The Auto Commission Magnet Review! Is This The Ultimate River Cash Flowing Shnizzle Shnazzle?


The Auto Commission Magnet Review!

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Ok, so if you look at the Title of this article I hope you got a laugh because I believe one funny saying deserves another. In this new post I am writing about the Auto Commission Magnet! Yes, it’s a magnet for commissions and if you’re not using this to get the ultimate cash cow through your website, you’re a straight up fool!

Ha ha. No you’re not, in fact I think if you stop before you buy you are definitely doing yourself a favor. Why do I say this? Because let’s think about this for a minute. Is there such a thing as an auto commission magnet and does it even work? Before I get into that I had to check this Auto Commission Magnet opportunity and see what it’s all about and is it worth your time in even looking at it. 

First off, it’s not really a program, it’s simply an E-book that tells you how to make boat loads of commissions with your website and products or services. They claim to be adding 150 new pages to their already awesome E-Book which I found to be somewhat interesting. I mean is this quality content or just a bunch of rehashed marketing stuff. I had to keep on looking. Here is the first thing I saw when I checked this deal out. commission - The Auto Commission Magnet Review! Is This The Ultimate River Cash Flowing Shnizzle Shnazzle?


As soon as I saw this I knew what to expect and I’m not saying I was completely amazed. Because the page was just way too vague for me. I didn’t even know what I was getting. Oh, and the price? Well, that was cheap at $12.00 which I figured they set and would be able to bank if a bunch of people bought this. I wasn’t impressed I’m sorry to say. But, let’s give this the benefit of the doubt.

The Commission Magnet claims you will be able to earn on auto pilot with no website, hosting, no ads, no content and no SEO. From the looks of it I guess the money starts rolling in as soon as you buy the book. Yea, I doubt that but I would be interested in seeing exactly what this E-Book looks like as far as content. But, alas there is nothing to see!

It took me just over a year to earn enough to quit working for the man with the program I used.

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Would I Buy This Ebook?

Nope. And I don’t mean to slam this Ebook but something looks a bit fishy to me. I mean what am I getting for my money? Is it some useful content or a bunch of words that goes round and round and leads no where. And believe me some people are great at giving you a load of B.S. in a few thousand words and then want to charge you for it. I say show me some proof or I ain’t biting.

I honestly want to give this the benefit of the doubt but the claims are a bit outrageous. They say you don’t need a website but then says you can use this to promote your CPA offers and you will get tons of traffic. That’s what they claim. Here is another screenshot.

crazy - The Auto Commission Magnet Review! Is This The Ultimate River Cash Flowing Shnizzle Shnazzle?
Auto Commission


Is this really worth the $12.00? Well, how about you be the judge. Does it look like it’s the shnizzle shnazzle? Or the Fizzle Fazzle? Lol I don’t mean to laugh but until I can see some serious content that actually sounds legit I’m steering clear from this. But, if you do try this be sure to leave a comment below if you can.

Why I Don’t Buy Into The Hype

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I don’t buy opportunities that offer little in value to me. As an affiliate marketer who has been actively working on this and some other site for a few years I have learned that nothing takes the replacement of hard work and dedication. I do not believe a quick E-Book has the capacity to make you a boatload of money. It may have some good qualities but nothing you won’t be able to find through your own searching. And that’s where people get you. In fact most E-Book I have bought in the past were average information at best and nothing too impressive. I did not make money with any of them.

The key to earning online is that it will take you a lot of time in building an online presence that eventually could make you an authority in your niche. And that’s a good thing because it weeds the wannabes from the dreamers. I can’t stress enough if you are going to be successful online you have to work hard and learn all you can learn. Learn how to sell and how to write effective content. Learn what is in demand and what people are looking for online. And then solve that problem. Otherwise you may just be wasting your time over and over again.’

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Here’s To Your Success!


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27 Thoughts to “The Auto Commission Magnet Review! Is This The Ultimate River Cash Flowing Shnizzle Shnazzle?”

  1. I love learning about new resources and books, thanks so much for your insights. As a new blogger, I’m taking it all in.

    1. Very cool. Just be sure to do your homework before spending your pennies!

  2. Haha – yes I love the title Snizzle Snazzle. I have just recently started blogging as an affiliate marketer and I’ve actually been very tempted in buying a random cheap E-book in hopes it could me. But THANK YOU for telling me the reality: “I do not believe a quick E-Book has the capacity to make you a boatload of money.” This has definitely made me rethink how to spend my money. There are so many seemingly amazing offers for marketing E-books and the like, but I’ve always been skeptical. So thank you for sharing your opinion – you definitely saved me a few bucks!

  3. Hello and thanks for sharing. Tons of helpful information that is well detailed and will really help your readers. And to add to that, I must say that wealthy affiliate by far is the best program out there that can teach anyone to have online success.

  4. Thanks for sharing this information Dave. I am always looking for ways to improve my own affiliate marketing efforts but you are absolutely right. There is nothing truly valuable this e-book can do for your business. Scam exposed, great work.

