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Are There Any Legitimate Affiliate Marketing Jobs? Don’t Start Before You Read This!

Are There Any Legitimate Affiliate Marketing Jobs?

You may be looking for side jobs or really just any job in todays economy that doesn’t completely take up all of your time. But is there a job like this? Can you really find a job online in today’s market or are all of them scams? I’ll admit three years ago when I started looking for affilite marketing jobs I was thinking there are way too many scams for me to weed through. It was so overwhelming looking at all of the push button guru bottom feeder jobs that I thought, “Have I really sunk this low?” 

I’m not lying either. After having to medically retire from work as an electrician I had to go on disability after a setback. It sucked because I had a steady working career of over 25 years as a military guy and as an electrician. But when the fat lady sings so to speak it was all over for me. Yep, I fell into a funk, a depression and found myself grasping at anything and nothing. I sought some help and they got me somewhat straightened out and then I decided that I didn’t want to sit and rot for the next 20-30 years on disability. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the safety net but it really sucked having to be sidelined. 

A few years ago I started looking into affiliate marketing. I’m sure you have probably heard of it by now. In fact everyone I know has and many of the people I have met along the way are finding a ton of success as marketers. But, what is it and is it legitimate? Yes, it is legit but it does take work. I’m not talking a couple months,more like a year or two to find any real success. 

Can it be done from home?

Yes it can but you need patience and you need to learn how to write correctly for affiliate marketing purposes. 

Am I making money?

Yes, I do make money monthly on commissions from people who sign up for the platform I learned affiliate marketing on. Message me and I will show you my stats for the day. 

Is it fun?

Of course it is if you put your mind to it and don’t take it too seriously. 

How much does it cost to learn? 

Wealthy Affiliate teaches affiliate marketing online plus they have everything you need to build your website. It costs $49.00 a month. 

Isn’t it a scheme?

No it is not. Why do I say this? Because it is a legitimate training platform and they also provide free hosting and keyword search tools. Plus it’s been active for over 12 years as of this writing. f75591a107108631245da259140e2632 cropped 1540742108 optimized - Are There Any Legitimate Affiliate Marketing Jobs? Don't Start Before You Read This!

Are Affiliate Marketing Jobs Easy To Do?

Here is where I guess easy is a relative term. In the sense that affiliate marketing is easy physically…yes. Mentally, well not so much but it’s not that difficult if you put your mind to it. If you pick a niche that you can keep writing at and enjoy it then you can make some pretty good money. But you have to stick it out long term. If you can do that then you can succeed. 

If you are serious about making either some side money or a full time income online there is one thing I think I should tell you about succeeding. And that is you must stay consistent with your blog writing and marketing techniques. It’s not hard but if you have other pressing needs and stray away from focusing on your website for long term, your site will fall in rankings. And the lower the rank the less traffic you will get. 

It’s easy if you are motivated and want to keep pushing forward building your website. I mean it’s not a hard job. You have noone looking over your shoulders and realistically anyone can do it. It consist of writing and getting comments on your website. And of course promoting whatever it is you want to promote. 

Some people have been very successful by working on websites like something as simple as “Boxing Shoes” This niche while fairly popular is not overly saturated by websites so an independant person like yourself could easily become an authority in the niche and people will trust you over time. And that’s when you can really start making a name for your brand and make some good comissions. I do say pick a niche that you will like writing about month after month. If you do that it won’t feel like work. 

Tired Of The JOB?b2ad9d0453a4490aafdedee3f977bed4 cropped 1540742140 optimized - Are There Any Legitimate Affiliate Marketing Jobs? Don't Start Before You Read This!

If you are sick of not feeling your are getting what you’re worth, or just plain ol’ fed up with going to a J.O.B. you may want to consider working as an independant affiliate marketer. I won’t say it’s all fun and games but it is a way of earning an income without breaking your back. But first you have to learn and if you can read you can do it. Wealthy Affiliate teaches entrepreneurs like you how to earn an income without struggling to make ends meet. And you can do this part time. I put in maybe an hour a day on my website and in three years it has become a pretty successful endeavor. 

I encourage you to check out Wealthy Affiliate to learn all you can about affiliate marketing and create a niche website. It can be about anything so there’s not shortage of things you can create a website about. 

And if you join below you will have access to me to show you how to get started. Have questions about a niche? Ask Me. Have issues with writing? Ask Me. In fact I can help you with virtually anything you need to get started building a successful website. 

JOIN HERE and sign up for instant access to two free websites. It’s free to join and won’t cost you anything to start. 

Here’s To Your Success.

Online Affiliate Marketing Solutions. What Is The Best Route?

Are You Taking The Right Path?79aa6f63a3c799a4a746d8ee4323f9e11538667284 cropped 1540225417 optimized - Online Affiliate Marketing Solutions. What Is The Best Route?

If you are looking into affiliate marketing and can’t seem to find the right path to take, believe me you’re not alone. In fact, there are litterally millions of people seeking a part and full time way of earning an income as an affiliate marketer that it can become confusing as to which road to take. And there are plenty of companies out there willing to take your money to show you the ropes. Finding the online affiliate marketing solutions that work can be difficult. 

But is any of that even worth it? 

Here’s what I found out. In my three years as an affiliate marketer I learned that to become successful you have to learn the right way the first time or you will be spinning your wheels and eventually end up giving up. There’s just way too much hype in the industry and not enough substance. Once you pay to learn on many of these platforms, you hear nothing but get a bunch of rehashed marketing tips that you could find anywhere online. 

Is this the right route to take?

No way! And I found out the hard way by writing for people who then used my articles for their affiliate websites. Why didn’t they just write the articles themselves? From one person I asked who I wrote for the simply said they didn’t have the time. I thought, yea but affiliate marketing is really just a lot of writing and promoting through their website. Not so this person said. They were more focused on going out and promoting their products offline and the website was just another vehicle to promote their stuff. 

