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Is The Custom Authority Niche Websites The Harvard Of Making Money Online?


Is The Custom Authority Niche Websites The Harvard Of Making Money Online?

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Money And Wallet

I found another niche website making program that looks halfway decent. This is the Custom Authority Niche Websites. The Harvard of Making Money Online. As I browsed through the sales page on this site all the signs of a top of the line product were there. The company builds you an awesome website that is a particular niche and all you have to do is sit back wait for them to get the site up and then it generates money.

And yes, the do guarantee you will make money with this program and you will become successful from the get go. I found this to be somewhat unbelievable but there it was in black and white. They guarantee you will make money with your website!

Now, there’s something I needed to look further into because in my experience whether you are building a niche site or an authority site it usually takes time for the search engines to really notice you and it can take months and years to get successful. But, they said it would make money so I had to keep checking it out.niche - Is The Custom Authority Niche Websites The Harvard Of Making Money Online?



Why I Like The Concept Of Ready Made Niche Websites

I think the concept is great especially for someone who doesn’t have a bunch of time to be spending writing article after article on their website. It can be a daunting task and ask anyone who runs a successful authority or niche site and they will tell you they are constantly having to pump out content to stay competitive. And sometimes all the writing in the world won’t make that site a winner.

Why is that? Because whoever is running the site doesn’t really know why they are doing what they are doing. They just want an awesome website that generates some serious cash flow. The problem is once the site is up and running the know little about maintaining the site and getting it successful. Thankfully, there are programs out there that can teach you how to be a website owner that makes a ton of money. In fact did you know one person I know has made over $10,000.00 off of one single article. A pre made niche site is a great idea but be sure you know how to keep that site going once you’re up and running!

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Anyone Can Be Successful In This Business!

Yep, I said it! Absolutely anyone can achieve success as a niche website owner and it doesn’t take a lot of time to get there. I would give it a year’s time and with a pre made website like the custom authority niche websites can make you a ton of money. All you have to do is learn how to keep that website going. The hard work is done for you and if you simply emulate what is already done for you, your site will build with the months and years ahead. This is why I recommend checking out these types of websites if you’re pressed for time and need to get the basic stuff out of the way.

So, where do you start with this program? Basically, it’s simple. Seriously. Just buy one of their packages and let them set the thing up and then promote the thing like crazy. I don’t suggest using paid ads though especially with a new site. In my experience you will spend more than you make. But, if you keep the site for a while you will notice that the site value will go up as well as the traffic to the site. And then Walla Boom! You’re in the da money! Maybe not like that but that’s the idea.

Listen, there are tons of people making a lot of money on niche websites. They are easy to set up and maintain and if you have a winning niche you can make some good money. I would also suggest learning how all this website building and promoting products works too. It’s all about affiliate marketing these days and if you’re not in on it you may be missing out. Oh, before I forget, check out the pricing for the basic niche website package with the Custom Authority Niche Websites below!

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Guaranteed $100.00 A Month!


 Other Ways To Make A Winning Website!

The Custom Authority Niche Websites is a good place to start but what if you want to go your own way? Btw, I love that song “You can go your own way” and it really is the way to go in life. If you want to build your own website yourself and learn how to do it all the right way than that’s an option too. I use the Wealthy Affiliate platform (As if you haven’t noticed from my other blogs) but I truly believe this is the best way to find success as a blogger and website owner. It’s easy to use with an awesome keyword tool, integrated domains and hosting and site builder and has some of the best support you will find anywhere online today in this industry.

Using the Wealthy Affiliate has become so popular for affiliate marketers that it boast a membership base of around 1,000,000 people! That’s right and the platform has made some of it’s members extremely successful in this industry. And they started by building their own niche website and learning marketing from the ground up. That’s why I say that the niche websites and authority websites are absolutely the best way to make money online and it’s fun too!

I will say that building a website and learning affiliate marketing through the Wealthy Affiliate is more of a process and it does take some time to get some traffic. But, it’s totally worth it if you stick it out and take pride in building your site. It’s been online for 12 years and the owners Kyle and Carson are always around answering questions. You will never end up stuck and when you have questions they are answered in minutes, not hours like so many other cheesy platforms.

The price? It’s free the first week and the $19.00 for the first month of the Premium membership. After that it’s $49.00 a month and that gives you all the continued training, the support, the web builder, the keyword tool and the hosting. You also get weekly videos from Jay, the video guy who comes up with some great training for affiliate marketers as well as reviews of members sites and more. It really is too much for me to explain in a paragraph or two so I’ll give you a screen shot below of what’s included in both the free and premium memberships. Take a look below.

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Pick A Path A Stick To It!

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Path To Take

One thing I say to naysayers of affiliate marketing is don’t knock it until you try it! I say that because too many go for the shiny object syndrome trying this and the quitting and then going for the next best thing in their mind. If you want to be successful at affiliate marketing running a niche site or authority site, keep at it and don’t give up. I don’t care if you try the pre made websites that are in this review or try the Wealthy Affiliate platform and learn and build your website from the ground up. The choice is yours but the fact that you are reading this means that you are looking to change something and want to work for yourself. I get it. I am a Marine Corps veteran and have also worked a boat load of other back breaking jobs that left me in the dust.

You can be successful at running a website and selling products or services but you need to keep at it when you feel like quitting. This blog/article you are reading? I wrote it myself as well as all the others on my website here. I don’t outsource my work at all. I believe in doing things the right way the first time and now this site is successful. And you can be too. Listen to your heart and go for it. Take pride in your work and run an awesome website business.

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Is The Full Online Shopping Store for eCommerce Business A Good Program?

Full Online Shopping Store For eCommerce Business

Deal Or No Deal?

