Best Work Home Online Jobs For 2020

What’s The Best Work Home Online Jobs For 2020?

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Ok, I’m no rocket scientist but searching for something related to working at home online to me is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I mean, I see online ads for everything from selling stuff for Uncle Bob’s warehouse to selling as an Amazon Associate that in the end looks to be a never ending hit or miss stab in the dark. Granted, I’m no spring chicken by any means and I fully get it. Many of these so called companies are probably created in the middle of the night by some college kids with a degree in marketing and some light bulb just kicked off in the heads and poof, they come up with the newest pie in the sky get rich or die trying deal.

I’m not dissin’ here because I think it’s pretty ingenious to come up with some of these programs especially considering I was raised to work like a pig and if you were digging ditches, well, it’s an honest buck. But being a semi dinosaur who worked as an electrician and a Marine, this new age digital make money at home can seem pretty new age, new fangled way of keeping the ball rollin.

Anyway, to the question at hand. What’s the best work home online jobs for 2020 that I have found that look to be worth checking out? In a nutshell, not too many of them. And believe me, I have checked out a ton of them. Being a Marine vet I love researching stuff and learning new things and four years ago I found what I believe is the best way to earn online. It’s a training program and not some get rich quick scheme anyone can do. It took time, effort and in the end I found out it was actually fun. It’s affiliate marketing and I am willing to bet you have probably heard of it by now.

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I believe it is especially if you’re tech savvy. It doesn’t take a lot of work, in fact manually you will be doing no work. It’s all on your computer. The hard part will be picking a niche and then choosing what affiliate company you want to promote. You can basically promote anything but I would definitely think it over first because affiliate marketing is not something you can achieve success in overnight.

How do you get in on the action? Simple. Just find a platform that teaches the fundamentals and learn the stuff better than the next guy. You aren’t in competition per say but it’s best to learn all you can about the affiliate marketing industry before diving in.

I use Wealthy Affiliate to run my website (this one) and I use it to write my blogs, research keywords, get affiliate links and hosting and domains. It has it all under one roof which let’s me bypass all the other do it yourself website companies that offer a fraction of what I get at twice the price. Sure, it cost me $49.00 a month but I make that back every month with commissions. It’s not a get rich scheme but it does work if you put the time into it.

Ok, so I let you in on what I personally think is the best online business to get into in 2020. Affiliate marketing. It’s easy and you can do it if you young, old, disabled, poor, whatever. It’s better than doing nothing and if you work hard at it you can succeed. All I can say is whatever you decide to do, try your best at being the best at it. Because it’s one life and it’s yours. Own it.

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