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Blogging is fast becoming a great way to earn an income from home in your spare time. But how do you do this and it is worth the effort? Also, what are the best tips you can use to get started blogging for an income from home?

First I’ll cover what I think are the best blogging tips for people looking to get into the industry.

1) Pick a niche you want to blog about but don’t be too vague. Nobody will stick around reading something that makes little sense or the site is too confusing to figure out.

2) Blog about what interests you and not what you think is the most popular. There are tons of blogs out there but not all of them are successful and some people really don’t want them to be. And that’s the kicker. Choose something that you think is fun and not just what you think will be successful. That will come later with hard work and dedication.

3) Choose a platform to write on. I recommend Word Press but there are many others. I choose Word Press because it’s pretty much free unless you upgrade your theme. Now you can make a website on the platform for free. Just become familiar with the software first.

4) Become an expert in your niche and try to help people get the most bang for their buck or give out free information in what they are looking for.

5) Get some tips from the experts. They are definitely out there and all you have to do is look for them. Check out different blogs and contact the owner and ask for some tips. Most of the time bloggers are open to communication from other bloggers. It’s hit or miss but worth it.

Take Your Time Building Your Blogd9bb087a9d697d43c83963b85909efb81582477972 cropped optimized - Best Website Blog Platform For Affiliate Marketers

Too many bloggers try and rush things. They want their blogs to be seen so they market like crazy, go social media overload and write just a few blogs and think the masses will come running. Unfortunately, that’s a recipe for disaster.

Most people start blogs designed to make money by using affiliate links. This is a good way to improve your writing skills but also a good way to learn the affiliate marketing industry. While affiliate links are readily available to anyone wanting to promote products I have to say be careful when choosing a company to work with. Be sure they have been in business for a while and have qualtiy products.

The most important aspect of building a blog for an income is to take it slow and steady. I don’t know how many times I have heard people saying they aren’t making any money in the first six months. If you’re impatient then affiliate marketing really isn’t going to work for you and you might as well just go get a J.O.B. because it takes a while to see results because of the way search engines place new content.

For example, my first year this website made zero money and I mean absoultely zip. It wasn’t until I had about 100 posts that I started seeing results and my first sale. I don’t mean to be blunt but it is what it is. Sure, many programs offer you the world and tell you that success happens quickly but it just doesn’t. These companies are looking to make sales and nothing else. With that said, I have to let you know that if you want to get into the business be ready for a lengthy ride because success comes but with time.

Hopefully this short blog can give you a little insight into the world of affiliate marketing and blogging. Leave me a message or comment below if you want. And finally, if you’re still wondering what the best blog platform is, HERE it is.

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