Blogging For Cash. A Reality In Today’s Economy.

Blogging For Cash?

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Blogging For Cash

Have you noticed that when ever you search for something on one of the major search engines little ads pop up on your screen?

It’s all about digital marketing and if you’re considering blogging for cash then you may find yourself caught up in some form of digital marketing.

But, do you have what it takes to succeed at this new form of marketing?

Let’s face it we are constantly bombarded with some type of marketing on a daily basis. Whether it be on the television or the internet you and I are the target of marketers in the digital sense.

Do you ask to be marketed to? Probably not.

Are you interested in doing the marketing yourself?

Creating Your Own Digital Brand

If you landed on this page chances are you were searching for something relevant to what this website is about. It could be blogging tips, how to blog for money or even how SEO works.

You didn’t land here by accident.

And I’m no green spaceman in a suit. I’m just another one of the many who are blogging for cash so to speak in this new era of digital marketing.

It’s not rocket science, a scam or a scheme. It’s really just simple marketing.

The key is to create your own digital brand or identity on the internet.

How Do You Get Started Blogging For Cash?

To tell you how to actually blog for cash might be a bit difficult to explain without going into some detail.

But I can tell you there are some key components to learning how to cash in on your blog. Below are a few of them.

Blogging Regularly

Pick A Niche That People Find Interesting

Learn As You Blog

Use A Blogging Platform That Has A Proven Success Rate

Above I listed just a few of the qualities you pretty much have to have to be a successful blogger. But, it’s not really that difficult to get started.

In fact it’s probably easier than you thought.

The key to starting a successful blog is to write content that your readers will find useful. And then keep writing!

Why Keep Writing Blogs?

Google’s algorithm is a strange one. It likes content that is written well, has relevant keywords and is user friendly.

It doesn’t like garbage or over stuffed content.

But, it is important to write content on a regular basis to find success as a blogger. And it’s important to learn as you build your blog website.

It’s kind of like building Rome but you’re doing it online one blog at a time. Pretty cool huh?

Take this blog you’re reading right now. Initially I didn’t really think I would be blogging for cash. In fact at first I really just wanted to write blogging tips for newbies.

Then something strange happened.

As I kept blogging I kept learning how my blog could actually make money online. Granted it’s taken time but I kept at it day in and day out.

And now it’s taken on a life of it’s own.

Is There A Secret Behind It?

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Where To Go From Here?

Not at all. In fact that’s what’s strange is that most think there is some kind of secret method to making money online.

It’s simple. You offer a product to your readers and get paid.

The blogging is the part that keeps you alive in the search engines. And besides it’s fun to watch your blog grow.

I will admit I had some help along the way. I couldn’t do it all myself because I needed to learn some basic marketing and writing techniques.

You may have heard of the Wealthy Affiliate.

You may think it’s a scam or just another online venue.

It’s neither. It’s a full fledged training system that teaches you how to write content that Google likes and how to market that content.

I could be writing this blog to offer you a shiny new auto blogger but I’m not. In fact I would much rather see bloggers write their own content.

And so does Google.

How You Blog Is Up To You

I don’t really like promoting a bunch of stuff. In fact there’s only one program I would really recommend for bloggers who are serious about blogging for cash.

That’s the Wealthy Affiliate.

And I say that because I have tried numerous blogging platforms and it’s the only one that worked for me. But, it didn’t do the work. I did.

The Wealthy Affiliate only taught me how to write and market my blogs.

I do tell people who ask me about this platform to check it out before committing long term. That’s because you really have to do the work and keep blogging when you really don’t want to.

Are you still interested in blogging for cash? If you are I would check this platform out for free and get started as a blogger.

It will teach you what you need to learn to be successful. Just click the banner below to learn more!

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7 thoughts on “Blogging For Cash. A Reality In Today’s Economy.”

    1. Best thing to do is pick something you find interesting and the general public may be interested in. It could be anything from boating to basketweaving. It may not necessarily be what you think is the most popular. Because it’s something you will be writing about ongoing. If you lose interest you probably won’t be as motivated. Also it helps if you pick something you can find numerous topics about. Overall your success will depend how consistent you are at writing content. While its important to pick a niche that people find interesting, its up to you to write interesting content just the same. Best of success and feel free to comment back if I didn’t explain this enough.

  1. Good post. It gives people a great idea of what to expect and what to do when you firsr start out blogging. It seems so difficult and like something you can never wrap your head around but you broke it down so it makes sense and now you realize it is do-able.

  2. I like this one. You really jus put it out there. Nicely written and factual. And you seem put the reader (that’s me!) at ease. I am wanting to help people, write, learn and make money…pretty much in that order. I once heard someone say to be successful you just to have to do what you like, do it really well, and not worry about the outcome. That is what I do what I do. You do a good job of saying that. Thank you.

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