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Wealthy Affiliate And Using It To It’s Full Potential

The Wealthy Affiliate….What Is It?

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Focus On Your Blogging Future

I get asked a lot about Wealthy Affiliate from some of you who have subscribed to my blog. Most of the questions I get are how does the Wealthy Affiliate help a blogger and why would I need something like this platform to get myself moving in the right direction on my blog. For me to answer that question gets pretty tough because I have found the Wealthy Affiliate to be useful in a variety of ways that helps to boost my blog not only in the rankings but to also learn how to blog more effectively by studying the tutorials the site has. But, to know how it all works I recommend checking out the Wealthy Affiliate first for free and then make an informed decision based on what you learn during the first week.

What Wealthy Affiliate Has Done For Me

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Dave Donahue And Son

I have been a member of WA for close to a year now and have been learning all of the different ways to promote my blog, how to use and find relevant keywords and how content creation is the key to success. It really is like a University online that teaches you everything you need to know to succeed as a blogger in a particular niche. WA is for those who are looking at blogging at a business standpoint and not necessarily for those who just want to write a personal blog. So, it’s important to realize that learning to blog on WA is more than just blogging. It’s marketing and learning how to write content that converts to sales. And if you look at all of the websites which focus on blogging for an income, there’s some pretty good ones out there. WA teaches you step by step how to get your blog generating income but it’s important to focus on learning all of the modules before really diving in.

Tips To Setting Up A Successful Blog

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Find A Plan!

So, basically I tell people that want to earn as a blogger to really look at what they are wanting long term as a blogger. This is not a get rich method that you can do sitting in a coffee shop all day. Perhaps but it’s better to set up your own home office where you can really get busy writing with no distractions. I also say it’s important to learn how WordPress works and how to use this platform and all it has to offer which is a lot if you really get into it. Aside from learning to blog and market, the Wealthy Affiliate also has a ton of support on the site which I think is important to take advantage of. If you have a question, you’ll get an answer in minutes 24 hours a day. To see what the Wealthy Affiliate offers check out the information below.
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You can see with the free membership you do get some cool features to check out. You get two free websites and you can actually get started as soon as you get signed up for free. There’s no credit card required and no money info is required during the first week. After the first free week you can continue on for one month at $19.00 with no obligation at all. You also get access to the beginning training courses which I highly recommend checking out during the first week. I think the website security included is also well worth the price of the full membership as well as hosting that’s provided with a paid membership. But, with all that’s offered I do think the Wealthy Affiliate is for people who are serious about making money through blogging online. It’s really not for tire kickers because if that’s what you’re looking for you will be disappointed as it is for serious bloggers and marketers. Another good feature of Wealthy Affiliate is the Jaaxy keyword tool that gives you 30 free searches with the free 7 day membership.

Some Final Words

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Stay Motivated While Business Blogging!

Ok, so now that I’ve given you some info on the Wealthy Affiliate platform I think it’s fair to tell you how I have progressed on the site in about 8 months. To date this website alone has close to 150 blog post and about 50 subscribers with over 100 comments. It has also risen up the ranks on Bing and Yahoo and sits in the top five for the keyword phrase “blogging tips for newbies”. It has also gained more monetary value as a website since I began at the beginning of the year. I see over 100 visits to this site a day and it’s climbing. I also have close to 30 Wealthy Affiliate referrals which you do make a commission from if they sign up for the paid membership. You can make money both through referring others and from your blog ads and product links. As you move forward you can learn a lot of different ways to monetize your blog but they key is to start. That is the way you will find success as a blogger and Wealthy Affiliate is designed to help you get to that point. There, now you know why I like and use the Wealthy Affiliate and think it’s a great fit for anyone looking to earn as a blogger and marketer. To your success!

How To Set Up A Blog For Success!

Tips To Set Up A Blog For Success

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Set Up A Blog For Success!

So, you have finally decided to set up a blog but don’t really know if you are choosing the right path to do this correctly. The good news is that setting up your blog really doesn’t have to be difficult, you just have to go about it step by step. It’s not something that you have to figure out in one failed swoop. But how do you set up a blog and do you know where to begin? Check out the newbie tips below for figuring out how to set up your blog for success!

Pick A Niche You Will Be Happy Writing About

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What Does Success Look Like To You?

Your first step to writing a successful blog is to actually pick a niche you will want to write about long term. It can be about anything from surfing to blogging and anything in between. There really are literally thousands of blog topics to write about. But, finding one that works for you will be the tricky part and can basically make or break your blog. So, think about what you would be interested in writing about and start writing!

