What Are Blogging Tips For Newbies? What Works In 2017

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If you like blogging chances are you are going to find 2017 an exciting time to start a blog.

Did you know that blogging for income is fast becoming a popular way of working at home? Did you know that some people are making up to 10k per month writing blogs?

I started this blog back in January of 2016 and honestly didn’t think I would stick it out this long. But, I’m glad I did and now this blog is really doing well.

But, it all started with an idea and nothing else. I had to decide what to blog about and once I had that figured out I was on my way.

If you are considering starting your own blog for profit I would first start to think about your niche. What is your main topic going to be as a blogger?

Below I have compiled a list of 20 cool ideas you can pick for blogging. I think they may help you decide!

Blogging Ideas!

1 Blogging Tips                                                                           11 Cooking Ideas

2 Computer Software                                                                 12 Exercise

3 Computer Repair                                                                     13 Diets

4 Computer Games                                                                    14  Self Help        

5 X-Box Game Reviews                                                            15 Meditation

6 Vehicles and Maintenance                                                   16 Healthy Living

7 Pets- Dog Training                                                                17 Mindfulness

8 Clothing Men And Women’s                                                18  Spirituality

9 Sports- Golf, Swimming, Running, Hockey,etc.              19 Recovery

10 Hobbies- Models, Crochet, Knitting, Building               20 Stop Smoking

Can You Think Of Any More?

I’m sure you can and that’s cool but most importantly I think it’s necessary to think about why you want to blog for a living. Here is why I started blogging for a living in January 2016.

Maybe you can relate.

1 Burned out from working in the trades. Overworked or underworked, I could never find stable employment.

2 Developed a “Could care less” attitude. After 20 years of working for the man I honestly did not care anymore. I had no passion and no desire to keep going.

3 Wanted to be my own boss because I couldn’t handle taking orders from others.

4 Getting older and seeing my same old habits getting me absolutely no where.

5 Ready to change my life.

I’d be willing to bet at least one of the above reasons is why you want to start blogging but I’m sure you have doubts. I did too.

In fact being a blue collar worker pretty much convinced me that there was no key to another way of making an income but work hard in a manual job.

Not surprising there are millions of us in the same boat.

How Can Blogging Change You Life?

Now I bet you’re wondering how in the heck can something like a blog make you a living?

I did too at first and after a year of blogging I finally understood how people actually make a living writing.

It just takes time, patience and an ability to stay on topic. And to also keep writing when you just don’t want to bother.

But, something happens after a few months of blogging and learning some simple techniques that pertain to marketing.

You just have to apply these techniques.

And it can change your life especially after making your first real sale.

Check out this video overnight success or lack of it. Warning. Some graphic language.

No Overnight Success!

In a perfect world anyone of us could pick a topic, write about it and hope for the best. Once we get traffic then slap up some links to products and the rest is history. Right?

Not a chance!

And that’s what blogging is all about it when it comes to success. It takes time. It takes patience. And it takes an idea that people can relate to.

If you want to start a blog and make money at it I will say this.

Don’t do it for the money. Do it to challenge yourself.

Do it just to say you can do it.

Do it because you know deep down that it will take hard work and determination to succeed.

That is what it takes to be a successful blogger and after a year of consistent writing on this site I finally see the light.

I won’t promote just any platform or product either. I only promote what I have personally used and tried or check out everything there is to know about it.

Ideas From Interviewed Bloggers

Finally, I had the honor of interviewing a few successful bloggers who agreed to have me ask them a few questions.

While everyone has there own reasons for starting a blog website, I think it’s cool to get a perspective from a few successful bloggers. Take a look at their interviews below.

Interviews With Bloggers

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