The Astronomical Stupendously Outrageously Awesome Funnel Elite Program!

The Answer To All Of Your Financial Woes? The Funnel Elite Program!

Yes, that’s right. I have stumbled upon the ultimate cash flow machine, the holy grail and prayers to all affiliate marketer and aspiring entrepreneurs in 2018. The FUNNEL ELITE PROGRAM!

Really? Is it that simple? Well, maybe not but for the heck of it I decided to do a review of this program because there is just so much going on here. Is it the ultimate cash cow? That I can’t tell you but I can give you a little 411 on this dealy-o.

What is this opportunity? First off, let me show you a quick screen shot of what is what hits you in the face once you go to the landing page.

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Ok, so that’s somewhat vague but I don’t want to get discouraged just yet on this. This program basically says it will give you what you need to market, sell and deliver any of your products online. But, what does it do? What is this funnel thing you ask?

Hopefully I can clarify this for you. Basically a funnel is like a page or pages that direct your potential leads to their final destination (hopefully) and that is your sales page where you promote a product or service. The Elite Funnel program helps you to create those pages and while it doesn’t supply you with the products, they claim their funnel will help you to sell any products you have.

Do I think this can work? In my experience in affiliate marketing for the past close to three years I have learned some valuable lessons. One is that to make sales online it will take time. And two, money doesn’t unless you have an online presence that’s trusted. With that said I think it would be imperative that you have a website that is somewhat established before you start shelling out money for something like a sales funnel.

But, can it work you ask? Most definitely if you know what you’re up against and have a plan. You need to be confident that whatever you are selling is worth what people are paying. That means don’t offer up another flim flam program or nickle and dime gadget. People want quality, not junk.

Below is the platform that I used to become a successful affiliate marketer without a sales funnel!5f0eae5788a4dfe15b8f09b4f75d1da5 cropped 1533063340 optimized - The Astronomical Stupendously Outrageously Awesome Funnel Elite Program!


If you’re looking to build a website on a the platform above that teaches you affiliate marketing, please check THIS page.



Is The Funnel Elite Worth The Money?

Ok, now in a nutshell the Funnel Elite Program is one that basically gives you the sales page stuff and directs your potential clients to your main sales page. This can be hit or miss depending on what you are selling as I mentioned above. If you have a good product or service I think funnels can be a great asset. In fact I know of quite a few people who use this type of tool to get awesome referrals and sales.

Is it for everyone? I don’t think so, at least not unless you know what you are doing.

I think if you need a huge boost to your campaign the Funnel Elite could be something that may work for you but that’s for you to decide. And it’s not cheap. No sir. The Funnel Elite package is going to cost you right around 10k US dollars to get the whole noodle. It may be cheap to you but for me that’s big spending stuff. Like Las Vegas syle.

Take a look below at the pricing for the Funnel Elite.

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I’ll be the first to admit it’s pretty pricey for me. Now, I don’t know how well the conversions would be on this Funnel Elite program and in fact it may be pretty good if you have a decent website already.

If you are looking for a great Call To Action this could very easily be the way to go. And I know people who use the platform I use *Wealthy Affiliate* and they have seen a huge increase in sales. But, they already had some good traffic and a website with a decent online reputation.

Your first step especially if you are new to the online sales industry is to find a niche and start a website. That’s the first step. And that’s huge because once you get moving it’s hard to just give up. Making that first sale will turn you into a believer and that’s an awesome feeling. Coming from a guy who used to work it the dirt, that says a ton.

Have You Built Your Website Yet?

If you haven’t I wouldn’t start building a funnel just yet. Give it time, build your website and start getting some traffic. Make some sales and get the feel of affiliate marketing. Then you can give it some thought. But whatever you do, don’t give up on your dreams of building an awesome website that generates an income.

I believe anyone can achieve great things if they put their mind to it and it doesn’t have to be like hiking the Grand Canyon. You just have to be consistent, believe in what you are putting out there and help people. It’s that easy.

Looking to start your own money making affiliate website? Click HERE to check out my review of what I consider the best online training and webbuilding platform online today.



What Is The Wealthy Affiliate For Or About? Have You Researched This Company?

What Is The Wealthy Affiliate For Or About? b44cdf4014291218445fd63f589fc4b61525783736 cropped 1532282582 optimized - What Is The Wealthy Affiliate For Or About? Have You Researched This Company?

The Wealthy Affiliate. Sounds a bit strange to me, like I don’t know if it sounds legit or an overinflated opportunity. Have you checked this company out and what did you find out? If you haven’t heard of this company and want to know what is the Wealthy Affiliate for or about then you came to the right place.

What is the Wealthy Affiliate?

Put the simplest way I can possibly put it, the Wealthy Affiliate is an online training university that teaches entrepreneurs to create a successful affiliate marketing website. But, is that all there is to it? Kind of but to understand what it really is you need to dive a little deeper and understand what affiliate marketing is.

Affiliate marketing is basically using products from companies and promoting them using links or banners in blogs on websites. That’s the simplest explanation I can think of.

But who is this Wealthy Affiliate for? After being a member for almost 3 years I can tell you that the platform and learning center of this company is really for anyone who is looking to start their own business as an affiliate marketer.

Does it work? It does if you learn how to use the training to your advantage, build a website that people visit and offer something they need. Sounds easy but is it really? Continue reading What Is The Wealthy Affiliate For Or About? Have You Researched This Company?

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You’re looking for a way to earn extra money home methods but keep running into walls right? It’s understandable because there are a ton of scams out there but there are also some easy ways to earn if you don’t overthink it.

And that is why most people fail online. They simply overthink and can’t decide on anything.

So, what do they do?

They keep trying different programs until they think one will work. The problem with this thinking is there is no long term plan and they keep chasing the carrot of different work at home schemes.

Don’t do it. You will fail.  Continue reading What Are Earn Extra Money Home Methods? Is There An Easy Way To Do This?

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