What Is Your Long Term Blogging Plan? Do You Have One?

What’s Your Long Term Plan Blogging?

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Develop A Long Term Plan!

If you ask a business blogger why they blog they will tell you it’s to make money. But, if you ask them how they got started many will say they were just hoping to make a few dollars here and there. So, how did they get to the point where they were making money and not just blogging and hoping for the best. The answer is probably that they never thought it would work. Ask them the secret to their success? You’re bound to get the answer “dedication and consistency.”

Focus On Long And Short Term Goals

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Choose A Plan To Build An Authority!

So, when looking at your long term plan in your blogging business it’s important to look at the short and long term goals. Below I list some of the goals you should be setting up as blogger looking to start your own business.

Short Term Goals

1.Find a niche that you will want to blog long term about.

2. Learn how content leads to conversions and sales.

3. Understand keywords and how to incorporate in content.

4. Understand how comments can help to boost traffic.

5. Focus on building your content base with continual writing.

Long Term Goals

1.Think about where your blog will be in one year.

2. Continue to write on website and build your website.

3. Use an effective marketing plan to get your blog seen.

4. Network with others in your niche to help build your authority. Continue reading What Is Your Long Term Blogging Plan? Do You Have One?

How Do You Make Money Blogging?

Make Money Blogging? Really?

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Life Is About Taking Chances!

I’m no expert when it comes to the topic of “Make Money Blogging” but I will say that I’ve learned a lot in the past few months. In fact since I started writing on my site Blogging Tips For Newbies I have made considerable progress in learning the in’s and outs of blogging for a living. While I haven’t reached the point of earning a ton of money, just blogging about my niche has enabled me to earn and see that blogging does work. But, I didn’t do it all alone and it took a while to get to the point of earning on an ongoing basis. So, what did I learn and how did I make money blogging? Read on.

Baby Steps….And More Steps

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Set Up A Blog For Success!

First off I began by learning how the blogging world really works when it comes to making money. It wasn’t like I just started writing blogs and everything fell into place. Sure, I did understand a few things about writing content but I didn’t understand how to get readers to check out my work. I also knew that there was some kind of formula that brings everything together and the end result would be an income from blogging. I just needed to know how to do it.

Training And Support Matters!

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Wealthy Affiliate

So, what did I do and how did it work for me? First off I joined a platform that taught me how to actually write content that works online. I joined the Wealthy Affiliate which taught me how to write content that converts as well as how to market effectively. It really was an eye opener once I completed all the lessons on the site and things really started to click. But, just because I completed the lessons didn’t mean I was done. Not by a long shot. I still had to learn how to communicate to my audience and track my progress within my website. In the end I found that there was a step by step process which involved Keywords, Writing With Intent and Consistency. It all went hand in hand and eventually I began to see some serious progress.

Can Anyone Make Money Blogging?

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What Does Success Look Like To You?

Some people tell me they don’t think they have what it takes to be a blogger and that how the heck can they make money doing this. And unfortunately many of these people are in dire situations and need to make an income quick. For them I have to say blogging for an income may not be the answer.

The answer for them is to go back and do what you’ve been doing or simply go get a job. I’m not joking either. To make money blogging you really have to be in it for the long haul. It may take a year or two to see results and actually make even a dollar at it. On top of that you may have to pay for a membership fee to the platform company you’re using. So, I would say blogging for an income is for people who are serious about making money and have the resources to stay in the game for at least a year.

Wealthy Affiliate Teaches You How To Earn

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Blogging Platforms Lead To Success!

So, what’s the cost for joining a program that teaches you all about blogging? For me the Wealthy Affiliate cost $47.00 a month but that’s it. All the training is included as well as hosting for my website. I looked at other platforms and some run as high as a couple hundred bucks for training and hosting. But, in the end to make money blogging you really just have to dedicate yourself to learn and continually write content in your niche. I would also have a decent laptop or desktop computer to write on as well as an internet connection so you can research and access your blogging platform.

The Choice Is Yours!

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Make The Right Choice And Make Money As Blogger

So, there you have it. I wish it was better news and I could tell you this blogging thing was wham bam and you’re done. But, it isn’t and it takes work. You can make it as a blogger though if you work hard and write consistently. You also need a platform that will teach you blogging techniques and affiliate marketing.

If you go with the Wealthy Affiliate I can tell you that you’ll be glad you did. It’s an easy platform to work on and is priced way below other affiliate marketing and blogging training platform. Think about where you will be in a year if you keep doing what you’re doing. Will you get that raise at your job? Will you get laid off or fired? Will you be happy? Blogging can help you achieve your dreams of not working for someone else and some make a ton of money doing it. Best of all it gives you time.

