Are You A Victim To A Make Money Blogging Scam?

Victim To A Make Money Blogging Scam?

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Don’t Get Scammed!
If you have been working online for any amount of time, chances are you may have fallen prey to a make money blogging scam. But, does this mean all ways of making money online are a ripoff?
My answer to that is not if you take the ball into your court. My meaning here is sure there are a ton of scams out there but if you can build your own business not reliant on some push button hustle then yes, you can make money online.
But, the way to achieve this is to not concentrate on the making money part. You have to see yourself and your business in five years. Where will you be then and what do you plan to accomplish in let’s say the next year or two?
As a blogger I am assuming you are looking for ways to achieve success online but don’t know how to avoid the many scams out there. And I’ll try and give you some helpful advice on ways you can avoid these make money blogging scams. So, without further ado, here are some tips that may help you avoid some online scams.

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Why Is Blogging So Popular?

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It’s becoming an age old question a lot of my readers ask me. Why is blogging so popular? I think it’s because it gives people a voice and is a great way to express yourself.
On the other side of the coin blogging has become a way people can actually make an income. But, contrary to what you might think not everyone who starts a blog will become successful and even make any money at it.
Why is that?
Honestly, it’s because people just give up blogging when they don’t see results, plain and simple. And not to pour salt in the wound it’s estimated that 81 percent of people who start a blog quit. I know, not good odds. But, you really have to look at why these people aren’t being successful after a year or two of constant blogging.
One of the main reasons is they pick the wrong niche and aren’t familiar with blogging or marketing that blog. And a lot of the people I hear from say they have been working so darn hard and just can’t make it work.
So, what’s the secret to becoming successful at blogging? Glad you asked!
It’s consistency!
As popular as blogging is in our world today most fail due to consistency. And to succeed you have to be consistent in not only blogging but in engaging with others and updating your website frequently.

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Why Is Blogging Important For Business?

Why Is Blogging Important For Business?

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Why Is Blogging Important For Business?
Blogging is an interesting form of communication. But, you may not realize how interesting and important it is until you actually understand why blogging is important for business. Why is that and what can you do to get on the blogging bandwagon?
For starters I think I have enough experience in this field to educate you on why it’s important for your business to have a blog website. In the past few years I have written thousands of articles/blogs for people looking to promote their products and services through blogging. And as funny as it may sound I fell into this industry by happen chance.
I was not born to be a writer or a blogger. In fact prior to blogging I was always a blue collar working stiff which really makes the transition so strange. Why would I pick blogging for a living especially at 40 something years old?
Simple. Supply and demand.
I found that while there are tons of people out there who would like to blog and actually make a living, the pool of qualified writers was slim. I capitalized on that because while my writing is not stellar, (I’m no Stephen King!) I knew that I could write a simple blog that business owners needed to promote their services.
And what I found out through my writing for companies was pretty crazy. Many of these companies DO NOT have a blog on their website that promotes what they have to offer!

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My Honest Review Of Practical Social Media University. Is It A Scam Or The Real Deal?

Is Practical Social Media University A Scam?

Recently I was looking at some of the blogging platforms out there and found that there are boatload of them online. But were they really all they claimed to be?  The ones I  checked out were the type that offer you some kind of training in not only blogging but also on how to market your blog once it’s all setup. Today I happened to stumble across the Practical Social Media University program. While it looked good at first glance I had to dive deeper into it to make sure it was up to par with the training platform I use which is one of the more popular ones on the internet today.

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Will Rev Shares Get You In Deep Trouble? Don’t Sign Up Until You Read This!

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No matter what you do online you’re bound to run across some new deal that catches your eye. And some of the things people come up with are pretty unbelievable. The imagination of the human mind is amazing but it can be used for good or bad. As far as the internet, there’s a lot of bad and a lot of people who use trickery to get your money from you. It sucks that people can be this way.
As a blogger I have run into a number of schemes and scams and one of the schemes I guess you could call it is the rev share industry. Now, here is an industry (if you want to call it that) that really gets people pumped up.
Why is that?
Because it offers fast money that’s compounded by the purchase of ad packs. What’s an adpack?
An adpack is a form of advertising hence the name “adpack” and you buy these things and they earn more than what you put into it. Take for example you buy a $1.00 adpack and let that mature until all of it’s earnings are paid out. The earnings would total 1.20 per pack and you keep buying more adpacks with the earnings you get from that. As you move along you can buy bigger adpacks of $5.00, $10.00 and on up.
But, does it work?

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