Why Is The Huffington Post So Popular For Bloggers?

Why Is The Huffington Post So Popular?

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huffington post popular for blogging?

Many bloggers will tell you that the topics of trending news is probably the best way to go if you’re considering blogging for living. As a blogger who writes tips for other bloggers looking to get into blogging I thought I would go out on a limb and investigate this claim. I wanted to see what it was that people were searching for on a daily basis besides what I write about.

Don’t get me wrong, blogging tips are what get people started on the path to successful blogging and I take pride in writing about them. But, as an aspiring blogger what are you’re thoughts on writing about popular topics versus something you have a personal interest in? Comment below and I’ll post the results once they are in.

Back to what I was talking about, why is the Huffington Post so popular for bloggers and mainstream society? In the United States what is hot now? Yep. politics. While I usually don’t like discussing this subject especially since I am a veteran of the Marine Corps and have my own views on issues it’s a topic that some are really passionate about.

And some love to debate it. Including my 14 year old son!

If you check out the Huffington Post you will find all the breaking news in politics from Donald Trumps latest bull in a China shop moves, to the ban on Muslims issue.  I have no comment  either way on any of the political issues but if you want to know why the Huffington Post is so popular for bloggers, this is why. Because they cover what mainstream society want to hear!

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Is Fiverr A Good Place To Earn Money For Bloggers?

Is Fiverr.com A Good Place To Make Money?

I know some people use Fiverr to hone their writing skills by placing a “Gig” on the website. If you haven’t heard of Fiverr.com I have some first hand information on this platform. It’s a platform that many people use to make money by writing articles and blogs for clients but is it the best way to go to earn an income?

Like I said I have some first hand experience and before I started writing my own content on this site I used to be a FIverr writer. It was a long journey and I have to admit but it wasn’t all bad, in fact I learned a lot as a Fiverr writer and blogger.

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You Can’t Make Money Online Until You Read This!

To Earn As A Blogger You Must Take Action!

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Take Action To Make A Change


So, you want to be the next blogging superstar but you’re not even sure where to begin. I hear that (or something like that) from a lot of my readers. They just can’t seem to get out of the starting gate and even begin to write quality content.

What goes wrong with newbie bloggers that they know they want to earn online but don’t know how to do it?

News Flash! Every newbie blogger goes through this and it’s not uncommon, not at all! But, what’s the key to building a website and writing content that converts your readers to buyers of your products? It’s simple but not so simple.

The simple part is once you start writing content your readers are interested in they will keep reading. They also may tell their friends about your website and get you some awesome traffic.

But, how do you make sales as a blogger?

Here’s the tricky part. Patience.

Yep, you have to have patience and keep writing when it feels like it’s a waste of time or you’re just not going anywhere.

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How To Find Hosting Sites. Is One Size Fits All?

How Do I Find Hosting Sites? If you are just getting started on a blogging website, you’ll need to find a hosting site that is a good fit for your blog. But, what’s the best way to go about finding hosting that is affordable and is a of good quality. What do I mean by … Read more How To Find Hosting Sites. Is One Size Fits All?

How Do I Find Blog For Money Sites?

profit 1412063  180 300x120 - How Do I Find Blog For Money Sites?
Profit Through Blogging Sites?

Blog For Money Sites.

A Ticket To Success Or Failure?

Blog for money sites are all over the internet and while these sites show up in a simple search does that mean they are legitimate? My fist response in no, they are not all legitimate. In fact, most of the sites related to blogging are probably designed to take your money with some kind of catch.

So why do people search for these sites?

Simple, they want to make a quick buck pumping out a few articles and think they will find success online.

What’s the reality and why do people look for these kinds of websites? Here are a few reasons.

1 Looking for quick money.

2 Desperation. They are looking to make money to basically cover their expenses in a fast and easy way.

3 They have been conned into thinking blogging sites can actually help them make a ton of money.

4 They were told it’s an easy way to riches.

5 They want to try something new.

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