Month: November 2017

Looking For A SiteBuilder Review? I Have The Info You Need!

What Is SiteBuilder?

Looking For A SiteBuilder Review?

What exactly is SiteBuilder and what can it do for you? Are you looking for a site builder review?  That’s what I was asking when I first checked out this website. This is a simple to use site content builder and editor that you can use for your website building. When I checked the ratings on this site I saw that it has a 96 percent rating which is very high and actually placed 3rd out of the top ten listings for top website makers. They also have 10,000 theme templates to choose from which is very good and is known to be a very easy web making platform for people just starting out. You also get a free domain when you join.

The SiteBuilder is easy to get started and you get walked through the process easily and quickly and can get your blog/website up and running in no time. I think this platform is designed more for the beginner and has the basics to get you started but I wondered if this platform was good for running a professional business site versus a personal site for blogging and sharing.  Here is what a review of this platform looks like if you’re interested. Sorry if it’s a bit hard to see and it’s cut off a little but you can see it has a five star rating which is really all I was interested in. (more…)

Best Hosting For Small Business? Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth?

Best Hosting For Small Business. Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth?

home office 336378  340 - Best Hosting For Small Business? Are You Getting Your Money's Worth?
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If you are looking for hosting services for your website, there are a couple things you must consider. Number one, is hosting is only going to provide a service for your existing website. And along with that website you need to be looking for the best way to build that website on a site builder. Finally, consider who will be your domain provider. These are all steps to take when building a quality website that is geared towards generating traffic and of course is easy to maintain.

The problem exists when people get too many pokers in the fire and have not only a single provider for their hosting service, but a separate domain service and then a separate site builder. Things can get confusing and expensive. In fact some of the lower end hosting services offer a decent price but have zero support in the event your website gets offline. Support is paramount when maintaining a website, especially if you’re counting on that site to support your online or offline business.   (more…)

Is Wealthy Affiliate University A Scam? Read My Two Year Review Here!


Is Wealthy Affiliate University A Scam?office 1589459  340 - Is Wealthy Affiliate University A Scam? Read My Two Year Review Here!

I have been working on the Wealthy Affiliate University for two years now. Is this platform a scam? I didn’t want to really write a full honest no holds bar review until I had been a member of this site for a year which I did a year ago. But now, I have some more information on whether or not this was really worth the time or did it pan out to be a waste of time. So, is the Wealthy Affiliate University a scam or is it something that is worth checking out? (more…)

Is There A Wealthy Affiliate Discount? It Might Not Be What You Expect!

Is  There A Wealthy Affiliate Discount For Anyone?wallet 2754172  340 1 - Is There A Wealthy Affiliate Discount? It Might Not Be What You Expect!

I am sure you have read or heard of Wealthy Affiliate reviews across the web but how do you know these are real reviews? And do any of these reviews tell you whether or not you will get a Wealthy Affiliate discount? I would think they probably don’t, at least not the majority of reviews out there. But, many of these reviews are created by newbie affiliates who just promote this program.

Personally, I have been a member of the Wealthy Affiliate for two years now and there is a discount for new members to the program. First discount is you get full access to all of the training for a full month. You also get your first week of the program free which I think is not even enough time to check out the Wealthy Affiliate. I have a problem with the push to join at the premium level once you sign up. I mean these people who join should get at least a month free. But, since I don’t make the rules that’s the way it is. The first month discount is for $19.00 and the usual monthly charge is $49.00. Pretty good deal if your serious about making a money making website. (more…)