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What Are The Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms In 2019?

Looking For The Best Affiliate Marketing Platform?8d6c396796b6c71a6bf7483d3779be6b cropped optimized - What Are The Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms In 2019?

I know you have been searching for the best affiliate marketing platform. It’s probably why you are reading this page. But, like me and many others you have probably felt overwhelmed by the amount of programs offering so many different ways to earn online with their platforms. The key is to NOT look for a program that will promise you a get rich method to riches. Tat’s how you will lose money, time and end up frustrated to no end. 

The key to succeeding is to find a platform that works right….the first time with no b.s. no hype and a clearcut way to earn as an affiliate marketer. 

But how the heck are you supposed to find the best platform to learn affiliate marketing? 

Look to affiliate programs with a good reputation!

This without a doubt can end up being a major struggle because so many of these platforms are overpriced, overhyped and vague to say the least. And many of them require you to pay or throw your credit card info up so you can get limited access to their program. This leads to time wasted, frustration and no answers to your problem. How do you even get started?

Start Somewhere But Don’t Give Up!

You have to find a platform where you can start and not be tempted to throw in the towel. And that’s why so many newbie affiliate marketers fail. They simply get overwhelmed by the insane amount of energy and time it takes to get basically nowhere. As someone I hear say one “Working hard doesn’t necessarily equal success.” Pretty disheartening huh?

It doesn’t have to be and that’s why I am revealing on this website what the best platform there is to succeed at affiliate marketing. It’s Wealthy Affiliate. I am willing to bet you have probably heard some hyped up reviews on this platform. I won’t do that because those types of reviews are usually written by newbie members of Wealthy Affiliate and these people don’t really have any working knowledge of how the platform works because they havent even completed thew training. And that’s why I wouldn’t give these reviews the time of day.

Why listen to me? 

I guess the reason is because I have been on the Wealthy Affiliate platform for about 3.5 years now and I have some experience in whether or not this program works. And all of the info may not be what you want to hear but it’s what I have learned through my years of plugging away. 

What did I learn and how long did it take to make any money? 

First off I learned through the training courses the platform had. There are ten of them in both their affiliate bootcamp training and ten in their affiliate marketing training. Both of the learning tutorials have ten lessons within each course. So you are looking at a ton of information on these courses. Plus there are videos in each of them which arent too long but average about 15-20 minutes. They also have the Wealthy Affiliate Live Events which are videos that you can learn from as well. 

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The Best Platform Is A Free Platform

Here is what I like about Wealthy Affiliate. I joined for free and then started building my website. It was easy with no credit card required and I got me a couple hosted websites I could start working on as soon as I joined. They also gave me a free domain with it so I didn’t have to mess around with buying a domain or hosting. It was all included in the free membership. Plus I had access to the first ten lessons on the platform. And that is why I think Wealthy Affiliate one the best if not the best affiliate marketing platform for 2019.  It’s free to join and cost nothing to get going. It’s a win win if you are serious about becoming an affiliate marketer. 

Try It Out For Yourself. You Be The Judge

I’m not going to sit here and go on about Wealthy Affiliate with crazy claims of success. I have had success on it but no I havent gotten rich. I make enough to pay my Premium membership with two referrals and have other referrals which I make 23.50 from each month. To get seriously rich doing this affiliate marketing thing you have to learn through the training and then you have to put it all to good use. 

The choice is yours on what you decide to do in regards to affiliate marketing and how you want to get started. I use Wealthy Affiliate and still do over three years later. It works and the training can’t be beat. Sure, there are haters on everything but these are the people who don’t have the motivation to do anything but slam stuff they see online. 

Bottom line, if you want to learn affiliate marketing I won’t promise you a rose garden but I can direct you to a platform that teaches people how to earn online by building their websites. And that platform is Wealthy Affiliate.

Looking For A Good Keyword Analysis Tool? I Found One Of The Best!

Looking For A Good Keyword Analysis Tool?6124074a007c4204c06136bb10731f111537724067 cropped 1553789810 - Looking For A Good Keyword Analysis Tool? I Found One Of The Best!

One thing I have realized in all of my time blogging is that it’s very difficult to write SEO driven blogs without a good keyword analysis tool. And what I mean by this is one that doesn’t cost a boatload of money and will give me everything I need to reasearch topics in my niche, show me the competition for my keyword phrases and is accurate and up to date.

If you’re a serious blogger and looking to earn with your website then you absolutely need a keyword analysis tool that works and keeps you ahead of the game. What keyword tool do I recommend? The Jaxxy Keyword Tool.

Why do I recommend this? Because of all the tools I have used, this is the best one at the best price!

What’s even better is the Jaaxy keword tool is free for everyone who has a Premium Wealthy Affiliate membership. Keep in mind that a quality keyword tool like Jaaxy can cost upwards of $100.000 per month through some platforms. That’s a hefty price for a keyword tool but as usual every business seems to have some kind of twist and turn when it comes to selling a product. Not with Jaaxy. This highly up to date state of the art tool is a must for bloggers looking to find the best keywords to use in their blogs.

Go With Quality And Not Hype

Wealthy Affiliate offers the Jaazy keyword tool for it’s members and while it isn’t hyped up on the platform, you will find this extremely valuable while you build out your website. With an easy to use interface you can spy on your competion, find thousands of keyword tools in your niche and even research how any niche is faring in the marketplace.It’s the ultimate keyword tool for anyone looking to succeed with their blog or affiliate marketing website.

