Month: April 2017

Earn Income At Home. Is It Possible In 2017?


Earn Income At Home In 2017rich - Earn Income At Home. Is It Possible In 2017?

If you’re looking to ways to earn income at home chances are you are overwhelmed by all of the so called opportunities out there. And yes it’s true, there are tons of scams, programs that over promise and outright cheesy platforms that tell you how to get rich. Problem is, none of these opportunities really work. And why is that? My take is it’s because everyone has already created everything that works and all that’s left for the most part are scams and schemes.

Is There A Best Way?

So, what’s the best way to earn income at home? Hard work is what I have found out and working smarter is key to success. You have to have something that someone wants and that is what will sell. Remember the pet rock and how rediculous it sounded? Well, it was so crazy that it made the creator millions of dollars.

Today’s market is a bit tougher. You can’t just throw some pile of junk up on the net and watch it sell unless of course you happen to be a celebrity and write some dirt on your life. Amazingly people eat that stuff up. But, if you’re like most you don’t fall into that category so you have to depend on hard work or just have something to die for. There is no best way to earn income at home except to work hard at something and never quit!

Why Do People Fail At Work At Home?

One of the main reason why people fail trying to work from home is they simply give up. And as a person looking to blog for a living your chances of succeeding are pretty slim unless you know what you are doing. That means understanding keywords, content writing and marketing that content. And knowing just one of those won’t help you. You have to put it all together and make it happen.

The best way to find success online and earn at home is to actually learn how to sell, write and market. That’s a given. But you also have to be consistent. That means if you have a blog you are promoting a product or service on you must keep updating that blog regularly to make it successful. Your content should be well thought out and written. You should also have a passion for what you do otherwise you will burn out.

Keep At It When Nothing Happens!

I know that sounds brutal to keep at something that seems a waste of time but think about it. Have you ever seen a business succeed overnight? I haven’t. And for most businesses it takes three to five years to see positive income. That’s a long time but not really. Not in the business world. So, build your business and keep at it long term and you will see results down the road.

Create A Winning Blog Site

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How To Earn As A Blogger

If you’re looking to earn at home and want to create a winning blog, think about taking that leap and learning the right way. Sure, you will have to do your own writing unless you outsource it but you can do it. Take this website for instance. It has over 230 blog posts and I’m still adding to it by writing content like this. The more content I write, the more popular the site becomes. And eventually it will be the sole go to site for people looking for blogging tips for newbies. At least that’s my hope!

Starting your blog is easy. Learning how to write and market that blog is easy too. The banner at the top right will take you to the leading blogging, marketing and affiliate platform on the internet today. It’s a full course of learning how to blog and market your website. It worked for me and it can and will work for you. You want to learn the right way to blog or are you satisfied with what you have been doing? If you’re ready to change things today, I encourage you to click the banner and sign up for free. You can earn income at home so make the best of it and start out the right way. Click on the Free Access banner today. It could get you on the path to changing your life.


Is The Gorgeous “Forex Trading” Niche Blog Really That Awesome?

Is The Gorgeous “Forex Trading” Niche Blog Really That Awesome?


Today I had the opportunity to check out a new type of website that’s pre made for buyers and looks like it’s something that may just take the net by storm. It’s a Forex Trading Niche Blog and at first glance I really wanted to look into this a little more.

So, what exactly is this trading niche website and how does it work? It works pretty simple. You buy one of these Forex Trading websites and it comes premade with products, a wordpress site and some articles to get you started. You also get your own Amazon store to boot. Total price? 25.00! (more…)

Does An Auto Pilot Web Hosting Program Really Make Money?


Does The Pro Business Hosting Reseller Program Really Make Money?

home office 438386  340 - Does An Auto Pilot Web Hosting Program Really Make Money?

I checked out this auto pilot program that basically claims that you can make a killing with web hosting and website selling. I know of one member on Wealthy Affiliate builds websites for clients and then sells them to make a profit which is kind of a new spin on the program but it works for him. He designs the websites in any particular niche and then sells them to clients looking to start a website but don’t want to do it themselves.

So, this program I checked out this program which costs $17.00 a month through Paypal and thought it looked interesting. It looked like it was started by an individual and not a big company and you get access to his platform to build websites and sell hosting services. Overall for the price I like the concept. What I didn’t like is there was no type of training on how to do all of the stuff to actually build the websites and sell the hosting. At least it didn’t show anything on the sales page. Here is what the guy was selling or offering new clients. (more…)

Can You Find Success With Micro Niche Websites?

Can You Find Success With Micro Niche Websites?stock photo 63801185 how to make money blogging - Can You Find Success With Micro Niche Websites?

Here’s a pretty cool concept. Micro Niche Websites. Why do I say that? Because Micro Niche websites unlike Authority websites can generate an income faster and easier with a specific brand and product versus the alternative authority sites. But, why is that and isn’t it best to go with an authority website? And what is the best way to build a niche site?

A niche site is a great way to earn simply because you are building a website with a specific searchable topic. This website is an authority website you are viewing because it’s more broad than your typical niche site. A niche website would be something more specific in blogging like “How To Make SEO Work For You”. Blogging is a much broader topic but I chose this topic over a year and a half ago and just kept building on it. If I had reconsidered I may have just stuck with the micro niche websites. Thankfully with this platform I can still build a micro website in addition to the site I already have built.

Passive Income With Micro Niche Adsense Websites? Worth It?

I found a fairly interesting product that offers to sell you a micro niche website with articles already written with low competitive keywords which really looked interesting but like other website builders I have reviewed the article count is fairly low which means you would have to continue to build that up. Not a bad deal to start with a micro niche adsense website but know that you will have to do some work, they just get you started. (more…)

Amazon Profitable Ecommerce Store Will Make You Rich!


Can You Get Rich With An Amazon Profitable Ecommerce Store?ecommerce - Amazon Profitable Ecommerce Store Will Make You Rich!

The Amazon Profitable Ecommerce Store is a product that helps new bloggers and affiliate marketers get started on the road to success by offering a few different packages for buyers. It works pretty simple. You pay an up front fee to the company and they in turn provide you with an ecommerce website complete with all the bells and whistles and then you become an instant business owner. Sounds cool doesn’t it?

Can an Amazon Ecommerce Store make you rich? Here is where I think I can shed the light on this. While a ready made online store sounds great with all the SEO and articles written it only gets you on the path to success. I looked at one of these store packages and they offered for $90.00 five articles of about 2000 words each along with the website pre made with a niche of their choosing. This is great but I don’t think you can get rich with just the five articles on a pre made niche website.  (more…)