Pick A Platform For Your Blog

Depending on what you are blogging about and what your intentions are I would suggest looking at different blogging websites for your blog. There are tons of free blog websites online and some that require upgrading to get full access to all the services. Here is a site that gives you a list of websites that you can build a decent blog website on. Blog Websites Online To see my #1 pick for learning and creating the perfect blog see here. My Number One Pick!

Create Quality Content On Your Blog

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Find A Platform That Works!

Creating quality content is probably one of the most important aspects of blogging for an income. So, when you set up a blog you will definitely want to keep that in mind. While choosing a theme and a niche is important, what you write on your blog is going to be the deciding factor of whether or not that blog will be successful. And remember success doesn’t come overnight. In fact to run a successful niche blog you may find yourself writing hundreds of blog if not thousands over the course of a few years. So think about writing at least a few blogs a week when you start out. In time you will see your blog climb higher in rankings and eventually become an authority in your niche.  Remember content is going to be your best route to building a successful blogging website!

Experiment With Your Blogging Techniques And Look At Other Blogs

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Find A Platform That Works!


You may want to check out other people’s blogs online too. This is a great way to get an idea of what it is you want to write about and how you want to design your website. While you’re at it, you might want to leave a comment on their site with a link to your own website. This will help you to not only receive comments on your blog but to start to gain authority in your niche. So, check out other blogs for ideas on how to set up a blog but don’t copy (of course!).  There you have it. A few ideas on how to set up a blog and get on the road to success as a blogger. Sure, there’s more to know but I’ll get that soon once you get rolling. Feel free to comment below or ask me a question on what more you can do to get your blog moving in the right direction. To your success!

Getting The Best Results With Search Engine Optimization And SEO Tips

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SEO Is Simple!

What Is SEO?

Talk to any seasoned blogger and they will tell you that you need to focus on SEO or Search Engine Optimization to really get your blog to take off. But what is SEO and what’s the best way to get results using the tools related to it? Simply put Search Engine Optimization is a process of gaining organic (non paid) traffic to your website or webpage. With the increased popularity in mobile searches through the net, SEO focus now has shifted to include using keywords, backlinks and other forms of SEO tactics to include both desk and mobile devices. As someone looking to use SEO in their everyday tools to increase visibility to your website you will want to learn how to implement some simple SEO techniques to improve your chances of success online.

SEO Tips For Newbies

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Keyword Tools Work!

Probably one of the more popular methods of using SEO is to place keywords and phrases within the text of your content. Keyword density should be around 3-5 percent so you really don’t want to over do (Stuff) it when using these words. You should also make sure when using keywords that you write in the keywords naturally. In the case of this website the keyword “blogging” is often used so I write the keyword in a few of the sentences within a paragraph making sure it flows well within the content.

Find An Platform That Uses SEO Plugins

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Use A Platform That Works

There are some web platforms that also come equipped with their own SEO tools included within. Priced outside of using an SEO plugin equipped website you could end up spending a lot of money hiring someone to do the Search Engine Optimization work for you. But, I wouldn’t recommend it. For newbie bloggers this can be pricey and you may not really know if you’re getting your money’s worth or not. Personally, I use the Wealthy Affiliate platform which includes the SEO plugin. I simply activate it on the site and the rest is done for me. While the Wealthy Affiliate cost $49.00 a month for the premium membership I really think when all is said and done, this is the best option for me to get the SEO services at a low cost.

Don’t Over Complicate When It Comes To SEO

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Keep It SImple!

So, think about using a platform that includes the SEO plugin for your websites before diving in and trying to figure it all out yourself. You will save time and a whole lot of headaches in the end. For a look at learning SEO on your own I found one site that looks promising here. SEO For Dummies  While there are a lot of courses where you can learn Search Engine Optimization on your own they do come with a price depending on what it is you’re looking to learn as far as SEO is concerned. But, for those who need a platform that enables a plugin for SEO it’s probably a better bet to just go with a company that used WordPress and the SEO plugin.

Hopefully this blog gives you a little more information on Search Engine Optimization and how important it is for you, the blogger to utilize. Personally I know little in the way of SEO but use the Wealthy Affiliate platform while writing my blogs which this feature has built in. There is no learning involved, the plugin works automatically. To your continued success as a blogger!

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Is There Something Called Automated Blog Income?

Automated Blogging Income???

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Choose Your Destiny By Blogging


You’re looking for a way to generate automated blog income but…does it really exist? What is automated blog income anyway? This is a question a lot of newbie bloggers are interested in learning about but is it real or just something someone made up to entice people to join their programs? Well, it does and doesn’t exist in my humble opinion. Why you ask? Think about it for a minute. Automated blog income sounds like some kind of a cash machine where you write a blog and instantly your computer turns into an ATM cash machine with recurring payments to your Paypal or whatever processor. While this concept certainly sounds alluring, it’s anything but reality for 99 percent of online job seekers. It’s just not happening.

