Why Your Blogging Is Failing. Do You Have A Clue?

Why Your Blog Is Failing?failure - Why Your Blogging Is Failing. Do You Have A Clue?

You ever wonder why your blog is failing? Hopefully I can give you a few tips as to why it may not be successful and what you can do about it. Many bloggers  start out with a bang but over time their site and blog posts start to get weak. By weak I mean they just don’t keep at it when the going gets tough. And if the blogger does keep on blogging, they aren’t following a technique that works. Below are some tips you can use to help that failing blog move back up in the rankings!

Keywords   By now you probably know how keywords help to make your blog what it is. But how do keywords make your blog successful? Pretty simple really. By using different types of keywords including long tail keywords, low hanging fruit keywords and low QSR (low search) keywords, you can find that your blog will get ranked much better with time. You also need to use a keyword tool that optimizes your blog and helps you rank better. Here is the one I recommend. Jaxxy Keyword Tool

Stop Trying So Hard   I know what you’re thinking. Trying too hard? Don’t you have to try? Sure you do but don’t go about writing your blog like you’re pulling a bad tooth out with a pair of rusty pliers. It won’t work and your readers will see through it. Write naturally like you speak and you’re blog will fare much better. The worst thing you can do is write like you’re in a hurry to get somewhere. Sound familiar? I bet it does. Slow it down and write from the heart and your blog will flourish.

Learn How To Blog Correctly  Here is another blunder that so many new bloggers tun into. They try to get going in the right direction with their blog but all signs point to failure. Why is that? Because they fail to follow some simple steps. Learn how to write a blog with intent and you will succeed. Check out this awesome read on blogging with intent. Blog With Intent

No Experience In Blogging  Naturally a newbie blogger is going to think earning online is a snap with blogging. News flash…it’s not! In fact most bloggers quit after a relatively short time because they see no results. You don’t have to go that route but I would suggest you learn how to blog and get results by using a platform that actually works. See this link for my #1 recommendation for blog platforms. My #1 Recommendation!


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There are many more reasons why your blog is failing or why it could be failing but the above are often overlooked. When I started blogging I was totally broke, I had a few bucks to try to learn something online but had zero extra cash. I had to watch my money big time. I am a US Marine Corps veteran and was pretty much aged out as an electrician after 15 years of working as a sparky. Did I think I would become a blogger? Absolutely not! In fact I always chose difficult jobs and thought that working harder was the way to go.

My Failure Turned My Life Around 

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Success!I started wondering why some people walked around all clean and dressed up while I’m climbing out of a access hole dirty and dusty after installing electrical wires underneath a building. It didn’t make sense. Finally, I pretty much got outbid and overworked and had to stop. My body had too much and couldn’t take anymore. I needed to learn something new and fast!
I started blogging by using a platform that works well for me. It taught me how to blog correctly and how to write with intent and best of all how to make money with that blog. It’s been some work but it’s not difficult if you like to write. Plus I’m always learning something new. In my book it’s well worth it and I actually enjoy what I’m doing. I couldn’t of done it without using the Wealthy Affiliate platform to learn how to earn online as a blogger. I don’t ask myself that dreaded question “Why your blog is failing” because it is now a success. And it didn’t take me years to do this. So, if you’re wondering why your blog isn’t cutting it read through some of my posts and join a program that teaches you how to blog like a pro. Check this link out and join for free and get two free websites! No More Failing Blogs. Join Here!

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