Are You Using A Safe Blogging Site?

Is There A Safe Blogging Site?

In today’s volatile marketplace it seems that everywhere we go someone or some organization has a new scheme designed to hustle that last buck out of your pocket. I hate to say it but it’s just the way it is out there and there is no stopping these guys. So, looking at the scope of what is a safe blogging site and what’s just another scam I decided to take a look around and find what works for bloggers and what doesn’t. Without going into specific blog websites that are scams I will tell you which ones you should be looking out for in the online world. Hopefully my tips will help you to steer clear of those that are just looking to rip you off. I will also tell you what blogging site is not a scam and worth looking into.

Donation Websites. Which Ones Are legit?

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Be Wary Of Donation Websites

Ok, there’s a lot of donation websites out there that appear to be legit and in some cases they really are and all the proceeds from donations go to the right places. But there are some that are just designed to bilk people out of their money. Donation websites that claim to be helping veterans of the armed services are some that I really like checking out because I am a veteran myself. My best advice on these sites are to really research them and even consider giving them a call. Check the Rip Off Report online and look for any complaints. While there are some that are legit I would definitely checked out any that claim to be helping veterans through donations. I would also check sites that claim to help lost children, people with illnesses and others that offer little in return for your donation. Always look for options for tax right offs and be skeptical of those that only accept Paypal as a processor.

Blogging Websites That Promise Quick Money

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Fast Cash Really?

Blogging for an income is one of the more common deals out there and you’re bound to find a huge array of sites that claim to be able to turn you into a pro blogger. They come with all types of bells and whistles and while some of the stuff is useful, be wary that you aren’t buying into an idea and nothing else. A platform that teaches you blogging should be one that backs up their promises. And if you’re looking for a quick buck through blogging, it doesn’t exist. Ask any popular blogger today and they will tell you it takes a lot of time to be successful as a blogger. Always check to make sure it’s a safe blogging site by checking online reviews and check the Rip Off Report. You’re looking for a site that has longevity and one that has little or no complaints on it.

Check Out Blogging Sites Before You Commit

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Don’t Get Scammed!

I’ll admit starting my blogging site was a bit intimidating. And you know why? It’s because I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and what to look for in a blogging platform. I was totally clueless. So, I shopped around long and hard before I decided on one particular platform. Being one of those guys that worked manual jobs my whole life I really had to learn from scratch and I’ll admit I’m no pro by any means but I do get the basics of blogging and have gained a lot of insight and knowledge by doing it for a few years. I do also enjoy blogging. It really is fun. So when your looking for a safe blogging site to start writing your blog I would say start slow and learn the basics on whatever platform you choose. And always check out the rates for a blog site that offers to teach you blogging and marketing. I personally will not spend over $50.00 per month for any blog website platform and went with the Wealthy Affiliate. It’s cheap and has been around along time. I also get hosting with them. But, whatever platform you choose make sure it’s a safe blogging site by checking out all the reviews. You want one that will help you long term and not slowly drain your bank account! Happy Writing!

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