The Affiliate Mastery Institute. Don’t Waste Your Time Until You Read This!


The Affiliate Mastery Institute. Is This The Path To Financial Freedom?

The Affiliate Mastery Institute is an interesting website that offers it’s members just about everything you need to get started with a money making blog website and at first glance it looks pretty cool and legitimate.

But is this the path to financial freedom today?

I checked this website out and wanted to see exactly what it offered you as a new member. There are a number of different subscriptions with the Affiliate Mastery Institute and I wanted to see if it compared well to the program that I use to blog on.  Here is what is offered to beginners.
mastery - The Affiliate Mastery Institute. Don't Waste Your Time Until You Read This!

Basically what this platform teaches you are the basics of SEO, mastering content writing, how to market your website and some other necessities in the blogging industry. It’s got a lot of information that it claims to offer that really looks like it will be teaching you the core basics of what you need to know.

Is this the ticket to financial freedom? The Affiliate Mastery Institute? Possibly if you follow the way the program teaches you.

Let’s take a look at the different subscriptions this program offers and see if it’s worth the price.

pricing - The Affiliate Mastery Institute. Don't Waste Your Time Until You Read This!

pricing1 - The Affiliate Mastery Institute. Don't Waste Your Time Until You Read This!


So, the pricing looks fair to me because I don’t see a site builder on the plans. If there was one then I think it would be a much better deal. I do like the fact that the Affiliate Master Institute does have an option for live chat five days a week and you have access to a webinar which I think are good. You also have access to a mentor with the $197.00 plan.

Is The Affiliate Master Institute Really All That?

Well, this is where you will have to join and make that decision for yourself. I think it’s hit or miss. The good news is you can try it and cancel anytime. They do offer a 100 percent guarantee which basically states that they are fulfilling their obligation by offering you training in affiliate marketing. I think that’s fair.

But is this program really going to make you money? Not if you don’t go through the training and webinars and I think you may have to pay for a site builder and domain, not to mention a hosting service in addition to the program.

Would I Recommend This For Newbies?

I have to say I would if you go through the free trial to just test the program out. It looks to be reputable and if you put the information to use you more than likely will make money.

The problem I have with newbie affiliate marketers is many of them are looking for a quick dollar and no studying is going to do that. Not through the Affiliate Mastery Program or any other affiliate training resource.

As an affiliate marketer you have to put in your time!

So, what would I suggest? Learn, apply and keep applying! Don’t stop just because you don’t make a buck in the first month. Keep writing and learning and trying new things. Study the competition in your niche. Use a keyword tool like the one I use on this platform.

Stop Chasing Programs And Start Learning!

This is probably the most important thing regarding newbie bloggers and affiliate marketing. You have to stop chasing the shiny new programs! The Affiliate Marketing Institute looks great to learn marketing.

As a newbie blogger you want to have a complete package that includes a site builder, site support, chat forums, a keyword tool, SSL certificate and weekly video training at the least.

And you don’t want to spend more than $50.00 a month. Heck my wife buys $4.00 coffees and I’ll never figure that out.

The program I use and have been for two years now includes all that you need to learn and start building your website today…right now! You may have seen reviews for the Wealthy Affiliate and figured they were just hype. I can attest that this is the best platform to get started on. Otherwise I wouldn’t still be with them. I believe if you apply yourself and don’t quit you can be successful as a marketer. You just need the tools to do it! Real quick take a look at what the program I use offers both free and premium members.

wealthy affiliate membership grid - The Affiliate Mastery Institute. Don't Waste Your Time Until You Read This!

I’m Just Another Guru Selling A Program Right?

Uh, not really. In fact I’m just an average Joe. My name is Dave and I am a US Marine Corps veteran and retired electrician. I am the opposite of what an internet guru is.

I just studied hard and applied what I learned and started making money on the internet as an affiliate marketer. That’s it. And when I’m not doing my blogging about tips for bloggers or reviewing a program I’m usually at the lake fishing for catfish.

My point is if you have a computer which most do now, an internet connection and some time to write some good articles you can earn money in any niche. You don’t have to promote a program. You can sell anything on Amazon or any niche affiliate product.

And it’s fun to do!

Anyone can do this. I mean anyone who is anyone. And you don’t have to do it all the time 8 hours a day 5 days a week. In fact I put at the most maybe two hours a day on my website. The rest of the time is mine. It’s important to go through the training though which can at times be overwhelming but in the end you will succeed.

Compare the two programs above and let me know what you think. Are you ready to learn today. You can by joining the program I use here and get a couple free websites to get you started.  Or if you want to read more about it check this review I wrote.

Whether or not you pick the Affiliate Marketing Institute or the Wealthy Affiliate to learn affiliate marketing is up to you. Or you may decide to keep searching. But remember you have to start somewhere and today is the perfect day and time to do it!

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  1. Hi Dave,

    Enjoyed your presentation.

    I was initially a chaser of new platforms, non of which seemed to work.

    The Affilaiate Marketing Institute appears to be on par with WA.

    I like WA. because as I said I was a chaser, looking for the easy way, lost al lot, made less, until , quite fortuitously I found WA. and now feel I am on a solid foundation for the future.

    Great work,


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