Best Hosting And Domains For 2019

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Normally on this website I don’t talk a whole lot about best hosting and domains but I know people are always curious as to how to find the best service at a low price. You don’t want to spend a ton of money I am assuming on this and you also want to be able to get both the domain and hosting on the same service without having to jump around to different services right? i mean it can be a hassle especially if you are being billed separately for each service. I know the plight all too well.

What can you do about it? Well, I have to admit there are some good websites out there that offer these services under one roof and that may be the way to go if you just don’t want to keep track of bills. And the one I use offers these services for free just for signing up which can be a good way to go even if you’re not all into affiliate marketing.

But, keep in mind I use an affiliate marketing website platform for not only my hosting and domain but also all of the training, site content creator and site support just to name a few of the services. And the Premium membership runs about $50.00 a month which can be pricey for some people.

And the hosting with the Premium services can handle up to 50 websites if you can manage to run that many. It is shared hosting but drop times are virtually non existent and you will be able to contact site support if you do manage to have any issues. 

In my close to four years working on this platform (Wealthy Affiliate), I have only had to contact site support three times total which tells me the hosting service is pretty good. I don’t think there is a better option out there for hosting especially if you are looking at running one or two websites and want this stuff for free. The free membership offers members free hosting and domain for two websites along with some affiliate marketing training for those entrepreneur buffs.

Why Choose Wealthy Affiliate For Hosting And Domains? f75591a107108631245da259140e2632 cropped 1560643291 optimized - Best Hosting And Domains For 2019

Hosting is naturally something you will need if you are running a websites as is a domain. Wealthy Affiliate has that covered and all you really have to do is sign up and just stay a free member. They will try to get you to upgrade but you are under no obligation to do so. You can stay a free member for life but keep in mind that if you go for their Premium membership, you will have to stay at that level and you can’t go back to a free membership. I know, it’s weird but they have to make money too.

I have had other people ask me what the best hosting is and I always tell them I use Wealthy Affiliate as my main service. It’s probably the easiest option for anyone looking to get started as an affiliate marketer or even if you’re running a basic personal blog.

I won’t go full bore on this blog today. I thought I would just throw this out there for anyone looking for the best hosting and domains they can find online. It’s worked for me for almost four years and if you want it for free, just sign up HERE and see how it goes. If you like it great, if not, no problem.

To your success. Dave

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