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Whether or not you have heard of the Affiliate Marketing With Roy program I don’t know but I have seen his ad from time to time. Today I decided to take a look at what this was all about and if it looks like a good way for new affiliate marketers to get into the business. At first glance I noticed a whole lot of content explaining what it is this program was all about and of course a video from the man himself giving you the 411. Check the video out HERE

The program is a 52 week ongoing training deal where Roy will send you weekly training via pdf and then by the end of the training you will be well trained in how to become a top notch affiliate marketer.

But here’s where I got a bit confused. I didn’t see an option for any one on one training or a site support team or even a site builder on his site. And that got me wondering. So, I checked out the price. $27.00 per month ongoing for 52 weeks. To me that seems a bit steep but giving Roy the benefit of the doubt I wanted to see what he actually offered. And would this work?

All Hype And No Action?

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Ok, so basically Affiliate Marketing With Roy has pdf files he sends you on a regular basis and you are supposed to learn from these which is fine. The topics he covers looks legit and would be what I expect out of an affiliate marketing program. In fact he does cover a whole lot of stuff! But, I really have a problem with is there is not a whole lot of substance to this deal. In the sales page he basically is just telling you that you don’t need a website, a while bunch of flashy bells and whistles or any ot that nonsense. You just need to promote affiliate links. Hello! That’s what everyone does with affiliate marketing. And just promoting an affiliate link on Facebook, Twitter or any of the 1000’s of other social media sites is not going to help you. You need some ongoing support and up to date training to make this happen. The affiliate marketing industry is huge and it takes a lot more than just throwing a link to the world. For this I have to say I’m out. Now, I will say that the training he has may be some very useful information. But, I think you will need more than that to be successful.

Do Your Research First

I apologize but I’m not goinng to go into this program much more here. If there was some substance or a website besides some sales page and a sign up for through Commission Junction I could see writing more about it. But I don’t know. Check it out for yourself HERE and let me know what you think. Maybe Affiliate Marketing With Roy could turn out to be something. If you do check it out, leave me a comment and let me know your experience. Have a great day.


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