  5. Thank you so much for this information, Dave. How in the world can you get traffic if you do not have a website? Thanks for researching for us all!

  6. Brian

    Hi Dave, I always appreciate a good review that says it the way it is. I love your candour and no-fluff way with words. I for one fully support your choice of program that really teaches one how to succeed at online marketing.

    Best regards,


    1. Heya Brian thanks for the comment. It’s probably because I was in the Marine Corps and I may be a bit brash at times. I’m working on that by going to mindfulness classes and spirituality groups. I am glad you enjoyed the article:)

  7. Kyle

    I love the title! Very original. I like the article. There were so many times that I saw potential scams on the web with this type of topic and making money online. Very trustworthy read to because you expressed your opinion. Built my trust. Great read.Thank you!

    1. Glad you liked it Kyle. I do try to give programs, books or other online tools the benefit of the doubt but I also believe in transparency. I like to see results, samples, testimonials, etc before committing to any thing that requires a dollar. I hope this helped you.

  8. Your title was captivating. Well done. Thank you for letting us know about this ” Magnet”. Unfortunately there are so many of us that fall victim to this type of “Five N Dime” sites . If we would only look for reviews like yours before we fall into their grasp, we would save ourselves so much time , money and aggravation.
    Thank you for taking the time to review this Ebook and giving us your honest opinion. I will not be one of their victims now thanks to you.

    1. I suppose it could have some good info in the Ebook but in doing any type of marketing or programs on the net I have found it’s easier and cheaper to just research stuff myself. I guess some may find this useful but there is something about DIY when it comes to website building and blogging that is much more appealing. I appreciate the comment and wish you nothing but success!

  9. Good post and I like the angle you used to review a different online marketing program and then talk about what it really takes to create a successful online business.

  10. Thank you for this awesome review! I can tell you that you saved me $12! It blows my mind how people can market one thing and then once you pull the bait they slowly reel you in with another, less satisfactory thing.

    I will definitely be checking out your recommendations. Thanks again!

    1. Thanks Misty for the comment. I like to think any product has some potential but for this to work to me I would definitely need to see some more info.

  11. I loved your headline. It is very catchy. In regards to the book I would definitely not be purchasing it. It is basically just outrageous claims with no validity.

    Making money online is not easy but that is a good thing. If it was everyone would be doing it and creating even more outrageous claims than I already see out there sometimes.

    As you stated, finding out how to solve the problem of others is the to really generate income. The income will come if you connect with people and find out what it is that they wan to achieve and what brought them online in the first place seeking something.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome review.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yes, you got it right. The only way to achieve any type of success is through hard work and determination. Online or offline. But if you stick it out good things can happen! Best to you!

  12. I’m not gonna lie. Being a first time affiliate marketer is hard – hard in the sense that you have to discern what sources of information are actually going to benefit you. Thanks for exposing yet another source that charges you for repeated info that doesn’t actually help you in the long run.

  13. For sure, market is flooded with income making opportunity ,and confusing and overwhelming to find right place to dime through online. Wa is one of the top and best platform to start online business from scratch!!

    1. That’s the sad thing is there are so many enticing programs but in my experience you can only succeed by working. Thanks for the comment!

  14. Ew, another internet scam. It is good to know you exposed it. There are so many gullible people out there who probably would have bought this, but did not thanks to your work. Most people can throw away $12.00 on something they think will work for them, but even $1 to a scam is too much.

    I do have a question though. You alluded to the program you use. What is it exactly and what makes it better than other programs in one sentence? I look forward to hearing your answer.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

  15. Ebook …. it sounds like those other online scams that will only tell you about the rewards… I mean rewards that come with no work or input. lots of people still fall for such but truly if you take a second to thing you will know things that are too ”good to be true” are not realistic.
    This is not only an advice to those hoping to get into an online system but also brings out a program you can rely on… before rewards!
    Thank you for this

  16. Heidi

    As a soon to be blogger I gotta say I absolutely loved your title, made me laugh and made me click on the link to see what more you had to say. Which is a great thing as I am one of those people that would have had to trawl around the internet researching this e-book for hours and hours and trying to work out if it was legit and/or worth it. So thanks for saving me time and money.

    1. Glad you got a laugh out of it. I have to admit it’s a silly title!

  17. Simon

    You are so right when you mention nothing takes the replacement of hard work and dedication. The times I read about overnight get rich quick schemes that provide plenty of free time & operate through half an hours work per day because everything runs on auto-pilot – do any exist? I certainly haven’t found one.
    This Auto Commission Magnet Ebook may sound cheap at $12 but clearly very expensive because it provides diddly squat.
    Thanks for informing about the zero benefits of Auto Commission Magnet, fab title by the way,

    1. Thanks Simon. While it may provide some benefit to some people I do believe that most of the ebooks that are compiled may be found in a search. I appreciate the comment!

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