Is Zukul A Good Online Income Program?


What is Zukul And Is It A Good Online Income Program?

What is Zukul and is it a good online income program? I looked into this platform and found that it is a all in one marketing tool for internet marketers. While there are a ton of these types of programs out there I thought this one looked pretty interesting. For newbie bloggers looking to earn online as affiliate marketers I think it’s important to look into marketing tools to promote your products and services but it’s not a necessary step to make any money online. In fact by following the steps outlined in my #1 affiliate blogging platform I think anyone can earn without going overboard with outside marketing. The best traffic you will get has to be organic which is obtained by writing quality content. Regardless let’s look at what Zukul has to offer it’s clients and see if it’s a good choice.

Zukul - Is Zukul A Good Online Income Program?

You can see that the program claims to give you direct traffic on autopilot and uses your social media networks to automatically post your status or latest product review and what ever you have. It’s a pretty ingenious method of getting your info out to millions. I do think that using social media is a good avenue to promote your services or latest product but personally I use this sparingly. The last thing you want is to be flagged as a frequent spammer. Keep your online reputation intact and positive is what I recommend.

Zukul’s Social Sniper Pro is just one of the many tools the platform has for online marketers and I was pretty impressed to find they also had a Landing page creator, Autoresponder and a Viral Blogging System. All of it looked like the company has put a boatload of work in creating the platform and what’s more is each of the tools has the option for you to see it all in action. bloggingsystem - Is Zukul A Good Online Income Program?




What Do I Think About Zukul?

Personally I thought everything on the site was well laid out and looked professional. And my only concern was is how much does all of this cost? Well to my surprise it was pretty cheap and the starter package was only $10.00. That’s pretty cheap but to benefit from all of this marketing you need a product to sell right? You also need to have content that you write to promote your product. In short you have to already be an affiliate marketer. If you are and have your own blogging website complete with a good base of quality content and have a decent product or service I say go for it. Try it out, it’s only 10.00 to start.

On the other hand if you are just starting out and don’t have a blog already or even know what the heck you plan on promoting then I would look to a platform that can teach you all you need to know to become an affiliate marketer. You need a good online income program that can get you started off on the right foot first. Your marketing efforts should be second to this priority.

The Wealthy Affiliate Can Teach You How To Market

I am a member of the Wealthy Affiliate and have been for over a year and a half. What did I learn from this platform? Simple. I learned that if you are going to promote a product you need to learn how to market it correctly. And most bloggers I have talked to have no real clue how to market what they have. Some go word of mouth, some do social media blast and some try autoresponders like what Zukul offers. Don’t get me wrong I think Zukul may be on to something here and for experienced marketers this program can save tons of time and money.

For newbie affiliate marketers I suggest really learning a tried and proven method to gaining traffic to your site through content creation and affiliate links. The problem with this is all of that writing takes time but my response is if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer you need to roll with the punches and learn all you can. Above all is to never quit. If you want to leave that BOSS and work for yourself you can if you learn how to market your product. The Wealthy Affiliate does just that.
wa stop struggling 728x90 - Is Zukul A Good Online Income Program?

The banner above will take you to the Wealthy Affiliate’s homepage where you have the option to sign up as a free member. Keep in mind this platform has been teaching affiliate marketers how to earn at home for over a decade and is continually leading the pack of online affiliate blogging learning platforms. It really is that good. And they will teach you how to actually gain traffic without spending money on paid advertisements. Sounds good huh? If you were to use Zukul’s marketing tools with the Wealthy Affiliate that would work well too.


What The Wealthy Affiliate Is My Final Recommendation

The Zukul Marketing Program is a great choice for established marketers who have reached some success on their website. It’s affordable and offers an easy way to market your products through an autoresponder and auto social medial program. I do think it may be wise to check out other alternatives if you are just starting out as an affiliate marketer however. Programs like the Wealthy Affiliate can teach you all you need to know about starting your website and finding ways to market that site. It also offers users two FREE websites just for signing up as well as a ton of learning tutorials and videos to check out as a free member. You can also stay a FREE member as long as you want, there is not a must upgrade to keep as a member.

The Premium membership is for those who really want to succeed as an affiliate marketer and succeed the right way. Take a look here at some of the success stories of people who have succeeded with this program here. Eddy Salomon is one of the members who took off with the program and created amazing success with his websites. He no longer holds a 9-5 job and has been working on his own terms for close to ten years with the Wealthy Affiliate. Click the link here to read a bit about his success. wasuccess - Is Zukul A Good Online Income Program?




