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Chances are you have tried to make money online but fell short for one reason or another. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t make money because there are thousands if not millions of people who end up quitting affiliate marketing because there was no money to be made. 

But there is if you have the right education in the industry. 

I’m not saying that anyone can make it in affiliate marketing and I won’t say it’s easy for those who do succeed. I will say that if you have little to lose and feel it can’t hurt to try then you probably will be one of the ones that will NOT succeed. And that’s because to succeed in this industry you really have to put forth some effort. Kicking the can just doesn’t work with this business. 

The problem many people run into when it comes to affiliate marketing is they just can’t decide what’s the best way to go when building their website and learning how to promote it. They get stuck and eventually give up. And the platforms they learn on are usually scripted content websites that you just follow the leader on. There really isn’t any room for using your imagination there. 

What’s The Best Platform to Use For Affiliate Marketing? 

Personally I used Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to blog and market websites. It was a straight forward way of learning the industry and I didn’t have to spend a ton of money to learn the process. It was easy and I had no comittment. I could stay a free member or pay a small monthly fee and had access to some very useful information as well as a site builder, keyword tool, member support, thousands of blogs and videos and free hosting and a free domain. 

The only thing I did not like about the platform was the fact that to get the full courses and training I had to become a paid member which was fine since the price per month was about the price of 10 packs of cigarettes which I quit so I was saving my health and putting the money into some learning tools for myself. 

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you everything you need to learn to become succcessful at affiliate marketing. You don’t need anything but a laptop computer and of course to wear your thinking cap when you log on. The tutorials are step by step and cover everything from building your first website to learning how to market that site and keep building on it. You also learn how to use Themes, work with WordPress and you even learn how to use one of the most up to date keyword tools on the planet. It’s really a win win and I like the fact you have no contract and you can quit at any time. 

If You Believe In Yourself You Will Succeed11d98ee3f5d80b76e1641844793563291567608278 cropped optimized - Best Make Money Blogging Beginners Websites

Believing in yourself and scoffing at those who say you won’t is necessary in affiliate marketing. I say this with experience in “succeeding as an electrician. While in school my buddies would always try and get me to go drinking when I had school nights. I wouldn’t really call them buddies, just drinking buds which thankfully I quit that activity as well as few years ago. 

And the key to quitting smoking and drinking was caring for myself and believeing that I could quit for myself, not anyone else. Today I no longer drink or smoke and feel very proud for sticking to it. As far as affiliate marketing goes, I started this website in January 2016 and have kept at it for over three years now and it’s making money. But it doesn’t make money because of something special I did or didnt do, it’s making money because I kept at it and didn’t quit on my affiliate marketing journey. 

While this site focuses on promoting Wealthy Affiliate, I also created another website through Wealthy Affiliate that focuses on helping people quit smoking. It follows my journey with updates every few days and then I have a few affiliate quit smoking products on there as well. 

You see, if you want to blog for a living, affiliate marketing is the way to go because you will be making money as a blogger in essence. You write blogs on the topic of your choice, add affiliate links and if someone buys your products, you make a comission. All it takes is you believing in yourself and you can find success in the industry too., 

How To Get Started With Weathy Affiliate? 8f067fb26ba8b2ee56c251cedb9a5ecd cropped 1567608321 optimized - Best Make Money Blogging Beginners Websites

You just sign up like I did as a free member or paid, which ever route you want to go. Pull up the WordPress option or Site Content tool and you start building your website. It’s easy and there are thousands of members on the site that will help you with any questions you might have. Don’t worry if you have no computer experience, you don’t need it. Word Press and the Site Content are so self explanatory, they pretty much tell you what to do. 

I can’t promise you success if you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate but I do consider this to be the best make money blogging beginners websites available online today. I believe anyone can use the tutorials and videos to create a thriving business with this platform. I have had success and I haven’t even gone through all of the training and videos available. For someone who wants to start a business on a shoestring, this is the platform to do it. 

Don’t take my word though. Sign up for free on Wealthy Affiliate and test drive it yourself. If you like what you see, start building your website and go through the first courses on the website. You really can’t go wrong and if you believe in yourself, you will succeed. 

Finally, check out my 2019 Wealthy Affiliate review HERE. It will give you a better idea of what to expect. 

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