Find, Assess, Dominate

There are 100,000’s of evergreen niches out there that are ripe for the picking. Being able to discover niches in intelligent new ways is something that Jaaxy prides itself on. From the ability to check out the hottest trends to finding “relevant” yet different searches, you will be able to generate brand new niche ideas in a matter of seconds!

4ceffe7734b5fe94096fd3946b132702 cropped - Looking For A Good Keyword Analysis Tool? I Found One Of The Best!

The above screenshot gives you an idea of how Jaaxy works by giving a score to each of the keywords. It will also tell you whether the keyword you choose is worth using. Jaaxy also gives you ideas on what your keyword traffic is as well. Rankeee992392cf16962c77eb3b0197f0765 cropped - Looking For A Good Keyword Analysis Tool? I Found One Of The Best!

Rank Higher, See Your Results!

Jaaxy delivers the highest quality keywords for your efforts. You can track your progress with Google Analytics with the keywords you have chosen. Need changes? Easy to do. Just research with the Alphabet soup format and you can find a wide variety of keywords and niches. If your way of researching hasn’t been working, you need to check out Jaaxy. It’s a must for you if you are looking for traffic to your blog.

Have you been looking for ways to increase your traffic? Are you stump with what to write about in your niche? Try Jaaxy for free with 30 free searches and see if this isn’t the best possible way to increase your traffic?

Try Jaaxy For Free Today!

Looking For Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof? Boom! Here It Is!

Where Can You Find Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof?

If you have been checking out Wealthy Affiliate or any of the affiliate marketing training websites, you probably are looking for some proof that this works right? But where is it? Besides looking directly into Wealthy Affiliate by signing up for a FREE membership, I can provide you with some info that yes, it does work.

HERE is a success story of one highly successful member of Wealthy Affiliate who has recently made $12,000.00  in income for the month. This is a great example of Wealthy Affiliate income proof!

The platform has made many people the masters of their own destiny by following the training set forth by Kyle and Carson along with 25 Wealthy Affiliate staff who help maintain the business side of things. And I know that you need to have some proof that this program in fact works before you are even going to consider joining. I support that thinking because over three years ago I was very sceptical about joining Wealthy Affiliate. But three years later I now know that it does work.

I think it’s important to let you know how exactly you will be making money using the platform. It’s pretty simple and the lessons in both the Wealthy Affiliate bootcamp will teach you how to be successful either promoting the platform or choosing a niche on your own and promoting products.  (more…)

How To Build An Online Business For Affiliate Marketing

Can You Build An Online Business For Affiliate Marketing In 2019?

f75591a107108631245da259140e2632 cropped 1540742108 optimized - How To Build An Online Business For Affiliate Marketing
Wealthy Affiliate

The question I often get asked is how can I build an online business for affiliate marketing in 2019? Is it even possible? After working on this website that you are reading a post on I can honestly tell you that building an online business is not easy but it’s completely doable if you put the time and effort into it. But when you begin building your affiliate marketing business it’s important to realize that success in the industry doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it may take months before you begin to see any results.

Is it all even worth the effort? 

Think about your situation right now. Are you working and how long have you been at your present job? Six months? Six years? More? If you are just starting out and within the first year of your job you probably aren’t making the kind of money you are told you have the potential to earn. In fact, you may be at the bottom of the pile in your company. On the other hand if you have been there a while, you are more than likely making better money than when you first started. If not I would consider another line of work. (more…)

How To Become An Affiliate Marketer For Amazon

How To Become Successful With Amazon 2b0f5795cf51e5c365ba7584038423041535934623 cropped 1551719215 optimized - How To Become An Affiliate Marketer For Amazon

Are you looking to become a successful affiliate marketer with Amazon? If you are there are some simple steps to do this without becoming too obsessed with overthinking on exactly how to do this. And that is one of the reasons so many people become disenchanted with affiliate marketing. They just overthink things way to much.  

What’s the key to not overthinking all of this? 

After working as an affiliate marketer for over three years I have found there are a number of things that cause people to fail but also succeed. The key to success for me was trying so many things I failed at until something clicked and then I began to make sales. And that thing that clicked was to just be honest with what I was doing, to offer something of value and to not be inflexible. And that means stop trying so hard and stop overthinking this whole affiliate marketing industry. 

Becoming an affiliate marketer is easier than you think it is! 

Finding success with affiliate marketing is easy if you focus on creating content, adding something of value to your readers and staying consistent over time. And of course you must have patience. But there’s also something else you need to become successful and that is find a course that will teach you the industry basics and stay the course. Learn all you can about affiliate marketing and don’t quit even if things seem bleak. 

Affiliate marketing is something you can do on your own spare time. It doesn’t cost a lot to start and you can end up making tons of money. But you have to find what works for you. You need to choose a niche that will be profitable and that can seem confusing at first. 
My suggestion is to learn with a company that has produced many success stories. For me it was Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a great way to learn affiliate marketing without all the hype and nonsense. It’s straightforward University teaches people how to become an affiliate marketing in their spare time. And best of all it doesn’t cost anything to join. You can sign up for free, try it out for a while and see if the shoe fits. But definitely if you’re looking to become an affiliate marketer for Amazon by selling their products, learn how to do this on Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a proven system that has made thousands of people successful over the past 14 years. 

And that’s it. Learn from the pros how to be successful as an affiliate marketer with Wealthy Affiliate. 

Read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate HERE.