Best Blog Hosting Sites To Use

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Best Blog Hosting Website?

Is There A Best Blog Hosting Website?

If you are looking for a blog hosting website, you’ve probably checked out all the different sites that claim to be best for your blogging site. But, while most of these will do the trick, it’s important to read the fine print to figure out what’s the best route to take. It’s pretty crazy how many people think you have to mix and match providers to get the perfect blog running. Some will go with a separate hosting site and website builder and then another online resource to learn how to blog effectively. Then comes marketing which entails finding another online resource. It’s pretty crazy how much money and how detailed everything can get if you look to enough companies to get your blog setup just right. So, what’s the best blog hosting site? Read on and I’ll give you my first choice.

Is Go Daddy Really That Great?

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It’s Always Best To Shop Around
Ok, Go Daddy is a very popular hosting website that offers customers the ability to buy domains and hosting all under one roof. They also offer a pretty cool website builder that you can really get you pointed in the right direction. I personally used Go Daddy when I first started my website “Dave’s Blogging Service”. It served me well for a few years until I figured out that there was other options available that would actually teach me in simple terms what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong while writing and developing my website. But, I found Go Daddy to be a great resource especially when first starting to sell my blogs online. And to be honest, if you’re just interested in running your own blogging website offering your blogging services I would highly recommend Go Daddy. It really is that good and it actually does have some tutorials in there that can teach you some tricks to get your website optimized, etc. I also think their support is pretty good. Now, if you’re looking to get a website started and don’t really know anything at all I personally would be looking elsewhere especially if you’re blogging about affiliate marketing or selling products like those found on Clickbank and Amazon.

What’s Your Motivation And Will It Be Worth It?

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Find A Blog Platform That Works!
All companies will charge a hosting fee as well as a domain charge. Thankfully, it’s really not that expensive to get this up and running but it can be confusing at first. I would expect to put a little upfront money to get this going but not much than $50.00 to get the whole noodle from sites like Go Daddy or Even 1&1. The true cost of building your website will come out of something else from you. And that’s time and effort it will take to not only write your blogs but to keep your website up to date. Put it this way, you can have the best blog hosting website but it will be completely and utterly useless if you do nothing with it. Your success will ultimately fall on you and your ability to keep your blog full of new fresh content. And that’s going to take some work. Sure, the hosting and domain is important but that’s all you get, not a content writer which is what will make or break your website.

Find The Best Blog Hosting Website And Stick With It

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Are You Motivated Enough?
Whether you use Go Daddy, 1&1 or some other hosting and domain site I will suggest you do a little soul searching before you even sign up for any of these. Will you be able to sit down and write a blog a day? Do you have the time to market your blog. And more importantly are you passionate about blogging for a living or just looking for a fast buck. The old saying, the turtle wins the race really is true in the blogging world and a lot of people just don’t want to accept that. Your success will depend on you and your drive and motivation and not just having the latest and greatest best blog hosting website. So, think about that before you dive in and spend your hard earned pennies. But if you are ready, you may want to consider using the blog hosting website I use here. My First Blog Hosting Recommendation

Are You Using A Safe Blogging Site?

Is There A Safe Blogging Site?

In today’s volatile marketplace it seems that everywhere we go someone or some organization has a new scheme designed to hustle that last buck out of your pocket. I hate to say it but it’s just the way it is out there and there is no stopping these guys. So, looking at the scope of what is a safe blogging site and what’s just another scam I decided to take a look around and find what works for bloggers and what doesn’t. Without going into specific blog websites that are scams I will tell you which ones you should be looking out for in the online world. Hopefully my tips will help you to steer clear of those that are just looking to rip you off. I will also tell you what blogging site is not a scam and worth looking into.

Donation Websites. Which Ones Are legit?

