Are Websites Like Wealthy Affiliate Scams?

Most of us have checked out affiliate programs that are designed to help you earn online. But it can be a bit confusing especially if you are just starting out. It may be difficult to understand just how they work and how they actually make you money online. So, let’s look at Wealthy Affiliate for a minute and see how exactly this site works and whether or not this is a scam or something with a viable service for it’s members.

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Earn Income By Blogging

Wealthy Affiliate works somewhat like this. Members sign up either for free or they can sign up as a premium for 47.00 a month. With the premium membership members get a wide variety of resources designed to make them an income. Wealthy Affiliate gives it’s members two free websites which they can build with the sites default domain. With these sites they build posts and pages which promote different affiliate products of the members choice. Members are encouraged for find a niche that they find interesting and from there they begin to build their business. The site has a huge support base of members and the owners are on site daily to help members along. Of all of the support and different types of training modules available as well as videos posted frequently I found this program is probably the best online for newbies.

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I’ll See How Wealthy Afflliate Pans Out

By checking out a number of reviews on the site I found that Wealthy Affiliate appears to not be a scam. In fact considering this website has been helping members find success since 2005 I think it’s something worth checking out if you want to promote affiliate products. There’s a lot to learn on Wealthy Affiliate I have to admit and for some it may seem overwhelming at first. The training lessons and the bootcamp lessons can seem endless but it’s all geared towards you making a good online income. So, that’s my take on Wealthy Affiliate. I signed up 7 weeks ago and am building my business. In the coming weeks and months I will update on my progress! Check Out Wealthy Affiliate Here



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