Can Blogging Help Veterans Needing Money? You May Want To Read This If You Are A Vet


Can Blogging Help Veterans Needing Money?

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First of all I am a veteran of two separate services, both the U.S. Marine Corps and the Navy Reserves. I served in the 80’s through the early 9o’s and when I got out in 1991 instantly I found it hard to get a job. I was ticked off to say the least and spent years working low end crap jobs like picking up trash for labor pools, working at warehouse jobs and every single one of them did little for me but keep me off the streets. All these jobs left me with thinking  is there help  for veterans needing money? I never truly found my calling until I became a blogger and started working on a popular platform. It took work but it worked for me. Here is what I used.

So how did blogging turn my life around? First it gave me something to do besides feel sorry for myself. Sure I found success as an electrician eventually after a series of dead end jobs but getting older sucks and I found after a while I wasn’t in demand as much on jobs. Finally it all crashed and burned and I was back at square one. I got angry at the world. I felt the best years of my life were spent making someone else rich. But, I’m Irish and stubborn and don’t go down without a fight. I started this blog website two years ago and now it is making me money. And I don’t break my back doing it.

Work When You Want!

This is the best part of my life. I can work on my blog when I want to. Everything gets automatically saved and I can promote whatever products I want to and then make commissions. It’s not a get rich deal but if you work hard you can be successful at it.

So, how does this all work? Simple. You sign up with a program that teaches you how to write, market and build you website content. You get a couple free websites to start and then the fun begins. If you work hard you can replace your old income and work from home like I do. When you want and how you want. No boss, no deadlines and it can make you a lot of money if you learn and apply. Check this link on how this program I use works.

If you clicked the above link you can see how this may help veterans needing money. Or you can go the route so many veterans do and apply for some kind of disability through the VA and wait for years. It can stop your life dead in it’s tracks. I don’t know about you but this is my life and the clock ticks everyday. I’m not wasting it until I am dead waiting for something to happen. You want to change your life you go for it! The above link takes you to a place you can start your own website today, right now bringing you closer to success as a blogger and marketer.

It’s Up To Us To Succeed In Life!

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I guess this is where I tell you to follow your dreams and make them a reality. I applaud you for serving your country but know first hand how hard life can get when the chips are down. So, do yourself a favor from one veteran to another. Check out blogging for an income to change your life. You can do it and I am there on the platform to help.  Become a success on your own and you will be much happier than relying on someone else!

See here for my in depth review of the platform I use! Click This Link!





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  1. I totally agree with you. Since I started doing a blog myself I found it to become a hobby for me. It keeps my mind going and I enjoy researching my niche. And I even pick up some revenue from time to time. So yes, it will keep you from sitting around doing nothing.

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