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Be Wary Of Donation Websites

Ok, there’s a lot of donation websites out there that appear to be legit and in some cases they really are and all the proceeds from donations go to the right places. But there are some that are just designed to bilk people out of their money. Donation websites that claim to be helping veterans of the armed services are some that I really like checking out because I am a veteran myself. My best advice on these sites are to really research them and even consider giving them a call. Check the Rip Off Report online and look for any complaints. While there are some that are legit I would definitely checked out any that claim to be helping veterans through donations. I would also check sites that claim to help lost children, people with illnesses and others that offer little in return for your donation. Always look for options for tax right offs and be skeptical of those that only accept Paypal as a processor.

Blogging Websites That Promise Quick Money

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Fast Cash Really?

Blogging for an income is one of the more common deals out there and you’re bound to find a huge array of sites that claim to be able to turn you into a pro blogger. They come with all types of bells and whistles and while some of the stuff is useful, be wary that you aren’t buying into an idea and nothing else. A platform that teaches you blogging should be one that backs up their promises. And if you’re looking for a quick buck through blogging, it doesn’t exist. Ask any popular blogger today and they will tell you it takes a lot of time to be successful as a blogger. Always check to make sure it’s a safe blogging site by checking online reviews and check the Rip Off Report. You’re looking for a site that has longevity and one that has little or no complaints on it.

Check Out Blogging Sites Before You Commit

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Don’t Get Scammed!

I’ll admit starting my blogging site was a bit intimidating. And you know why? It’s because I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and what to look for in a blogging platform. I was totally clueless. So, I shopped around long and hard before I decided on one particular platform. Being one of those guys that worked manual jobs my whole life I really had to learn from scratch and I’ll admit I’m no pro by any means but I do get the basics of blogging and have gained a lot of insight and knowledge by doing it for a few years. I do also enjoy blogging. It really is fun. So when your looking for a safe blogging site to start writing your blog I would say start slow and learn the basics on whatever platform you choose. And always check out the rates for a blog site that offers to teach you blogging and marketing. I personally will not spend over $50.00 per month for any blog website platform and went with the Wealthy Affiliate. It’s cheap and has been around along time. I also get hosting with them. But, whatever platform you choose make sure it’s a safe blogging site by checking out all the reviews. You want one that will help you long term and not slowly drain your bank account! Happy Writing!

What’s The Best Fast Blog Income On The Internet?

Fast Income On The Internet? Really?

Ok, you’re looking for some fast blog income right? Do you think it really exists or is it just a bunch of nonsense? Well, honestly there is no really fast blog income to tell you the truth. While there are ways to make money fast on the net, you really have to put in some serious effort to reach that point. The reason is to get anywhere on the internet and make money you will have to work on whatever it is you’re doing for quite a while. That’s not to say that eventually you won’t be making fast blog income eventually, it will just take some time.

Blogging Can Make You An Income

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Does Fast Income Even Exist?

What have you checked out on the internet to make money? Have you ever considered becoming a full time blogger? Interestingly enough, there are many who now make money on the internet by blogging but keep in mind the majority of people fail due to one simple reason. They fail to be consistent. If you have read any of my blogs on this website you will realize that I only put out tips that are geared to help you as a blogger looking to earn online. Granted, most of my blogs are written for newbie bloggers it’s important to understand that making fast blog income really doesn’t exist if you’re just starting out. If you keep working at your blog eventually it can generate money quickly. It all depends on the quality of your blogs, what you are offering your readers and how consistent you are long term. Starting to get the picture? Great!

Fast Income Rarely Happens Overnight

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Use A Platform That Works

Unfortunately, if you have been working on your blogs religiously and nothing seems to be happening it might be time to go over your work and rethink your strategy. While blogging frequently is important, it’s equally important to utilize the right tools to get your blog seen. What are you using as a blogging platform? Do you have an all in one SEO plugin that’s helping your blogs get optimized for the search engines? Are you proofreading your work? All of these things will add up as your blog continues to work it’s way up the search engines. But, you won’t find success overnight unfortunately and fast blog income thinking is really for those looking for a quick buck. The good news is you will make money down the road if you keep blogging and learning. Then you may make sales and commissions at a faster rate which I guess would equate to fast  income. It just takes time to get to that point.

