Are You A Try Hard? Stop!

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Do You. Forget What People Say.

This applies to anything if you’re ever going to be happy. Do you. I know it’s an overused term but it’s true. If you write as you speak and convey a message with honesty rather than writing like you’re reading from a script, things will go much better. I guarantee it.

Affiliate marketing is a competitive industry. It’s saturated with millions of websites that for the most part are unsuccessful. The ones who make it are the ones who don’t give up and keep plugging away week after week.

I have a few suggestions for you that may help you find a success in the business. First, make an office area that’s fun to be in. It can be a game room like mine. In fact I use a gaming computer to write my posts on Word Press. One size doesn’t have to fit all.

The world wide internet is a huge vast expansion of random musings, pictures and anything else under the sun. Take advantage of the fact that you can work on a platform that reaches millions of people. If you have a product that sells well, you can definitely become successful.

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Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Another thing I noticed with some of the members on Wealthy Affiliate when they are new is that they sweat over the smallest stuff. It may be something as small as editing a post or the type of image they are putting on their content.

What happens when you sweat over little stuff? You get paralyzed. It’s like you get writers block but it’s much worse. You’re paralyzed with fear that you may do something wrong. I get it. Nobody wants to come out of the gate failing. It’s not human nature. But sh$t happens and there’s not much we can do about it. In the scheme of life, nobody cares if you misspell a word or put a picture on your website that may not fit the topic.

Now, there may be some people who criticize everything but who cares about that either. The point is, do the best you can but don’t worry about stuff so much.

I learned affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a good platform to learn on. Is it perfect? Nope. Do people that don’t know what they are doing join? Yep. That’s why it’s a learning platform. So people can learn the business. When I first started I barely knew what I was doing. Now, almost five years later I get it for the most part. And I learned that the key to succeeding in affiliate marketing was just to not quit.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that I promote. I don’t make a bunch of money promoting it. I think it has some flaws. And some of the features I could do without but overall it’s a good place to learn the basics of affiliate marketing. As you learn you also learn to not be a try hard. You learn what it is to fail and how to get back up. You also learn that if you stick something out good things can and do happen.

The affiliate marketing industry is booming now that the economy has slipped into a slump due to the current situation. And the news media loves the tragedies that surround the economy. Take advantage. People are at home shopping online. You can build a website in affiliate marketing and become successful rather quickly if you use the opportunity to your advantage. Take a look at this article on booming e-commerce

But, don’t be a try hard. Take your time and work your magic. Play your cards right, go easy on yourself.

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