I have been a member of this amazing program for over a year and a half but already am finding success on the Wealthy Affiliate. Through hard work and dedication (along with some help from some awesome members) I too am on my way to earning full time as an affiliate marketer. So, while autoresponders and marketing programs are great for experienced marketers I think it’s important to realize that they too had to learn how to become a successful marketer.

Can anyone do it? Sure, if they have the motivation to succeed. And if they can see that success takes hard work. This is probably the best online income program you will find that teaches you how to earn on your own. The price? FREE to join! You are going to be hard pressed to find another program that allows you to try it out for free. At least one that has a stellar reputation. And that’s what the Wealthy Affiliate has is a great reputation because they actually care about their members and want them to succeed.

Ready To Learn To Become An Affiliate Marketer?

Hopefully this blog post has been helpful and has shown you that marketing programs like Zukul is awesome if you already have an amazing website and you have some working knowledge of affiliate marketing. But, if you don’t and want to learn how to become a success online it will take some work but long term it will pay off, I guarantee it if you apply yourself. Take a look at the FREE and PREMIUM memberships of this platform here.

<wealthy affiliate membership grid - Is Zukul A Good Online Income Program?

Dedication And Commitment Equals Success!

Finally I will tell you that whatever you decide to do as far as blogging as an affiliate marketer and promoting that blog is your choice. I am only trying to show you what worked for me and many other affiliate marketers. This is the real deal and if you commit and dedicate yourself to some hard work then you will be a success. And that hard work you put in today can equate to long term success for decades. This means no working for someone else. No breaking your back for a measly paycheck. No answering to others for your way in life. I paid my price that way as a US Marine and other tough jobs. But we live in different times now and affiliate marketing is definitely the wave of the future. Ready for a change. Ready to learn something new? Are you sick of the roller coaster of life? Here’s your ticket to a better ride!

To Your Success!


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7 Responses

  1. Neil says:

    Hi, David!

    This Zukul sounds like an interesting program for earning money on the interweb.

    Social media can be a great platform to leverage as long as you don’t abuse, like you’ve said. The social sniper tool definitely sounds like it can save bloggers time. 🙂

    It looks like Zukul offers a number of great resources for building an online business.

    However, as for the viral blogging system, do you know if it’s search engine friendly and can generate free targeted traffic from Google?

    But for only $10, the program is definitely worth trying out.

    However, what you say about the Wealthy Affiliate community, it actually seems like the best platform for building a successful affiliate marketing business.


    • Zukul does look pretty cool but I would definitely be trying to learn affiliate marketing before using it. That’s where the Wealthy Affiliate can teach you how to market what you are offering. For experienced marketers Zukul can be a great addition. Thanks for the comment Neil!

  2. Dee says:

    Hi – Thanks for writing this article on Zukul. I have never heard of it before so it was very informing to me. I also recommend Wealthy Affiliate for training. I have been using it and love it. Will have to take a look at Zukul as well.

  3. Ilias says:

    Hi David, I have seen again programs that were promising to send traffic on autopilot and I have used some of them on test websites to see if they were working.

    Usually, they don’t. But $10 sound good deal for landing pages, autoresponder and the Viral Blogging System which I guess helps you to customize your blog posts.

    I may give it a try. Thanks for the info.

    • Thanks for the comment Illias. I guess it couldn’t hurt to try and who knows it could help increase your traffic. I may try it myself for one month and check Google Analytics at the end of the month to see what the increase is…if any. Best to you and your blogging! Dave

  4. Kayla says:

    This is a great review! I’ve never heard of Zukul before. If I already have a blog with quality content, is it worth doing Zukul or Wealthy Affiliate? If I already know the basic skills, can Wealthy Affiliate help me further, or is Zukul a better option?

    Thanks for this! Both programs seem like they’re something worth looking into. 🙂

    • Personally I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for over a year and a half and if you are looking to begin as a marketer I would go with it. Zukul is better for well established websites. Wealthy Affiliate gives you the tools you need to succeed as an affiliate marketer but not Zukul. So depends on what you are looking for. Check out my Wealthy Affiliate review here and thanks for the comment!

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