I knew from the beginning when I started learning affiliate marketing that the key to success had to be by writing content and then getting higher up in the search engines. 

What did I do?

I joined a popular site called Wealthy Affiliate. Before you think it’s just another scam, here me out. I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate and began studying their lessons and watching the videos. Over time it started to make sense. You have to build a website in a niche and then write about whatever product or service you want. But it does take some time. And that’s the key to becoming successful in the arena. 

Do people make money fast in affiliate marketing? 

Some actually do if they choose a less competive niche. I have known people who made money in the first three months but they kept working on their websites and didn’t give up. The ones who quit generally quit within the first six months. 

Why Learn On Wealthy Affiliate?8f1eb85274e8dc856dc80abe7c4f547c1540225456 cropped optimized - Online Affiliate Marketing Solutions. What Is The Best Route?

Because it works, plain and simple. There are ten core lessons on the platform for niche marketers. Study those and implement what you learn and you will be successful. The courses are  easy and really a no brainer. I started in January of 2016 and now my website (this one) makes enough so I don’t have to go out and hustle a regular job. 

Am I getting rich?

No, but the possibilility is there. You just have to keep plugging away. The difference between my site and a niche site is I promote Wealthy Affiliate instead of going the route of selling other stuff. I believe in the platform and it’s worked well for me. But, I had to work at it. I had to write many blogs and to date this site has almost 400 posts on it. It’s taken on a life of it’s own too. 

How much is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is $49.00 per month but that includes everything you need to build your website. That’s the hosting, the site builder, the domain ($13.00 per year) and then you also get the best keyword tool I have found, Jaaxy. You also have access to live chat help, 24/7 technical support and much much more. For the price it can’t be beat. 

Why choose this platform?

Honestly, I chose Wealthy Affiliate because I saw at the time I joined it had been online for 10 years. The reviews were good and looking at it myself I could tell it wasn’t some flim flam scam that just wanted your money. They didn’t say you would be successful either. They said if you work hard you can be successful. And so that’s what I did and now I feel I have found success through the training and constantly writing on my website. 

Is Affiliate Marketing For Everyone?

I would say it’s for anyone and not everyone. If you are motivated, can find time in a day to update your blog then yes, it can be for you. I remember back a few years I was first on the job, ready to get my feet dirty working as an electrician. I was motivated and worked full days. It was also back breaking work. Now, in my fifties I have to slow down a bit. Being retired at a relatively young age has it’s ups and downs. I need to stay busy. 

Anything takes time and effort.

And that’s what I have told myself as I have worked on this website for the past three years. Anything worthwhile is going to take work and a lot of it. 

Stop thinking get rich quick.

This is a must! To get anywhere in life you have to pace yourself, set goals and reach them slowly but surely. That’s the way you’re going to be successful. The same applies to affiliate marketing. You need to pick a goal and keep going little by little, like I did with this website. 

Affiliate marketing may be for you if you tell yourself positive things and keep going when others quit. That’s what will get you up in the morning and getting to writing on your website. And believe me, people are reading what you put out. This site gets read from all over the world much to my amazment. I have people who ask me questions and leave me comments and it really makes me feel good to know I may be helping someone with what I write. 

Bottom line is this. If you are serious about learning and earning as an affiliate marketer, you need to learn and apply. That’s it. Wealthy Affiliate has a very easy to follow step by step learning university that teaches you what you need to know. That’s all there really is to it. Learn from the best and success will follow. 

Leave me a comment or question and I’ll get back to you asap. 

Here’s to your success. 


Complete E-Commerce Business Set-Up- Incl SEO & Marketing Websites. Deal Or No Deal?

Complete E Commerce Business Set Up Incl SEO & Marketingb2ad9d0453a4490aafdedee3f977bed4 cropped 1538667545 optimized - Complete E-Commerce Business Set-Up- Incl SEO & Marketing Websites. Deal Or No Deal?

What is this deal for small website owners? Is it a good deal or is it a complete bogus scam? Well, I checked this out and I have seen and reviewed another one of these done for you sites in the past but I wanted to give this one a look so here goes.

Now what is this complete E commerce business set up including the SEO and marketing? Exactly what it says it is I guess. Now, I haven’t tried this type of opportunity because I am pretty set on building my own website and not much into having someone else do it for me. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a decent deal.

Once I got to the homepage it basically shows you what you get for the basic package which includes everything you would expect in a made for you website. You get the website, the hosting and domain, marketing and logo and content. Here is where I got a little confused. I tried downloading a screenshot but it wouldn’t go which is why I wasn’t able to put it on this blog. But what I wanted and got confused by was the fact that the site comes with premade blogs (content) which is good but I wasn’t told how much content was included. (more…) Learn Or Teach Affiliate Marketing Online

What Is cropped - Learn Or Teach Affiliate Marketing Online

Skillshare is another one of those DIY types of sites where you bring your skills to the table and teach others what you know. The platform is an online learning classroom that basically allows you to offer online training to people for a set price. The basic price is $15.00 per month which really isn’t too much and would probably fit anyone’s budget.

But what do you get for your $15.00 per month? 

You get access to 23,000 classrooms to choose from. For the purpose of this blog I wanted to find out if Skillshare had a class on learning affiliate marketing. What I found on first look was a class which was only about 30 minutes which taught “How to be an affiliate marketer with no website.” Interesting. I think I have an idea of what that is. I would suspect that you would learn how to send out links in tweets and small posts on social media. In other words, spam a bunch of people. Not for me, but that doesn’t mean Skillshare isn’t a good choice for affiliate marketers. (more…)