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Month: December 2019

Why and How Redirects Play an Important Part in Your SEO Strategy?

search engine optimization 586422  340 1 - Why and How Do Redirects Play an Important Part in Your SEO Strategy?

Before we even tackle the importance of redirects, I believe that it is important to explain what SEO stands for and what it actually means.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and its main job is to increase the quality and quantity of traffic on your website, and it does so through organic search engine results. To fully understand the concept of SEO we have to break that concept into three different parts and explain them.

There are three main components of the SEO and those are: (more…)

Are The REAL Work From Home Computer Jobs?

apple 606761  340 - Looking For Work From Home Computer Jobs?

Apple Computer

The age-old question! Are there REAL Work From Home Computer Jobs? I’m sure you have probably scoured the internet and run into some total scams that are ridiculously so scam riddled that it’s surprising that people actually fall for them. But they do and hopefully, I can help you avoid some of the pitfalls that you may find yourself open to if you search for online jobs.

I too fell into a few traps that luckily I got the “bleep” outta there and never looked back. What I take from these scams is that I think it’s incredibly sad but it also makes me angry. The reason it makes me angry is maybe that I’m in my 50’s now and have worn a boatload of hats including the Marine Corps and work as a commercial electrician. Yes, I know the struggle and have had my share of running pipe in the ground as well as inside of buildings. I know hard work so when I took the early out in the construction industry in my late 40’s a started looking around at online opportunities.  (more…)

Looking For SEO Content Writing Services?

Usually, I write about opportunities in the affiliate marketing industry but today I am doing things a little different on this blog. And that is offering my services to any of you that need help writing your blogs. That’s right. If you like my style of writing you can hire me as your content writer. All of the content is written SEO friendly and I aim to write the best articles I can at the best possible price. (more…)