Why Is Blogging Important For Business?

Why Is Blogging Important For Business?

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Why Is Blogging Important For Business?
Blogging is an interesting form of communication. But, you may not realize how interesting and important it is until you actually understand why blogging is important for business. Why is that and what can you do to get on the blogging bandwagon?
For starters I think I have enough experience in this field to educate you on why it’s important for your business to have a blog website. In the past few years I have written thousands of articles/blogs for people looking to promote their products and services through blogging. And as funny as it may sound I fell into this industry by happen chance.
I was not born to be a writer or a blogger. In fact prior to blogging I was always a blue collar working stiff which really makes the transition so strange. Why would I pick blogging for a living especially at 40 something years old?
Simple. Supply and demand.
I found that while there are tons of people out there who would like to blog and actually make a living, the pool of qualified writers was slim. I capitalized on that because while my writing is not stellar, (I’m no Stephen King!) I knew that I could write a simple blog that business owners needed to promote their services.
And what I found out through my writing for companies was pretty crazy. Many of these companies DO NOT have a blog on their website that promotes what they have to offer!

Blogging Is A Surefire Way To Increase Sales!

I also did a little more digging into how many businesses there are in the United States in recent years on average. That amount came to roughly 28 million businesses in operation. Of those businesses I would suspect that more than half do not promote their products and services through blogging websites. Take a look at these statistics.

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What I want to point out is the percentage of business blogs that have not been updated in the last year. A whopping 65 percent! So, what does this mean to you as a business owner or blogger looking to get work as a business blogger? It means that opportunity to get ahead of the game is staggering on both ends of the spectrum!
As a business owner with an active blog which is updated let’s say weekly with relevant content to your products and services you have the ability to attract a huge range of customers outside of your local demographic area. Let’s face it, the internet offers a huge opportunity for business owners to promote their products but many don’t see why blogging is important for business.
From my years of experience I realized it’s because they don’t understand how blogging can positively affect their business. And that’s sad. When I see a company website that has a blog on their site but it hasn’t been updated for six months it means they are either not interested in promoting via web or they don’t understand the importance of updating their blog.

Why Is It So Important To Update Your Business Blog?

Here comes the answer on that one. In order to stay in the top ranking on search engines you must write content frequently and relevant to what your website is about. the less you blog, the lower your rankings. And there is a big difference between raking 200,000 on a certain keyword and keyword phrase and let’s say claiming #1 thru #10 on the search engine. Because the higher the ranking the more popular your website becomes which equates to more traffic and yes….sales.
I’m sure you can see the benefit now and the importance of why blogging is important for businesses. It just has a much further reach to clients and customers and it really is something often overlooked from a small business owners standpoint. Whether they may be scared of a huge increase in product demand or services I don’t know. But, I do know that larger retailers do understand the importance of having a blog on their website and the importance of updating that blog on a regular basis.
It’s called marketing!

What Can You Do To Get In The Blogging Game?

I hope I haven’t scared anyone off with this post. I really thought it was important to write for not only newbie bloggers but for small business owners who may not be using all the benefits of marketing which really is at your fingertips. I honestly think many just don’t see the relevance of having an active blog on their website. Hopefully of you’re a small business owner, now you do.
And the buck doesn’t stop there. For newbie bloggers this should show you how large the arena is for you to earn as a blogger if you play your cards right. But, you don’t just start blogging and call it a day. You have to learn how to blog effectively, which niche to choose and how to market that niche and your blogging skills. Here is what I used to learn to blog effectively and frequently.
Finally, whether you’re a small business owner or aspiring business blogger I encourage you to check out my products page that has some useful products for bloggers. If you’re looking for quality hosting be sure to check out what I recommend as my #1 choice and if you’re looking to learn blogging and marketing be sure to check what I offer there too.
Remember this, blogging opens huge opportunities for not only business owners but for people looking to earn from home as a business blog writer. The sky really is the limit. But, we all have to start somewhere and now is the perfect time! Check out my blogging products page here.




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  1. You make a valid point. I agree, there are so many blogs these days. Obviously businesses benefit from them. I actually just read an article about the benefits from having a blog. You can find it here http://bit.ly/business-blog4 . They have content development articles as well. Keep up the good work!

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