Affiliate Marketing Best Courses. What’s The Best Ones?

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If you are looking for some of the best affiliate marketing courses, look no further than this blog to learn what they are. Are you driving yourself crazy trying to succeed as an affiliate marketer?

Have you been writing post after post of quality content and getting nowhere? Are you trying to do all this on your own with no success? I was, so I had to do something. I was killing myself trying to make a sale. So, I started looking at training courses.

After months of scouring different affiliate courses, programs and I’m sure some major schemes, I found Wealthy Affiliate which I thought at first may have some promise.

What I found was something that for your average person may look ok but it kind of looked like a scheme to get you to sign up for their premium option which included their affiliate marketing best courses. 

I checked out the courses and got pretty confused as to the amount of training provided. It seemed like this was some sort of huge undertaking just to get through the first few courses. Included were videos, training and then you had options like live chat and some other stuff that just confused the heck out of me. But, it looked legit as I kept looking further into what it was all about.

The Premium deal was not mandatory which I liked but it was also a bit pricey for me at $49.00 a month. I really didn’t want to shell out that kind of money.

The courses after a while started to make sense and I just kept plugging away with them, putting what I learned into building my website on their free membership. I didn’t sign up for Premium because I wanted to see how much I could learn for free. The free courses were ten of them total and this covered the basics. After about a week of learning the basics, I realized this was a pretty good learning platform complete with a site builder, free hosting and free domain for free members.

The Premium version unlocked many of the other options which included the live chat, 24/7 tech support, and videos as well as nine more full courses of affiliate marketing which each included 10 training sessions.

Overall I thought this was probably the best platform for learning affiliate marketing I could find anywhere.

Some Said The Platform Wealthy Affiliate Was A Scheme6da95a16af0a40174b14288a77aa001a1560355648 cropped optimized - Affiliate Marketing Best Courses. What's The Best Ones?

That’s right. I looked on Utube and found someone on there that made a video saying the whole Wealthy Affiliate thing was a scheme and not to be trusted. But then I found a ton of videos of people saying the platform changed their lives for the better. I didn’t know what to think. Had I been scammed and learning stuff that was a waste of time? I looked further into this and found through my own trial and error and found the reason people may think this is a scam.

It isn’t that the training isn’t well put together. It’s because it takes work to actually see results. And if people don’t see success after three months or so, the give up and call it all a scam.

Anything worthwhile takes time. I learned that in the Marine Corps. So, I kept at it, building my website and trying to fit all the pieces of the training to work. Finally, after about four months, I made my first sale. And it was at that point that I decided the Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership was worth trying.

Unlocking the additional courses opened up my eyes to what this affiliate marketing was all about. It was much more than just writing a few blogs and calling it good. Much more than that but it was the way to go to finally understand how affiliate marketing works and how to create posts that eventually made sales.

Maybe you are like I was. Making little to no sales and yet you keep trying day after day getting frustrated. My advice. Stop pushing so hard. Let things flow like they should and when you least expect it, you will make sales.

The key to becoming a successful affiliate marketer is to learn all you can about building a quality affiliate website is to keep at it when you want to quit. It’s like running a marathon, one more mile is all it takes. With affiliate marketing, it may be that one post you write, that one review that takes you to the next level.

But, you have to want it. You have to be creative and you have to have a vision for your future. If you can do that, you can succeed in affiliate marketing.

Start But Give It A Chance

That’s my advice for people who want to succeed in affiliate marketing. Just don’t give up even when you feel you are done. Everything you need to learn affiliate marketing is on the Wealthy Affiliate website. You don’t even need to go elsewhere for your domain, hosting and site builder. It’s all included on the platform. You just need to show up. In your underwear, at your laptop or whatever.

Your time, your business and your decisions to meet your goals. And you need a good platform to learn on.

HERE is my review of that platform. I think you’re ready.

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