The Key To Success At Blogging

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Find The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

Now that you know that fast blog income only occurs when you work hard and long for an extended period of time, the choice is yours to decide which way to go. From experience I will tell you that consistency in blogging is the key to success. And don’t go into it with reservations. At first it can be challenging to understand how Algorithms work and how your blog would even make money. You really just need to align yourself with others who have found success and learn from them. I would be willing to bet you already know how to blog, it isn’t that hard. And if you can dedicate yourself to blogging let’s say once per day for one hour in a years time that blog will probably explode with sales and referrals.

Blogging Platform That Works

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Find A Blog Platform That Works!

If you’re ready to start learning how to blog for money I suggest checking out the Wealthy Affiliate and their university which teaches you step by step not only how to blog but how to market and connect with like minded people. This program is quite possibly the longest running affiliate marketing university on the net today and has helped many find their dreams by simply blogging. No more long drives to the workplace, getting up early or punching the clock. I will say as a Wealthy Affiliate member for quite a while this has been the best way to eventually earn a fast blog income with time and effort. Check out this link to see more about the Wealthy Affiliate and what it can do for you! Wealthy Affiliate University Signup


How To Get Your Blogs Making Money Online

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Write Regularly To Increase Your Success

Is Your Blog Making Money Online?

If you’re wondering how to get your blogs making money online you’re not alone. In fact most people that are blogging for income are trying to figure out how to get that blog monetized and earning big money. But, why is it that your blog isn’t doing anything? Are you checking your stats daily and seeing little or no results at all? Chances are you’re doing something that’s not right and even if you have studied and been writing occasionally to get your blogs making money online, nothing is happening. It’s ok, it maybe that you just need to tweak things a little to get your blogs moving in the right direction. But, what is it that you need to do to start earning and how do you implement the right steps to success?

Don’t Overcomplicate Things

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Don’t Get Overwhelmed

Blogging for a living is not rocket science and I can tell you from experience that the reality is if you’re not writing on a regular basis you are missing the boat big time. Unfortunately, many people get caught up in this same situation and you know why they aren’t writing on their website blog regularly? It’s out of procrastination or just downright afraid to write and mess things up. And that is why many people fail. They just can’t get out of the starting gate and write their blogs. Funny huh? Why on earth would you want to start a blogging business if you don’t even have the drive to write on your website? Instead many people will tinker around with their bells and whistles on their website inserting the coolest new widget or trying to make that theme just right. I’ll tell you right now, that’s procrastination and you’re wasting your valuable time!

Writing Content Is What You Should Be Doing

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Writing On A Regular Basis Is Key

So, what can you do to start earning on your website? Blog like a madman! That’s right, just keep writing. I’ll admit I don’t write everyday on my blog but to get your blog making money online you need to seriously get down to business and write frequently. It’s as simple as that. Blogs making money online are the blogs that are written well, optimized and are interesting and useful to the reader. It’s pretty cut and dry.

Use A Keyword Tool That Works

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Blogging For An Income

Now that you know that writing on a regular basis is the key to success online you have to decide whether or not you have the time, energy and patience to keep on keeping on and seeing your blogging venture through. I like to look at a blog as a baby when it is born. In time that baby grows and grows until finally it has matured. It’s the same with your blog. The more you write the better your blog will get and the more traffic and conversions you will see. One thing I like to do is if I’m feeling distracted by this or that and nothing is really happening, I’ll just start writing and see where it goes. If I come up with nothing then I’ll check out the keyword tool Jaxxy. You can check out this tool here.  Jaxxy Keyword Tool   The Jaxxy keyword tool is a great way to find not only keywords and key phrases related to your niche but to also get ideas for new content. The tool works simple. If I type in the keyword “Blogging” I will get hundreds of related keywords and phrases related to my niche with a ranking. I choose the higher ranking keywords and incorporate those keywords into my blog.