Anything Worthwhile Takes Work!

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Find You Path Through Blogging!

So, if you’re looking for automated blog income in my opinion the closest you will get is to actually write some quality content with links to an affiliate product or a personal product you sell or even an affiliate program to that’s been proven to work. And this in itself will take a lot of time because it takes months and years for a website to become an authority in any niche. But, if you can break through the first year of constant content creation and promotion of products, chances are you will see something that resembles automated blog income. Make sense at all to you now? If it does then cool.

What’s A Newbie Blogger To Do?

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Blogging Can Be Rewarding!

What will it take for you to succeed as a blogger or affiliate marketer online today? One word….consistency. And consistency leads to more consistency which leads to conversions down the road. Much like any business affiliate marketing through blogging is something that takes hours upon hours of learning, applying and repeating. It’s a cycle that eventually will click and results start to come in. One thing I tell bloggers is that success will come if you are consistent, have a long term plan and actually like what you are doing. I say this because I have met hundreds of newbie bloggers eager to start making money but they don’t have a clue as to where or how to start. They just know they want to make money blogging and automated blog income sounds easy. But, like I said before it will take time and patience to get to that point.

Success Does Happen For Bloggers!

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Keep At It And Never Quit!

Ok, so hopefully I haven’t scared you off when I say automated blog income really is a pipe dream. Because while it is possible to earn money online on autopilot it will take a lot of work and patience. The best way to achieve this is to really get busy for at least a year writing content, learning through trial and error and experimenting with different writing techniques. And I think the best advice I could give is to never give up on your dreams. Success does happen for bloggers but it takes time so keep at it and focus on the long term!

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Live Your Dream Through Blogging!

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Why Word Press Is A Top Pick For Affiliate Marketers And Bloggers!

Not Just Another WordPress Site!

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Success Starts With A WordPress Website!

If you’re a blogger you have probably heard of WordPress. This platform has to be one of the best around for starting and maintaining a quality blog for years. It’s simple to use, has a wide range of add on’s that makes blogging easier than ever. No longer do you need to know coding to create a stunning website that functions effectively. What’s more is creating a website with WordPress is pretty much free. But, if you’re looking at hosting that website you may have to pay an additional yearly fee plus you may incur other costs while building your website which Word Press doesn’t do on it’s free plan.

The Wealthy Affiliate Is Everything WordPress!

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Blogging Can Be Rewarding!

So, when I started my blogging ventures almost a year ago I wanted to have support for my Word Press website and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to build just one website or a couple of them. That’s when I found the Wealthy Affiliate website which caters to affiliate marketers and helps them to build a website on the Word Press platform. It also includes the hosting with a premium membership as well as full access to all the site building tutorials, marketing tools and a support group that’s tough to beat. I signed up for the Wealthy Affiliate simply because I was a newbie and needed all the help I could get to gain the most knowledge and support when building this website blogging tips for newbies. After almost a year as a premium member on the Wealthy Affiliate I can honestly say it’s been one of the more rewarding online experiences I have had when trying to build a website that produces results.

Support, Support And More Support!

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Learn Affiliate Marketing And Blogging!

I found that I could not only choose my domain but also get hosting year round with the platform and to this day if I run into any snags on my website, the support I get through Wealthy Affiliate helps me to keep moving forward. I picked this platform because it does work and it has everything I need to keep learning and building my website. I don’t have to go to a third party just to get hosting or find a domain. It’s all included in the membership.

So, how much does the Wealthy Affiliate cost a month and will it really help you to become a better blogger if you sign up for the premium membership? The Wealthy Affiliate membership is $47.00 and soon to increase to $49.00 per month and my short answer is yes it will help only if you are willing to work at your blog website often. Put it this way, many people want to earn as a blogger but they fall short when it comes to writing content. Well, guess what? Over 90 percent of what will drive your website to success entails writing content. It’s just the way it is. And if you don’t just dive in and start writing then nothing will ever happen….ever. Sure, you could outsource your writing to someone on Fiverr but I really don’t know why anyone would want to do that unless they really are looking for a quick buck. Blogging is not quick cash. It’s a long sometimes boring journey that takes time, effort and most importantly patience. And patience is what many lack which is why they fail. So, when someone asks me about the Wealthy Affiliate and if it will make them a better blogger I say that it will give you the tools to become great but the rest depends on you. So, there you have it. My take on the Wealthy Affiliate and why I chose it and why I think it’s the best platform for serious bloggers who are ready to take things a step further than the rest. Because in this business you’re either a leader or a follower and I’d much rather lead! Check Out Wealthy Affiliate Here!