Is A Good Place To Buy Websites?

Is A Good Place To Buy Websites?

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Today I again went outside of my comfort zone and decided to check out how much and what kind of quality websites for sale I could find on How does this pertain to blogging and affiliate marketing? Simple. Pre made websites that you find for sale are websites that are geared towards earning an income. And the quality of the website, the hosting and the support you receive are a contributing factor to your success. With that said it’s important to find a website you’re looking to buy has some redeeming qualities.

Ok, so I looked at and wanted to find out how this works and were the websites worth buying. The first website I checked out was Here is a screenshot of what this site brings in, the cost and what to expect is your cost on marketing. 

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You can see that has a monthly revenue of $800.00 and the monthly expenses for marketing is $420.00 a month. They also have a revenue proof shot that gives you some great info on past earnings. Total cost for is $1500.00 which is not bad at all considering what you will be making a month. Minus the monthly expenses you will be making about $380.00 a month so it would pay itself off in just a few short months.

Another option to building a website is to do it yourself but if you want to find a website that generates income upfront, then might be the way to go.

What I Like About

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Ok, so what I like about this website is that you get a site that is already generating traffic and sales and that’s a good thing. I think if you have the money up front to buy a website on this site it could make you some serious income. While I haven’t tried it I do think it would be something I would consider especially because the sites are making money. At least that’s what they claim.

I then looked for reviews on this platform for buying websites and could find none anywhere. That’s not a bad thing but it really doesn’t give me any informed information as to whether or not this works for the customers. I’d really like to see some verified reviews.

I use a platform that I build my own websites on which has worked for me fairly well. I don’t have to do that much, just write a blog every couple days and the rest pretty much falls into place. Theoretically, I could build websites myself and sell them which I have considered doing. Checking  out makes me believe that an income generating website can bring in some decent money if you’re looking to sell.

Do I Recommend

Honestly, if you have the money I would recommend buying a website through The sites look professional, they have screen shots of what to expect as far as revenue is concerned and I didn’t see any bad reviews. Well, I didn’t see any but regardless I think it’s worth checking out. The income potential is pretty good and the price isn’t too shabby either. $1500.00 for a website that is generating $800.00 a month is not bad at all.

My only issue is that I didn’t see an option for money back guarantees. And that would be important to me especially since you’re buying the website with no real time proof it is generating sales. The site looks like they use the WordPress platform which is good too. This means you can go in and do some changes with your theme and menu and sidebar. That’s a plus for

Considering the price I guess it could go either way. If you have the money to go and buy one of these without it being too much of a strain on the wallet I would say why not. But, if you’re pinching pennies I would probably opt to build my own website with a platform that’s designed to help newbie bloggers. Either way it’s worth looking into.

Alternatives To Buying Websites

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There is an alternative to buying a website if you’re interested in going that route. Personally this website you are looking at has been online for two years and the site value is around $1500.00 which isn’t too bad for the time online. It’s generating decent income and has good traffic. The only difference is I build it from scratch and it’s still growing daily in traffic.

Is building your own website the way to go? Sure, if you don’t have a lot of money to spend up front. I pay $49.00 a month to access the site builder, the keyword tool, courses to learn how to build a website and generate income and I can build up to 25 sites with it. Is it instant cash flow? Nope. In fact it takes some time to start seeing traffic but once you do it’s something that’s pretty cool. And it makes money now, enough to pay for the platform I use and some extra money too.

I would suggest shopping around a while and see how it goes. If you decide to go and buy with that’s great and feel free to let me know how it works out. Otherwise, consider building your own website and watch it grow. It doesn’t take a long time and the rewards are more than monetary.

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6 thoughts on “Is A Good Place To Buy Websites?

  1. great piece i am headn to their website now your information was very informative who knows may just have to buy me another site thanks

  2. The uncertainity of whether the sites from deuces would generate the income is the only issue with their websites. I have seen some of their designs are just awesome. But don’t you think building your own site from scratch would just be better?

    1. I do. I think it’s better to know what the heck you are doing versus just throw a pre made up and let it fly. But, if you have some working knowledge on how to make a site work you can definitely benefit from 2Deuce. Well priced and like you said good designs. Nothing to scoff at.

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