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What Are The Best Word Press Themes Designs? Is Proteus Themes Worth Checking Out?

What Are The Best Word Press Themes Designs?

Is Proteus Themes One?

I’m a fan of checking out different themes for your website and if you have some decent traffic already I would consider upgrading to a paid theme. The reason is many paid themes have more options and support than your traditional free theme. Regardless it is up to you to decide if a paid theme is worth the extra few bucks.

Proteus themes really looked pretty cool to me since it’s been around for about four years. I think that as a beginner blogger they have a pretty good choice of themes to choose from. But, for bloggers who want to earn a commission from promoting Proteus Themes I think this is the best thing going for those who want to promote paid themes.

They have some of the best wordpress themes designs so you are selling a good product. proteust - What Are The Best Word Press Themes Designs? Is Proteus Themes Worth Checking Out?


Proteus Themes doesn’t really have a flashy homepage or anything as far as I know. It’s mostly designed for people who purchase through their affiliate program but for you as a blogger you can make some decent money by promoting the paid themes.

They also have a pretty satisfied customer base of over 26,000 people who bought through them. And paid themes can actually help increase your success levels but I recommend them to the more experienced bloggers who already have an actual good web presence.

Is Promoting A Good Paid Theme Program Worth The Effort?

Hmmm. Yea you know what? I say why not. It’s free to join and you get access to some of the best word press themes designs so I say go for it. If you are promoting the payout is pretty good and you can direct people who want to buy or sign up as an affiliate on your website. Personally this blog you are reading is about ready for a paid theme because it’s getting too big for me to go without the support I may need in the near future.

So, if this is you I would definitely check out the Proteus Themes. Check out the screenshot below for a look at the affiliate page layout.

proteustheme - What Are The Best Word Press Themes Designs? Is Proteus Themes Worth Checking Out?

You can see it’s pretty basic and when you make a commission you make up to $89.00 per sale. Not too bad for directing your traffic to a quality paid themes product. But like I said before if you are considering buying a paid theme I would definitely do my due diligence and at least have some traffic to your website.

If you are new to affiliate marketing I would definitely sign up for quality training like I did. Check out the review I wrote up on the platform I use to blog with here. And if you want to promote or buy paid themes through Proteus Themes I would definitely check this link.

Finally, I encourage you to keep trying new things with your blog. Learn all you can about writing and marketing and of course using keywords to increase your readership. Also, always look to what you can offer that will benefit your readers. If it’s knowledge in the industry then by all means offer it. Keep trying and never give up until you create the thriving blogging business that’s in all of us!



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