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Are You Saying I Need Job Now? Maybe You Should Do This!

Are You Saying I Need Job Now?d27d86e60cb4baeb8b79e5a312d88e7e1530750887 cropped optimized - Are You Saying I Need Job Now? Maybe You Should Do This!

Are you yelling to the world I need job now but it feels like nobody care or listens to you? Are you feeling like a loser in a sea of rediculousness? Let me tell you some of the things I have learned over the years and why it may be so hard to get a job. Below I list some of the reasons why you are applying for jobs but nothing is happening! 

1 You’re under or over qualified! Yep, employers want to know what kind of skills you have. And in today’s economy everything revolves around selling, building or medicine. If you have no skills in any of those then you may be out of luck. Alternately if you have you have too many skills and demand higher pay you may be SOL too. 

2 You’re over 50 and have worked yourself out of a job. Gone are the days of working hard for a company and getting the gold watch and a fat pension. People change jobs quicker than you can change a light bulb so you have to be adaptable. If you’re over 50 and can’t get a job chances are you’re being discriminated against but nobody wants to use that term anymore. It’s too offensive. But it does exist. 

3 You’re too independant. The real world does not like you to think independantly. You have to be a team player and play the drama game in the workplace other wise you may end up out of a job. And there’s always someone there to replace you if you become an outside of the box thinker. Creative thinkers beware. 

4 You don’t have connections. This is a big one and yes if you don’t know someone you may be out of luck. Being a veteran I know too well how it is. In fact the local VA looks to hire those who know someone. Ex. Bob works at the VA. He got his sister, wife, mother in law and grandmother a job in the kitchen. It’s one big happy family at the VA.

5 You are disabled. Nobody wants to hire disabled people. They say they do but is this true? Not from what I have seen. If you’re disabled and sitting in your house staring at the walls don’t take offense.  It’s not your fault. We live in a cut throat society in the workforce. 

Don’t Buy Into The Stereo Type Thinking!

I’m serious here. If you are having a hard time making ends meet and feel like nobody gives a damn about you, believe me you aren’t alone. In fact there are many people in the US that can’t find work and the work they can find can’t seem to even pay for a cardboard box. You’re best bet if you have no skills may be to live in a shoebox apartment with 10 other people and work at the labor pool making 50 bucks a day each. 

But wonder if you don’t want to be someone who lives like a cockroach in a dump? Wonder if you think higher of yourself than a peasent looking for a free lunch? Wonder if you have a ton of self confidence and you feel like nobody is giving you a chance? I say to hell with the status quo! I say start your own empire! I say go for the gold and create your own affiliate marketing business! I say you can do it if you believe in yourself. 

How Do You Become Your Own Boss As A Marketer?9e4d5d5361f703db24be4b96c0c9e6b11530750973 cropped optimized - Are You Saying I Need Job Now? Maybe You Should Do This!

Marketing is big business now. It’s huge and if you can sell digitally your even better off. Online sales are huge in 2018 and affiliate marketing is becoming the wave of the future in this digital era. Everyone is online browsing Amazon or Ebay or any of the online stores that offer great deals. Wouldn’t you want to get in on that action? You can if you follow my lead. 

How Do You Do It?

Honestly, if you’re saying I need job asap then you may want to start working from home as an affiliate marketer. If I can do this anyone can. It’s not hard selling and it’s something that you can do by simply writing blogs and promoting a product or service. What can it be about? Anything really. You can make your own necklaces and sell them on your website. Or you can sell products from other companies without having to ship anything. You would be inserting affiliate links on your blog posts that you write for your website and then when someone buys you get a comission. It’s really that simple. And what if you are homebound and disabled? You can do this from home to if you have a computer and an internet connection! 

I will say that it does take some work. You will be writing a lot but if you like to write then this is a great fit. Writing a post like this one you are reading takes roughly an hour and that’s it. Then the rest of your time is yours. Write one post a day on your website and in years time you will have a whopping 365 blog posts on your website and that means traffic and sales!

Take A Chance. Make A Change!

I hope this blog is helpful to you and explains how you can earn as an affiliate marketer by creating your own website and writing blogs on it. Nobody looking over your shoulder, nobody telling you what to do. It’s something thousands of people are doing from home and you can do it too. 

How do you get started today? Simple. Start learning how to become an affiliate marketer. And I have the proven way to do it. All you have to do is be motivated to start learning. 


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8 Responses

  1. David says:

    Hi Dave,

    This is some good information that you have here. I can see how it would help people.

    I noticed that you use the “word” SOL in your post. This was something that I was not familiar with.

    I did a quick search and found out, it is the Latin for “Sun”. That made no sense to me in the context of your post.

    I did some additional looking and found out that it is also an acronym for “S**t Outta Luck”. That make a lot of sense in the context of your post.


  2. Andrew says:

    There are a lot of people in the world that are in this predicament, they are stuck in their boring old 9-5 job , or they cant get a job because they either lack the skills or have too many. Making that big break in life and becoming an affiliate marketer is an opportunity that you have to take, you just need a little guidance. You have really bought this situation to light and a real joy to read.

    • Thanks Andrew for the comment. I only write what I have learned through years of working and the wisdom I hope I have acquired. Sadly, I think I’m not the only one that thinks the way I do. The good news is affiliate marketing is a great way to learn and earn on your own. And it’s fun.

    • Thanks for the comment Andrew. I agree that the old 9 to 5 can become a drag, I was in it for years. Learning Affiliate Marketing has been fun and exciting and now my website makes money which is secondary to the success in other areas of my life. It has given me something to work towards too. I wish you much success!

  3. Melinda says:

    I have been an affiliate marketer for about a year now. It isn’t fast money. It takes awhile to start rolling in. I would recommend that people start affiliate marketing to prepare an income for retirement. It is definitely worth it, but if you need a job to pay bills now, there are lots of other gigs that you can apply for.

  4. Vicki says:

    I’m heading for 60 and I joined WA a wee while ago and have never looked back since
    People need to consider doing something to add on to their income and the younger you start with WA the better in my opinion
    All ages from all over the world are seeing how great this is and I wish you every success
    Thank you for your honesty- I really appreciated this

    • Thanks for the comment Vicki. I agree with you 100 percent. There’s no time but now to join the Wealthy Affiliate to learn affiliate marketing. It’s a pretty cool journey especially once you get traffic to your website. I hope more people can see that it is possible to learn the industry and work at home no matter how old they are.

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