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Let Google Work For You

Let me tell you something about keywords. These are the words that will help your blog reach higher rankings on Google’s crazy algorithm. And if you try and keep between 3-5 percent density on these words you will do fine. Can you find the keyword phrase in this blog that I used? That’s right, it’s blogs making money online! Pretty cool huh and notice that I haven’t used it too much but just enough for it to help this blog get noticed in the search engines. If you implement this technique in your blog I guarantee you will see results. Using keywords and phrases within your blog is probably one of the top three things you can do to get your blog website ranking better and higher rankings means more traffic to your blog which equates to conversions.

Ok, so hopefully this blog has given you a little insight as to how you can get your blog off on the right foot so to speak. It really is simple if you know the basic techniques to use and of course have the drive to write regularly on your website. Let me put it simple for you…”Think Simple”  Don’t overcomplicate things by overthinking and trying all the bells and whistles that’s available to insert in your website. Just write. To Your Success!


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What Is A True Blog Income Potential With Wealthy Affiliate?

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Blogging Income Potential

What’s The True Blog Potential On Wealthy Affiliate?

Ok, so you’re thinking about ways to create a passive income stream with your blog but not sure exactly what the potential is as far as earning income. That’s fine but there are some things you should know before diving into any platform and creating a website with blogs designed to make money. First off, you should never go into creating a blog with dollar signs in your eyes. I say this because of all the people who start a blog site with Wealthy Affiliate there’s a select number of people who actually make money doing it. I won’t say that number is small but it’s definitely not everyone who joins the program. And the reason is that a vast majority of people go into programs expecting to make money right off the bat. That’s not the way to go about earning as a blogger, not at all. So, what is the true blog income potential with Wealthy Affiliate? Answer….It depends how dedicated you are and how much patience you have.

Learn Simple Steps To Build Your Blog

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Blogging Can Be Rewarding

That’s not to discourage you because the true blog income potential with Wealthy Affiliate depends on how much you put into it. If you don’t have the desire to learn, are more comfortable writing a blog a week and spend much of your time on social media (Wealthy Affiliate Forums Included) then you will probably not find a whole lot of success. On the other hand if you are dedicated to learning on the Wealthy Affiliate classroom and can see long term how your blog can grow then you very well could be making good money down the road. Like this blog you are reading, every step you take will either make your blog a success or a failure. Considering the short amount of time it’s taking me to write this blog to give you tips on blogging I can say that every blog written can bring you that much closer to success. So, the true blog income potential for any blog website you run will depend on your ability to keep writing your blogs, learn from your mistakes, use social media and of course stay the course through time.

A Few Things You Can Do To Increase Your Chances Of Success

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Take The Chance And Build A Successful Blog

Hopefully you’re starting to understand where I’m going with this blog post. Whether you’re working on the Wealthy Affiliate platform or some other online venue, the majority of your success will depend on the work you put into your blog. I would suggest you start out small with your blog and write every few days taking time to understand the platform you are writing on and to learn how to insert sociable plugins, subscribe buttons and a comment section to your blog. And don’t look at your blog as being a stand alone entity. It’s important to share your blog frequently and connect with other people who are blogging as well. So, now that you’re ready to earn realize that the true blog income potential will vary blogger to blogger.

Success Depends On You!

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Make Your Blog A Winner!

I’m sure you know by now that your ability to earn and reach that true blog income potential will take a lot of work and dedication on your part. And the number one reason people fail when you do start a blog is one of two reasons. They fail to take some simple steps to make that blog a success or they give up too soon. And many blogs that have failed may of been at that cutting edge point when their blog was ready to take off. I know, that’s a frustrating thought. But, think about this. If you’re in a job you hate right now, where do you see yourself in a year? How about two or three years? How about ten years? If you start your blog in any niche you choose now, dedicate yourself to learning and writing, in ten years you could be living the dream. Think about it, it’s really up to you to find your true blog income potential!

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