Time to not punch a clock and time to spend with family and friends. And that’s worth all the money in the world. See the banner and click below to start learning on the Wealthy Affiliate. Or better yet check out my honest review of this system here. Wealthy Affiliate Review It could be the best decision you ever made. To your success!

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How To Find The Best Keywords

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Blogging For An Income

How To Find The Best Keywords

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Finding The Best Keywords

Bloggers love keywords! And the more you figure out how to use keywords in your content, the more your work will be checked out. In fact keywords although not as popular as they used to be in blogging are still a good way of getting traffic and conversions from your blog posts. But, I will say this. Blogging frequently is still going to be the best way to gain authority in your niche and in the end bring you the most sales. You should still use keywords in your blogs with a 3 to 5 percent density.

What Keyword Tools Work?

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Let Google Work For You!

So, what’s the best way to find keywords that are going to help your blog in the search engines? Personally I use Jaaxy and the Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool but there are tons of keyword tools you can find online for free or minimal costs. The key is to pick the words that have the highest search results or QSR. With a keyword tool you can just search the keywords in your niche and pick from the highest searched words. But, you can also go another route and choose to find the “Low hanging fruit” keywords which have a lower GSR but will also produce results. Some swear by using these “Low hanging fruit” keywords and find these words produce just as much traffic or more than the higher searched words. It really is a personal preference and I strongly suggest you find a keyword tool before starting your blog post website. These tools can save you time and headaches in the long run.

Finding Keywords And Key Phrases With A Keyword Tool

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Conquer Your Fear Of Keywords

A good example of a keyword for this blog website is the word “Blogging.” If you want to know how to find the best keywords for this particular niche and basic keyword in you keyword tool you would type the word “Blogging” and then check which relevant keywords come up in the search. If you’re using the Jaaxy or Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool go to the QSR and look for any words that are listed under 200 in QSR. Once you do that and have found one you want to use you simply incorporate it into your blog posts. This is probably the best way to find out how to find the best keywords.

While keywords are important you also want to use key phrases in your blog post. Don’t just use singular words when thinking of keyword usage. A good keyword phrase for the topic of  blogging might be “How to find the best keywords.” You see how I incorporated that phrase into this blog? It really is as simple as that and you can do this with virtually any niche you can think of!

Try Using Keywords In Your Blog Posts!

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Keywords Are Part Of Your SEO Plan!

Ok, so there’s a couple of tips on finding keywords that will work best in your blog posts. And yes you can find other keyword tools out there besides Jaxxy and Wealthy Affiliate. I use the Wealthy Affiliate keyword because I’m a member and it works well for me. So, give it a try. Incorporate some keywords into your everyday blog posts and see what happens. You may be pleasantly surprised to see your traffic start to shoot up. Happy Blogging!

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Wealthy Affiliate And The Road To Success!

Blogging Strategies Work With The Right Platform!

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Strategies For Blogging

If you have been blogging on your own for a while and haven’t found success maybe it’s time to change up your strategy. I’m not saying it’s time to stop your progress and start all over again but maybe rethink what you are doing right and what you might be doing that needs some work. Blogging is a long term endeavor that doesn’t pay off at first. At least not for most people. Granted there are some that start making money right out the gate but that is very few. The rest of us have to scrounge and scrape our way to the top and sometimes that never happens. But, why is that? It’s because most quit before they find success.

What Is Success To You?

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Blogging Is More Than Just Searching On Google!

First of all I think it’s important to define success before we figure out whether or not we are on the right path. Everyone is different. One person’s idea of success may just be to have a roof over their head at night and food at the table. Someone else may think having their own thriving business is a successful endeavor. Whatever success is to you it’s important to know what it is you want before diving into anything. And blogging is no different.

Bloggers Are A Rare Breed!

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Learn Affiliate Marketing And Blogging!

Bloggers are a rare breed and if you’re one of them congratulations. You’re a blogger who wants to earn an income as a writer and promoter of products and services.  You’re the type of person that’s one of a kind and has the ability to write content that gets read. Before I go on I will admit I’m not the best blogger around but I do keep pushing on because I enjoy writing. But, did I do this by myself? Not at all. In fact setting up this website took a lot of work especially at first. But, finally after close to a year of writing on this website it has finally grown to 150 blogs which is pretty darn good to me. Plus it’s grown in popularity, something I thought would never happen!

What’s Wealthy Affiliate Got For You?

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Open Your Mind To Learning!

