Is The 50 Page Authority Site With Social Media Marketing Worth Buying?

The 50 Page Authority Site With Social Media

I was looking at programs for internet marketers and ran into one I thought looked pretty good. It was the 50 Page Authority Site With Social Media Marketing. At first I was thinking this was another scheme to get you to sign up for some strange web page design but at further glance I realized that this was much more.

This program offers members a pretty cool setup with 50 pages of content and it hooks you up with tons of social media options. Basically it gives you everything to run a full on content business where you can earn online. The idea of this is they do all the work and set everything up so you don’t have to know any technical skills or even have any type of marketing knowledge. My only issue with this is that while it’s great they give you this ready made business designed to make money, you don’t really have access to an online learning platform because it is what it is. A business already setup.

The program works through seven months and basically builds on the initial authority site that they make for you. And I think that is awesome that they stick around and help you build your business up. But, again as an affiliate marketer myself I know that while some sites can be successful with just 50 pages of content, many authority sites have much more than that. In fact some have thousands of pages of content! 

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Why I like The 50 Page Authority Site

Before I tell you what I think of this I want to show you what you get with this program out the gate for the first month. Notice that it does give you some great content and designs your theme as well as hooks you up with a lot of good social media stuff. This tells me that they do know how to get the ball rolling for you with the right site layout and content as well as hooking you up with five pages of content. As the months go on they will build on that. While all this is awesome, I did realize that I had already learned how to do all of that with the platform I use and I have continued training to keep updating my site and learn more about the business of learning affiliate marketing with content sites. Here is what the 50 Page Authority Site gives you during your first month. 50 - Is The 50 Page Authority Site With Social Media Marketing Worth Buying?


Ok, so not too shabby I have to admit. I think they give you all of the basics and like I said most of this that they do anyone with some basic knowledge of running an online business can figure out. It’s a matter of that light bulb in your head turning on and you say to yourself “Ah, so that’s how you do it.” And that’s it.

I do like the fact that the 5o Page Authority Site folks do all the hard work for you. Not that this stuff is hard but if you are a newbie chances are you may be thinking, wow, way too much information. And that is why most newbies quit when trying to run their own business online. They think that there is no way they can retain all the information and if they try and build a website it might not be perfect or they might screw something up. I’ll tell you right now if you are using an easy platform like Word Press to build your website on it’s very hard to mess it up. Everything is recoverable and saved to draft.

Now where does this leave you as an aspiring entrepreneur? Well, let’s think about it. First, there are two roads you can go down, the easy road or the road of do it yourself. And what’s the difference? The road where you get all the work done for you is going to be more expensive and while you get an awesome website built, you more than likely will have no clue as to how it was really put together.

In my experience as an affiliate marketer I believe that the training you receive initially will be the ticket to your success. Why? Because you will know how and why things work in the online business world. When things start to go south like lack of traffic and sales, you will have the knowledge to turn things around.

Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Way To Go

Let’s face facts. We are now more than ever in a digital marketing era. Everything is promoted online. In fact just about everything we do involves being online whether it’s banking or schooling or paying bills, everything revolves around the internet. And if you have the knowledge of how to build an internet business then you are absolutely golden. The folks at the 50 Page Authority Sites know their stuff. They know how to build you a successful business startup. They follow up with it for seven months. But then what happens? Will you have the know how to keep the ball rolling? If you don’t then your awesome business they built for you may fail. And that’s not cool.

Affiliate marketing and online businesses offering services and products is becoming more and more popular as brick and mortar stores like some of the well known retailers go belly up. For you as an entrepreneur this gives you an opportunity to really become your own success story. And some people are really making big bucks as they learn the in’s and out’s of the online business world. Whether you sign up for the 50 Page Authority Sites and have them build your own business or do it yourself saving you some major bucks is up to you. But, I will tell you that doing the work yourself will not only save you money but it will allow you to learn how to build a business on your own. And knowing that is priceless information!


What’s The Cost Of The 50 Page Authority Site?

I never really like talking numbers especially if you are looking at buying into what I would call an investment. As we all know an investment has risks and I haven’t seen one that doesn’t. With that said I will say that personally I will stick with the program I learned on which cost me right around $50.00 a month. But with that I get all the training, the site tools, the keyword research, the SSL cert. and all the support and continued training I could ever ask for from thousands of members. I also get free hosting and I can get my domain all on the same platform. I like that because it’s easy.

Ok, on to the price of the 50 Page Authority Site With Social Media Marketing. I have seen much higher costs with comparable platforms. My only concern is there is no one on one training in marketing or content creation that I think you need to be a success long term. pricing - Is The 50 Page Authority Site With Social Media Marketing Worth Buying?


See, not overly steep and I have seen some programs charge much more. But, it does cost you a cool thousand bucks and that’s a bit steep for your average budding entrepreneur. I started learning to build my own site for free the first week and then it costs $49.00 a month but it’s a very interactive platform with learning, access to site comments and feedback, and one on one help from the owners themselves who have been running the platform for twelve years. I went this route because I didn’t want to pay a bunch of money upfront and figured if it didn’t work out I could quit after a few months. Thankfully i didn’t quit and now this website makes me money but more importantly it helps people like me who are looking to start their own business.

That’s about all I got for the 50 Page Authority Site With Social Media. I hope this short review gave you an idea of how this works and how marketing and running a website works in general. I know back a few years ago I wish I had this information just to make a more informed decision. So, if I helped you don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below!

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  1. Ilias says:

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the review of the 50 page authority site. The idea is really interesting. 50 pages and some social media accounts can be a solid foundation for a new affiliate marketing business.

    However, if it costs $999 and more as it seems on the image above, I do not think that is worth the investment. You can hire a good writer and order 50 quality article with the same or less money. In my opinion, there are better opportunities out there than the 50 page authority site.

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