What Is Your Long Term Blogging Plan? Do You Have One?

What’s Your Long Term Plan Blogging?

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Develop A Long Term Plan!

If you ask a business blogger why they blog they will tell you it’s to make money. But, if you ask them how they got started many will say they were just hoping to make a few dollars here and there. So, how did they get to the point where they were making money and not just blogging and hoping for the best. The answer is probably that they never thought it would work. Ask them the secret to their success? You’re bound to get the answer “dedication and consistency.”

Focus On Long And Short Term Goals

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Choose A Plan To Build An Authority!

So, when looking at your long term plan in your blogging business it’s important to look at the short and long term goals. Below I list some of the goals you should be setting up as blogger looking to start your own business.

Short Term Goals

1.Find a niche that you will want to blog long term about.

2. Learn how content leads to conversions and sales.

3. Understand keywords and how to incorporate in content.

4. Understand how comments can help to boost traffic.

5. Focus on building your content base with continual writing.

Long Term Goals

1.Think about where your blog will be in one year.

2. Continue to write on website and build your website.

3. Use an effective marketing plan to get your blog seen.

4. Network with others in your niche to help build your authority.

Stick To Your Guns!

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Stick To A Plan That Works!

These are just a few things you can do to continue to build your blog website and gain authority within the search engines. While there are other things you can do these are some basic goals you can set for yourself. Personally, I like to write a blog every couple of days but the idea is to continue to build your website until you have at least 100 blogs on your site. And if you think there’s a point where you can write too much you’re mistaken. In fact there are websites out there that have thousands of blogs on one website. These are blogs that are almost guaranteed to have a high ranking on Google. And Google likes quality content. So, if you’re writing useful content on a regular basis, you will climb the ranks in the search engines.

Push Through The Tough Times

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With all the different ways to market your website there really isn’t any reason you can’t find yourself on the top of the pack in a relatively short period of time. Unfortunately, many bloggers quit too soon and give up blogging simply because they see little or no results on their website as far as sales or signups. The key is to push through these times, take a break when your feeling in a slump and come back when you reevaluate the situation.

Think…..Where Will You Be In A Year’s Time?

Feeling like you can keep going on your blog and focus on your long term plan? That’s great because think about this old saying. “A winner never quits and a quitter never wins”. This old adage is true in every aspect of life and as you build your website in let’s say a years time it will become a part of you. Something you yourself have built from the ground up. And it’s going to be something you will honestly be proud of.

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Take this little website you are reading right now. It is less than one year old yet already gets over 100 views a day. While that may not seem like much, the views are consistently increasing as is this website authority in search engines. And I really like offering tips I have learned as a newbie. So, when you’re feeling that it’s just not worth the effort, think about one year from now. Will you be happy working that same old job? Will you even have a job? Now think what could happen if you just write a couple blogs a week with the right keywords and build your website to an authority? You could promote virtually any product in your niche and actually start to earn a great income. And by that time your website will do all the work for you.

   Sure, you’ll have to continue writing blogs but by then you’ll be used to it. So, think about this when planning your long term blogging goals. I’m sure you will be happy you did in a year’s time! Finally, check my review on the Wealthy Affiliate. My number#1 pick for income blogging.  My Wealthy Affiliate Review  To your success!

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