So, how did I do it and make this blog site what it is? Simple. For starters I used the Wealthy Affiliate as a platform and learned the basic techniques to get this site moving forward. Secondly I wrote my blogs consistently and didn’t give up. In fact I kept going even when the going seemed to not be going at all. But, I couldn’t of done it without the Wealthy Affiliate and it’s awesome training platform. And if you’re at odds and need some help getting your blog moving forward, it might be time to check out the Wealthy Affiliate. It does work and is simple to navigate and use. I believe in this platform so much that I am offering a free hour of email training to get you started on the path to success. All you have to do is click the Wealthy Affiliate logo below and sign up for free. This is the start to learning affiliate marketing and blogging and I will help you get on the right path if you’re serious! But, that’s not all. I will sponsor you too and this means if you need help at anytime I will be there to answer your questions.

The Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to learn affiliate marketing and blogging the right way the first time. I believe in it so much that I’m willing to help you anyway I can. But, you have to make the first step and sign up for free. Yes, you can earn as a blogger but it will take some effort on your part. Sign up below to start learning blogging and marketing today. And don’t worry, I can help you get on the right path!

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Be Wary Of Get Rich Scams!

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Keep It Simple!

Be Wary Of Get Rich Scams

If you’re looking to earn an income online I have to tell you to be wary of get rich scams because they are a dime a dozen on the internet. Unfortunately this  means they are easy to create and dupe people into buying them. In fact some of these scams are well thought out and created by some brilliant minds. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were created by a therapist who ran out of work and knows how to talk their way into anyone’s head. No offense to therapist but some of these scams are absolutely brilliant. Now does that mean they work? NO, not in the least bit. So, what type of scams are there out there you should be looking out for?

Research Any Online Program First

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Don’t get scammed!

As far as being wary of get rich scams goes, you really need to look further into anything that’s asking you for money up front. In that case, I would definitely be wary and walk away and fast. But, if you’re not convinced that something that looks enticing is a scam do yourself and your wallet a favor. Do a full rip off report search as well as a Google search for the company in question. Look for reviews and specifically the negative ones. Look to see how long the program has been in business. Do, they have a physical address? Is there a contact number you can call? You should always do your due diligence before signing up for any online program and especially if there is a payment required for signup. If it feels wrong, more than likely it is.

What Really Works Online?

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Your Blogging Business Starts Here!

Previously, I talked about a few different scams and while some of them pertain to blogging the way to be wary of get rich scams is really to use basic common sense. I have looked into a number of different ways to earn online from rev shares to writing for content sites and while some of these may not necessarily be considered outright scams, they do appear to be pretty shady. And if they want you to dump a bunch of money into them I would definitely call them a possible scam. For bloggers we are lucky, especially if you use affiliate marketing and write your own blog posts. It’s pretty hard to get scammed going that route. Granted, blogging for a living is not easy work and you won’t get rich doing it at first but the reward does come down the road.

Getting Rich Quick Is A Scam Itself

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Need I say more?

Now, to be honest I don’t believe there is a get rich method out there to make money. It just doesn’t exist unless of course you think up one of these scams and to be honest most are shut down before they even make any substantial money. Case in point. Recently a popular rev share company was shut down by the SEC. This company had thousands of members and actually stayed afloat for a couple years with no issues. But, as the true nature of the business came to light, everything came crashing down around it. And the amazing thing is even after it was shut down some of the members were so brainwashed that they donated to the owners defense fund and thought they may actually get back in operation. So, scams do exist all over the world and because of the internet you can be scammed from someone or some group thousands of miles away.

Trust Your Instincts

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You Can Earn Online But Pick Choose Carefully

You’re probably wondering why I am writing about these scam sites on my blogging tips for newbies website. Well, it’s because people I have talked to who were looking to blog for a living have mentioned that they fell prey to numerous online scams. As far as becoming a blogger, I tell them that it takes time to develop an authority in any particular niche and definitely doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not a get rich scam and takes a lot of work.

So, now you know about scams and how they can develop and even flourish for a certain amount of time before going down the drain. It’s important to research any company you’re considering joining and if you’re looking to blog for a living just make sure you’re joining a company that has some backbone if you go that route. On the other hand you can always buy your own hosting and domain, research affiliate marketing on your own and hope for the best. Personally, I started with the Wealthy Affiliate and it’s really helped me learn and apply what I have learned to build this blog to what it is today. And this blog has risen through the Alexa ranks well and has a good amount of daily traffic. I do try and promote the Wealthy Affiliate through this website but I truly believe this is a platform that is heads above the rest when it comes to training and resources to start and keep running your own blog site. Plus it’s a lot of fun.

Ok everybody, that’s all I have to say but definitely be wary of get rich scams. There are a lot of them out there and in times that are economically challenging I guarantee you will see some keep popping up. To your blogging success!

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