Free Blogger Templates For Newbies


Free Blogging Templates

One thing I always got confused over when I started blogging was all of the free blogger templates for newbies. To me it seemed there were just too many choices. Too many different websites to choose from that all offered some blogging templates that looked decent. And they were free too which to me looked like a win win situation.

But, what exactly are these free blogging templates and how can they actually help you get on the path to successful blogging?

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Is Wealthy Affiliate A Good Place To Start Blogging?


Is Wealthy Affiliate A Good Place To Blog?

A few people are asking me is Wealthy Affiliate a good place to start blogging? First of all I think any platform is decent to start blogging but it’s important to have some kind of direction and know where you’re blog is headed before you get started. Personally since I have been using the Wealthy Affiliate it’s been a great place to learn affiliate marketing and learn how to write effective content. Now, does this mean that this platform is better than any others. No, not really. There very well could be some others that are equally worth checking out online. I chose the Wealthy Affiliate simply because it’s been around for a long time, over ten years.

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Work At Home For Veterans And Opportunities

Work At Home Opportunities For Veterans

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What’s A Veteran To Do?

Being a veteran of the military in the United States I’m always on the hunt for ways to make a living especially nowadays. It’s pretty insane how some people go to great lengths to make money too in the name of being a veteran. I’ve seen just about every scam in the book from people claiming veteran status on the freeways to getting a free cup of joe at Starbucks. I mean really? And that really ticks me off. And it’s not because they get they get free stuff but because it gives vets a bad name. So, when a true veteran tries to better themselves, it seems they get a bad rap and people assume they are just scammers. It’s important to find work at home for veterans opportunities.

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How To Make Money Online

Make Money Online? Yea, the age old question (at least internet age). Have you tried to make money online or have you thrown in the towel like the majority of people? Unfortunately, while you can earn online most of us give up before seeing any success. And that leads all of us to think that … Read more How To Make Money Online

Affiliate Marketing Scams And What To Watch Out For

Affiliate Marketing Scams? Are They Really Out There? We all have seen the flashy websites promoting programs which pay out huge returns for little work as an affiliate marketer. But, are these programs really worth what they say they are? As a blogger looking to promote products do you think these people really care how … Read more Affiliate Marketing Scams And What To Watch Out For

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