What Is The Best Website Domain Hosting Provider Online Today?


What Is The Best Website Domain Hosting Provider Online Today?blogging 336376  340 - What Is The Best Website Domain Hosting Provider Online Today?

Looking for a great website domain hosting provider but falling short? I know, I’ve been there. While there are a lot of different hosting providers for your website out there it’s hard to figure out which one is the best. For some hosting providers they offer you a great start up price but when it’s time to pay the next month of service you may be surprised when the bill is way more than you expect.

Why is that? Well, some providers will give you a cheap first month of say $1.99 but then the monthly cost can be anywhere from $10.00 a month and up and to top it off they will sign you up for a yearly commitment. So, don’t be surprised if the cost is over $100.00 after that first month. These shared hosting providers can be as cheap as $4.95 a month but that doesn’t cover any more than the hosting and the backup and security these providers give may be substandard.

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Some web experts predict that in 2018 building a website can cost as little as $500.00 or as much as $1000’s of dollars. Someone who is just starting out with a blog for income site doesn’t need all of that high cost nonsense to get a basic website with decent hosting and affordable domains. The problem is many times a lot of these services are sold separately from different companies so when you combine them altogether you end up with a crazy monthly bill.

Shop Around When Looking For The Best Hosting!

I can’t stress this enough but it’s also important to shop around for your domain, website builder and marketing services. And understand exactly what you are paying for. Does your hosting provider offer a good security system and does it give you frequent Word Press backups? If it doesn’t I would keep looking around. Also how is the tech support of the service? Does the platform offer you site support that takes minutes or do they dwiddle their thumbs when you have issues?

Personally, I would never pay more than $50.00 a month for everything you need to build and maintain a full website that includes domain, hosting, site builder and a good keyword tool. I think this is more than enough to pay for all of those services. Luckily I found one that offers all of that and has been worth the money I put into it which was just under $50.00 a month. You can check this platform out here. TAP HERE

What’s Your Business Worth?money 2724235  340 - What Is The Best Website Domain Hosting Provider Online Today?

When choosing a web builder and hosting it’s important to understand that this is the backbone of your business and while it’s not a brick and mortar business, it is a money making venture. And you should treat it as a business and not a hobby if it’s designed to earn you money.

The problem with hosting I have found with cheaper providers mostly lies with the security, backup and tech support. If you don’t have the best of the best you’re going to experience some down time which will distract from your business. You don’t want that. So, pick the best because your business is worth it.

Why your Hosting Matters And What’s The Best?

Hosting services do matter but if you’re just grabbing at any run of the mill service you’re going to get just that. I would suggest checking out this blog on hosting before you commit. You probably will learn something new. TAP HERE

There’s a lot more I could go into as far as hosting is concern but since this is for newbie bloggers I try to keep it simple. All web hosting really does is provide storage space for your website and access to that site. Some offer higher quality but it’s pretty simple what the hosting provides.

I hope this little blog is helpful if you’re looking at what hosting is and how different providers vary in quality and costs. If you want to learn more about how I chose the best web hosting for me, check out this blog I wrote a little while back. TAP HERE

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