Are You A Try Hard? Stop!

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Are you a try hard? Do you try so hard at something and end up failing every time only to beat yourself up? Well, just stop. I mean it. In the affiliate marketing business they say content is king and while that may be so, it’s amazing to me how many people get into this industry and fall flat when it comes to writing content.

Why is that? Many affiliate marketers come from different countries and that’s fine but if the content reads like a second language, people are going to pass you buy. Worse yet, many of them will think you’re a scammer. Welcome to 2020.

For others in affiliate marketing, they may come in with the gloves on and write consistently and fall flat. That’s me when I started with building this website. I was a try hard. And then I just said f**k it. I’ll write when I feel like it. I’ll post when I get around to it.

It’s at this time I realized that in business, time is everything, Take for instance when I got the email once I was over 50 from a crematory business wanting me to fill out some B.S. Marketing. That’s all it was. I replied with a simple message. “Stop sending me this crap. I ain’t dead yet!” And then I blocked them.

See, what I’m saying here. They want you dead and buried just so they can make some cash on cremating your ass. Nope, ain’t dead yet. And in affiliate marketing it’s the same. Vultures trying to rush you. Even those who are selling programs teaching you the business tell you time is everything. So, you post like a madman and end up getting nothing in return. That’s a try hard to me.

So, I just say stop and do stuff on my own time and post when I want.

Don’t rush stuff when it comes to your website. Take your time. Give yourself a year of working on your website before you even consider throwing in the towel. Just keep it up and don’t give in.

The same applied when I went through Wealthy Affiliate’s lessons. I tried to go through them step by step. Once I got through the first few, it got easier.

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