Affiliate Marketing Scams And What To Watch Out For

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Don’t Get Scammed!

Affiliate Marketing Scams? Are They Really Out There?

We all have seen the flashy websites promoting programs which pay out huge returns for little work as an affiliate marketer. But, are these programs really worth what they say they are? As a blogger looking to promote products do you think these people really care how good your content is? No, they are in it for the money and that’s it! Worse yet is these shady so called companies hide the hidden truth behind their programs. It’s a sad day when you can’t make an honest living as a marketer but even worse when there are companies looking to steal your money with false promises.

What You Should Be Watching Out For

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Be Wary Of Affiliate Marketing Scams

So, what should you be looking for in affiliate marketing scams? There are a number of things and I’ll list them below. Just know that there are so many out there that it’s going to be hard to tell what is good and what is a complete rip off!

1 Always check reviews on an affiliate marketing program before you decide to join. These companies will push you with their tactics to make you sign up right now. They don’t want you to think it over and that’s where you will get burned. Much like telemarketers they use these tactics to gain control over the situation quickly. Always research the company in question first before doing anything!

2 Promises of big money fast. Affiliate marketing scams are rampant and many of these shady programs will promise you all kinds of bonuses and deals to get you to join. They will promote their cons with flashy websites, alluring content and tell you what you want to hear. The end result is you sign up, spend your money and get little to nothing in return.

3 Programs have no physical address. An email address is not a physical address so if you see something like the company name and an email address but no physical address, chances are its a hustle. Always look for a physical address and a phone number!

4 Program is too new to have any reviews yet. This is another red flag for me. I would never join a company that has no reviews simply because you never know what you are getting. Most reputable companies will have at least a few reviews so you can make an informed decision. No review….no signup!

5 Use common sense when joining any company. Affiliate marketing scams are probably one of the more common internet cons out there. While there are some reputable companies, it’s important to use your common sense. Below is an example of a potential affiliate marketing scam that I found in my email this morning.

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Using this as an example you can see that there is no clear cut information in this website. It’s totally vague yet for some I can see how they may get sucked in to this. Would you? Think about it, this is the kind of emails I get frequently that are basically totally vague and I would never consider joining. As a blogger looking to earn money I don’t think this would fit the bill but it comes close. Affiliate scam websites often use this same format in their emails to get you to join. You see something like this, it’s best to steer clear. I’ve taken out the website address just so you don’t get taken and to protect the “company”. While it’s possible it could be legit, I highly doubt it.

My #1 Choice For Affiliate Marketers Is…..

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Dave Donahue (Author)
Ok, my rant on this affiliate marketing scams thing is over. If you’re a blogger looking to get into affiliate marketing I would suggest really looking into different programs, check out the reviews and take your time deciding. If you’re looking for some basic newbie tips to help you with your writing and marketing, check the archives of this website as there are a ton of tips on here. And if you’re looking for a reputable platform to start your affiliate marketing blogging career check this link! My #1 Choice For Affiliate Marketers!


P.S. By the way, if you have any suggestions on how I can improve this site I’m all ears. Please leave your comments and suggestions below!

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