Blog Writing For Money. Do You Have What It Takes?


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Many bloggers go into writing blogs thinking they are going to succeed fairly quickly and there are some exceptions to the rule and some do succeed in a relatively short period of time. But, that isn’t the norm for most bloggers. In fact most bloggers will struggle at first and find that finding success is harder than working a traditional job. When you are blog writing for money often no matter how much you blog the money doesn’t come.

So, why is that? Why do some make it in the blogging arena and others fall by the wayside? I wish there was an easy answer but unfortunately there is no easy answer. In fact the vast majority of bloggers have to blog for many months if not years before they find any type of real rewards. I know that sounds bleak but you need to look at why these bloggers don’t make it. It’s pretty simple to be honest. They give up, plain and simple.

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Again, it can be tricky to find your way to riches as a blogger. The way you will succeed is by picking a niche and becoming an expert at it. And then blogging about various topics and keep going when the going gets tough. That takes consistently writing and exploring different ways to make your blog work in it’s niche. This blog while written about blogging tips also ventures off into ways to blog, ways to earn as a blogger and what type of platforms work. I also write about hosting and which products I think will work. Collectively, all of the blogs work to make this site what it is and that’s how you will succeed. You have to like what you are doing and be consistent with your work.

Become An Authority!

All websites start out slow and have zero traffic. As that site grows in popularity it will gain readership and conversions. The reason? Because the longer a site is online, the more it is trusted. Trust is something that is earned both in the online business world and off. And trust takes time to gain especially online. Whatever your niche is I would suggest building that site for at least a year before expecting any results as far as traffic and earnings. That’s on the low end so expect to be writing for a while before seeing serious progress.

As your site grows it can flourish into an authority in it’s niche. As you build your blog base check your Google Analytics to see what is working and what isn’t. Are your blogs based on reviews more active than blogs that aren’t? Often this is the case so expect to be writing alot of reviews on your website. This is how you will become an authority in your niche and you will find that blog writing for money pays off.

Don’t Get Frustrated!

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This is easy to do especially for new bloggers. You may find yourself blogging consistently and getting zero results. That’s ok because you need to realize it will take time for your blog to gain trust. Just keep going, update your blog often and it will happen. If you find yourself burning out, take a rest.

When I started this blog a year and a half ago I never expected it to become as big as it has. Today with about 250 blogs this website is now becoming an authority in this niche but it’s taken nearly that long for it to mature. It just doesn’t happen overnight. Blog writing for money is tough work and I know that now. But, if you stick it out you will see some awesome results!

Get Support When You Need It!

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One of the things many bloggers do is not seek out support when they need it. It’s good to belong to a group of like minded individuals who can help you when you need it. And that means finding a platform that works for not only building your blog business but also one that has a support base. I use this platform and it’s free to join and has worked well for me.

Whatever route you take to try blog writing for money, take it slow and be consistent. That’s about the only thing I would suggest. Don’t get impatient and follow through daily with updating your blog, answering readers questions and be consistent every day. If you do just that you will see your blog succeed.

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