Month: November 2016

How Do I Find Free Web Hosting Domain Name(s)?


Free Web Hosting And Domain Names(s)

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You Can Earn Online But Pick Choose A Domain And Hosting Carefully

If you’re looking for free web hosting domain name(s) then you should shop around before committing to any one type of program.

I’m not saying there’s not a lot of free web hosting and domain products out there but usually they come with some kind of catch. You either have to sign up for an upgrade or your first month is free and then you get an elevated price.

Web hosting and domain services usually cost about 12-15.00 per month on any of the many services out there but there are some better deals if you shop around. (more…)

Blogging For Cash. A Reality In Today’s Economy.

Blogging For Cash?

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Blogging For Cash

Have you noticed that when ever you search for something on one of the major search engines little ads pop up on your screen?

It’s all about digital marketing and if you’re considering blogging for cash then you may find yourself caught up in some form of digital marketing.

But, do you have what it takes to succeed at this new form of marketing?

Let’s face it we are constantly bombarded with some type of marketing on a daily basis. Whether it be on the television or the internet you and I are the target of marketers in the digital sense. (more…)

How Do You Make Money Blogging For Beginners?

Make Money Blogging For Beginners?

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We All Have One, Write About It!

If you’re on this page chances are you have searched the topic of “Make money blogging for beginners.”

News flash! Most of us who are looking for a way to blog for a living have!

But, just because so many people are actively looking for ways to earn online doesn’t mean that they all succeed. In fact most don’t find success and I’ll tell you why.

They don’t have the time or patience. But, they could if they really wanted to.

I guess the next question you might have is how do people actually make money as a newbie blogger. (more…)

Blogging Away Debt? Can It Be Done?


Blogging Away Debt?

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Blogging Away Debt

Ok, this is an interesting topic I thought I would try and tackle today. Is it possible for anyone to start blogging away debt?

Hmmm…..yea I know what you’re thinking.

If you are looking to try and accomplish something like this I think you need to be realistic here. I mean who can blog their debt away? Sounds kind of strange.

But, I may have found the answer and it’s a relatively simple one.

Check out my review of what I used to learn to get myself blogging away debt here. CLICK HERE



How Do I Blog On WordPress?


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The Age Old Question….How Do I Blog On WordPress?


So, you finally said to heck with the other platforms designed for blogging. Hey, I don’t blame you because I’ve been down the road with a number of different blogging platforms myself.

Why WordPress you ask and how do you blog on this platform?

Let’s see…let me count the ways.

First off, WordPress is hands down the best writing platform around I have to admit. While this may be my own personal opinion, I can honestly back up why I think this is the best route to take.

It’s simple to write on and navigate. Seriously. (more…)