Many forums have a strict policy on not spamming so take that into consideration. But, there are many forums that encourage users to share their link and these are the ones you should be using. It’s easy to join and most are easy to share your links on.

          Use Social Media To Increase Your Views 

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Use Social Media To Your Advantage

Social media can help you become an authority in your niche so take advantage of it. While it’s not recommended to blast out your link to anyone and everyone, consider following others who are in your niche on social sites like Twitter and Linked In. These are great sites to gain a ton of followers if you post a link to a new blog you have written and retweet your followers links. Helping others will enable you to move forward. So be sure to comment or share other people’s posts or blogs that you find interesting. It really can help you climb the ladder in your particular niche and those you engage with will reciprocate 90 percent of the time. But, post sparingly because nobody likes a spammer!