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Dollar Bills Rolled Up


Today I checked out the Full Online Shopping Store For eCommerce Business. But, is this the real deal or is it another fly by night hustle designed to take your money in a blink of an eye? Before I get into what this program is all about I would like to suggest that any online business opportunity you look into should be checked out in full before signing up. Especially if they want money up front.

I say this because online businesses are generally a bit different than your average online school. Many of these companies are not accredited and a good percentage of them disappear once they get their fill of payments. I always look for programs that have either a good product and or have been online for a while. And by that I mean for at least a year. Longer preferably! (more…)

Is The 50 Page Authority Site With Social Media Marketing Worth Buying?

The 50 Page Authority Site With Social Media

I was looking at programs for internet marketers and ran into one I thought looked pretty good. It was the 50 Page Authority Site With Social Media Marketing. At first I was thinking this was another scheme to get you to sign up for some strange web page design but at further glance I realized that this was much more.

This program offers members a pretty cool setup with 50 pages of content and it hooks you up with tons of social media options. Basically it gives you everything to run a full on content business where you can earn online. The idea of this is they do all the work and set everything up so you don’t have to know any technical skills or even have any type of marketing knowledge. My only issue with this is that while it’s great they give you this ready made business designed to make money, you don’t really have access to an online learning platform because it is what it is. A business already setup.

The program works through seven months and basically builds on the initial authority site that they make for you. And I think that is awesome that they stick around and help you build your business up. But, again as an affiliate marketer myself I know that while some sites can be successful with just 50 pages of content, many authority sites have much more than that. In fact some have thousands of pages of content!  (more…)

Is The Prestige Funnel Worth Checking Out Or Is It A Hustle?


Is The Prestige Funnel Worth Checking Out?

I was looking around online today at a program called the Prestige Funnel. It’s one of those newer programs that for a price will give you a ready made Sales page and blogs and claims you will be getting a flood of email signups  to your inbox.  I have always wondered how these things work so I wanted to check this out to get an idea of what Prestige Funnel really is.

Reading through the intro on this I couldn’t help but think it was fairly hyped up and one of those programs that says you can make gobs of cash.

Note: The program doesn’t promise you a boatload of money but does say that it’s possible.

The idea is you get a funnel page and all the add on’s which is supposed to work together to get you a full fledge business online. It gives you a nice sales page, affiliate page, a thank you page and etc. etc. It also gives a blog setup and articles. I couldn’t see how many articles this program supplies you with but I am thinking it probably gives you a base of around 10 articles at probably close to 1000 words each. These would be the articles that would help to promote the funnel. I think. ?


Red Tea Detox Program. Is This Deal A Scam?

Red Tea Detox Program. Is This Deal A Scam?

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Red Tea

Have you heard of the Red Tea Detox program? If you haven’t you may want to check and see if this is a legitimate opportunity or just another fly by night scam. This is a new weight loss program that you can find on Click Bank and is a detox tea that’s supposed to detox the body and help you lose weight. But on further review I found that there was much more to this program than just using Red Tea.

In reality the red tea is a great product but the program is an affiliate program which pays you, the affiliate to promote the African tea. The initial program costs $37.00 which is pretty much the norm for a new sought after program and you can earn up to 75 percent commission on all that you sell. There are also four up sells which you can promote and earn up to $200.00 per sale. You can also earn money  by promoting the program. Take a look at the Red Tea Detox Program for a more in depth look here

Why This Program Could Be Hot!

The Red Tea Detox – Huge New Weight Loss Offer For 2018! Jan Launch! (view mobile)

Created By 2 Of The Highest Performing CB Vendors (red Smoothie Detox & 2 Week Diet) Comes A New Weight Loss Phenomenon. Fully Tested Vsl Proven To Convert. Jump On The Multimillion Detox Tea Craze! 4 Upsells & You Get 75% On All! Get Tools At
Affiliate Support Contact:

Avg $/sale

$23.49 | 74.0% | $6.58 | 75.0% | 265.18
Health & Fitness : Diets & Weight Loss
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Now, I personally think this red tea detox program looks fairly decent because there is a product and yes you can earn money with it. And the fact that it is a new 2018 affiliate program makes this look like it could be pretty popular. The launch was right around the first week of January 2018 which makes me feel like if you’re going to get into it now would be the best time.

Do I think this is a program that will last? Maybe but you will have to put in some work to promote it. And that may be the toughest part.  If you’re looking to start your own niche affiliate website and earn that way I suggest checking out what I use to earn as an affiliate marketer which teaches you how to promote products like this.  Click Here For My Number #1 Suggestion!

Affiliate marketing is hot right now and I do think that promoting the Red Tea Detox program may make you some decent income. Anything new that’s out is bound to have people want to try it. How it pans out in the end is really up to the quality of the product and how well it fares on the market. But, for affiliate marketers looking to earn some income I would definitely say give it a try or check out the number #1 suggestion I put up for affiliate marketers looking to start their own business.

What Are The Benefits Of The Red Tea Detox Program?

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Learn Marketing

I think there are a few benefits to this red tea. This high grade tea is made in Africa so I think it’s safe to assume it does have some redeeming detox qualities to it. But, as far as some of the claims about weight loss I think you need to take into consideration that the only best way to lose weight is to find a decent weight loss program and diet and stick with it. The thing I like about this Red Tea program is the fact that it gives you an opportunity to actually earn an income with it’s affiliate program. And from what I read it has been making sales for those who got into it so far.

Are there better affiliate programs out there that you can earn an income at? Probably but that doesn’t mean this one isn’t worth checking out. One of the main ways to earn as an affiliate marketer is to build your own website and then promote a product like this tea program. Or you can promote just about any product on Amazon or Clickbank. In fact there are tons of different affiliate programs online that offer their members a commission on all they sell.  (more…)