Blogging Tips To Get Your Business Blog Perfected

untitledOk, so today I’m going to dive a little deeper into how you can get your blog more traffic by linking your work to other blogs on your website. It’s a relatively simple process and is one of the things that can really boost your site up a bit. To do this you will need to go to your editor and highlight the test you want to add a link to. Your link could be another post in your website which you simply grab the url of the link and insert into the “Add link” section which looks like a paperclip in your editor on WordPress. You can basically add any link you want with this.

After highlighting the text you want to add a link to you will put in hit “Add link” and the highlighted text will not be a link to your other url. Once finished you simply hit publish and your link will be clickable. This is a great way to have internal links to other urls that you think would be relevant to what your readers are looking for!

Add Bold To Your Paragraph Titles

Another tip that is often overlooked is to add bold titles above your paragraphs. Adding titles to your work makes the tone of your work much less monotone and creates an engaging mood within your blog. To see how this would look, take a look at the example below.

Write To A Targeted Audience!

Blog About Food!

Blog About Food!


You want to write your content with a targeted audience. Think about who will want to read your blog. What type of niche did you choose and is it specific enough? It’s important to narrow your niche down to one specific topic rather than focusing on a broad topic. If you’re writing about food and dining you might want to pick a topic like “Italian Fine Dining” versus just “Italian Food.” Keep your niche on topic and try not to pick one that’s too broad. Your readers will be people who are looking for something specific in your blogs related to a broad niche.

You can see by the above paragraph that the work looks more engaging and captures the readers attention. This is a simple way of keeping you readers engaged in what they are reading.

Find Out What Your Style Of Writing Is!

All of us were taught a particular way of writing and those early days of learning to write with big letters between the lines still remains today the way we write on pen and paper. But what about your style of writing? Did you know you have one? Yes. we all do. You just have to put it to work. And as I said before I am not a blogger who has extensive training in writing. But when your business blogging it’s important to adapt your own method of writing and not try to emulate someone else. Besides in the long run it will be much more fun. When I write business blogs I try and just write naturally, the way I would be talking to you. Not in your face and not so matter of factly that I put someone to sleep but the way I think it would sound if I was speaking directly. Your style of writing will no doubt be your own and there really is no wrong or right when it comes to choosing what’s best. If you write about business opportunities in your blog it should read conversely.

Helpful Tips For Blogging

Helpful Tips For Blogging

There are a ton of tips out there that can help boost your business blog up in the ratings and you really don’t have to learn everything in one day. Business opportunity blogging is an ongoing adventure and the longer you stick at it the better results you will see. Long term you want to write frequently and apply what you have learned to your blog posts. Optimally you should probably shoot for 3- 5 blog post per week however some bloggers for business choose to write 1-2 post everyday. Keep in mind that time and frequency of content writing is what will bring your website and work to the forefront and that can seem like a lot of work. But if you set aside a set time of day to do this you will succeed!

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