Blogging Books For The Newbie Blogger

Blogging Books For Beginners

Thanks for checking out this page. Here you can find blogging books I recommend. I have researched a ton of blogging books designed for the newbie bloggers and these I have found to be the (few) decent ones.

So, why read a book about blogging? I think it can give you an idea of the history of blogging, where blogging is going and how you can get a piece of the pie as a blogger. One thing I have come to realize as a blogger of close to five years is it is a continual learning process.

You are always learning new tricks to succeed and the information you find can really help you get a head start. I would recommend these books for bloggers starting out who have never started a blog. You can really learn a ton and when your blog does get online, you will know what to expect and how to really get it off to a great start!


100 Content Marketing Tips

Author – Tamas Torok

This book is written by an experienced blogger who resides in Hungary. I like this book because it gives newbie bloggers some up to date information that will help anyone not only learn to blog better but to actually learn what it takes to bring in new readers. This book is 234 pages and focuses on SEO and how to increase conversion rates. It also covers all the basics a newbie blogger really needs to become successful! This is a paperback and listed at $12.99

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100 Content Marketing Tips











Managing Startups

Best Blog Posts

Here is a nice little gem of a book from Harvard business professor Thomas Eisenmann who covers the business aspects of blogging. If you’re considering a startup blogging business, this read is a must! While some of the content may be a bit in depth I think newbie bloggers can definitely learn how to get their business up and running and learn the ins and outs of the business side of blogging. The book is a bit hefty with 452 pages and is an e-text book. The book is listed at 12.99

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Managing Startups Best Blog Posts











Create Your Own Blog

6 Easy Projects to Start Blogging Like a Pro

By Tris Hussey

This is a perfect go to book for the beginning blogger to get their feet wet in this ever growing industry.  Create Your Own Blog will give you the steps to start and maintain a blog while building a website around it. Easy to read and understand, this book will give you the know how to get you moving in the right direction before you even start building a blog website. I like the fact that this book Create Your Own Blog gives you valuable information on growing a blog website using the WordPress platform. The book is listed at $19.99

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Creative Blogging

Your First Steps to a Successful Blog

By Heather Wright-Porto

Here is another fascinating book for newbie bloggers that’s a sure fit for anyone who wants to blog but wants to learn from a pro. complete with tips on choosing a niche to creating the perfect blog Heather Wright-Porto takes her readers on an awesome journey into the world of content creation.

This is an easy read for anyone who needs a step by step explanation of starting a blog and seeing it through to its fruition and finally monetizing that blog. Complete with blogging terminology and steps to starting your blog on a variety of platforms, this book covers everything a newbie blogger needs to know to be successful. I recommend this as a go to book for any newbie bloggers looking for a jump start in the industry. This book is listed at $34.99 and is an E-book of 328 pages.

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Creative Blogging








Looking For Self Help Ebooks? Whether you’re trying to maintain focus or need help writing that awesome blog, self help books may help! As a newbie or experienced blogger, reading is also part of perfecting your skills as a blogger. See below for a huge selection of e-books that can help you rise to the top of the blogging world!

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