What’s The Best Hosting For Small Business? Are They All Equal In Quality?

Best Hosting For Small Business

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If you’re looking for the best hosting services around I gotta tell you there are a lot of good ones. But, for the purpose of this blog I’ll give you what I think is one the best hosting for small business that I could find anywhere.

In my blogging journey I had to figure out what hosting company I should go with and it wasn’t easy finding one that fit. I tried Go Daddy which was fine and then I started looking at some others that included the domain, web builder and the hosting all in one package.

A lot of it seemed confusing and I didn’t really know what the best course of action to take was. I also tried 1&1 which had some good packages but the hosting wasn’t what I expected. The site builder was ok but I kept searching as I learned more as a blogger and what was out there.

I was also looking for a place to get an SSL certificate that was cheap with absolutely no hassles. So, searching for hosting and domains and I finally found one company that really worked well. It’s called Interserver.


What’s Interserver?  

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Interserver is one of those companies that I consider to be a top notch business that offers affordable hosting and domains for anyone looking to get their site moving in the right direction.

The cost for hosting is cheap at $5.00 a month with the option to buy every six months or yearly with  5 and 10 percent off. I liked the fact that the checkout was easy. But, the site also gives clients hosting for RS 1 through 5 and ASP web hosting as well. If you’re looking for affordable hosting Interserver is your best bet if it’s the hosting and domain service you’re looking for.

Looking for backup storage too? Interserver has that covered with 100 GB of backup storage for just 25.00 and lesser storage of 50 Gb for $15.00 and $25GB for just $10.00. Pricing is monthly, bi yearly or yearly.

Looking for licensing? Interserver has that too and servers as well. This is a company that is a step above you average run of the mill hosting business. While it may be a bit more expensive, I’d rather have quality versus quantity here.

Check out Interserver, a must for bloggers looking to get ahead of the game. Click the picture above or paste the link in your browser. New clients can get a discount too with the code in the link. TAP HERE



Take a look at Reviews.com that has some great reviews on web hosting and then come back and finish reading. Reviews.com has done an exceptional job in looking at over 200 hosting sites and has some awesome insight for anyone looking to get the best out of their hosting services. I highly recommend checking this in depth look at what the best hosting is for any size business. It could save you a ton of money and future headaches in the long haul! TAP HERE



Plan Out Your Blogging Strategies!

Hosting is just the tip of the ice burg when you’re starting your blogging business but it’s an important aspect of your success. I highly recommend the above service. It’s one of the best hosting for small businesses.

The other thing I wanted to cover was your blogging goals. As a blogger for companies or if you’re promoting your own products or someone else’s I have to admit I have heard that most people fail. While this may be true, it’s important to think about why bloggers fail. Is it because there is no money in the industry?

No! In fact there’s tons of money available as a blogger if you know what you’re doing. Now, I won’t say you have to be a genius but knowing the basics of blogging is crucial to your success.

And while blogging correctly is important it’s pretty simple to do. In fact you can just emulate what you see here. Notice the short sentences in the paragraph and the use of the keyword phrase “Best hosting for small business?” How about the H1to H5 tags on the headings and paragraph titles? These subtle things you can do will help bring your website more traffic and that equates to more sales down the road.

I wouldn’t suggest making your website a sales pitch on every post. In fact that’s a killer for business. If you review a product that’s worthy then sure put it up but don’t just slam products on your page or posts for the heck of it. And probably the most important aspect of blogging has to be to have fun at what you’re doing! Blogging is a great way to calm yourself and work at something you can be proud of six months or six years down the road.

To Your Success!   Dave




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